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Home Run Derby Predictions

Posted on: July 13, 2008 11:16 pm
The Field
Chase Utley
Evan Longoria
Lance Berkman
Dan Uggla
Josh Hamilton
Justin Morneau
Ryan Braun
Grady Sizemore

Adavancing to second round
Utley does not have enough raw power. Neither does Sizemore.  Morneau is off a little hitting home runs this year.  And Longoria is a rookie.

In the Finals
Uggla's country ball style will tire him out fast.  Berkman beats out Braun.  He has experience. Remember his dominating performance a few years ago?

The Winner
Sorry if you think i'm in love with Josh Hamilton, but he is gonna win.  HIs raw power is enourmous and that's what usually counts in the Derby. Note how I said usually.  In the case of Bobby Abreau and Berkman, it wasn't all about raw power.  So don't be suprised if Berkman wins.  But the stories of Hamilton during batting practice are incredible.  Apparently 80 % of his swings are home runs in batting practice.
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