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A little off subject for me

Posted on: June 9, 2009 3:07 am

First of all, I'm not an Obama supporter. Lets just get that out there. I voted for McCain I was born a Republican and I'm from Texas. Enough said. Obviously something needs to happen to reform our healthcare system, right? Are you more upset that he lied or are you more upset at his plan? I'm not much of a politician but I do know that they lie. Now, Obama scares the (four letter word) out of me but he has to do something. What do you think he should do in this situation?

I happen to be a sales manager of a Ford dealership in Northern California and it really frustrates me to see our government bailing out companies like Chrysler and GM who have been so irresponsible. Unfortunatley, if he didn't do what needed to be done our country would most likely be in a world of hurt right now. Ford saw this coming and has been reducing expenses for the last three years meanwhile producing some of its best product EVER! Surpassing Honda and Toyota in quality. In a way the two companies who have fallen on their faces could potentially come out of this ahead of Ford if the consumers feel like they want to buy a car that they have a vested interest in. This is all very frustrating to me!

I'm definitely not defending Obama as some of his latest overseas comments have scared the (four letter word again) out of me but I'm not sure he has much of a choice in some of these matters. Do I think that McCain was the better canditate? Yes. Do I think Obama is stuck between a rock and a hard place? Yes.

Big Papa D is a confused man right now, ask me something about sports and I can give you a clear cut answer!Cool

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