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TBDPITL Top 25 Week 15 Ballot

Posted on: December 8, 2008 7:41 pm
I'M BACK!!!!!  DONE WITH FINALS!!! WOOOOOOO!!!! ok, now to the hard stuff.  Since I really haven't had a poll for the past three weeks, I am going to do something completely, different, I am throwing out my old polls, and doing everything from scratch.  Nothing matters anyway except for this one, so here we GO…


1) Oklahoma - Has anyone been THIS dominant since a close loss…
2) Florida - The answer to the question above.
3) Alabama - Close loss to the #2 team, that works
4) Texas - I know, I know, you beat OU, but this Sooner team has been RIDICULOUS.  McCoy wins the Heisman, just in case you are wondering.
5) Penn State - Beat the near Pac10 champ BAD.
6) Texas Tech - Only loss is to the #1 team, 'nough said
7) USC - Sure, they beat #10 tOSU, bad, but what else? crickets crickets, precisely
8) Utah - You are undefeated, I have mad respect, but the MWC is not impressive to me, if BYU, TCU, and Utah win or are at least competitive in all their games, I will reconsider
9) Boise St - Again, undefeated, but who have you played? Bueller, Bueller…
10) Ohio State - The best 2 loss team in the country, believe me, I see a lot of them.
11) Oklahoma St - This team lost to #1, #4, and #6, come on.
12) Georgia Tech - Watch this team whip the crap out of LSU
13) Cincinnati - I have a hard time getting over the schelacking OU gave them.
14) TCU - I'm not really sold on the MWC, but I expect them to beat BSU, but I don't rank on speculation.
15) Georgia - This will be the last game for Moreno and Stafford, there goes your window Dawg fans
16) Michigan St - Ringer is the real deal, you better keep your eyes out.
17) Oregon - Something  needs to be said of the dismatling they did of Oregon St.
18) Viginia Tech - At the beginning of the season, I said they needed a Qb, and poof, ACC champs, check one off for me.
19) Pitt - Way to pull out the backyard brawl ye porn staches
20) N'western - could they get there secon ever 10 win season?
21) Oregon St - People forget this team was one win from winning the Pac10, though that loss to PSU is glaring
22) Boston College - You get to a BCS champ game, you deserve to be ranked which leads to…
23) Missouri - I almost didn't rank you, but you shoulda beaten Kansas, and you did take care of business, unlike a lot of teams.
24) Ball St - SOOOOOO close, but geeze Cards, Buffalo????  Man, that was bad

and last but not least…

25) East Carolina - That is right, they beat the ACC champ, the BE runner up and ended up winning the C-USA.  Excellent season Pirates!  You should be very proud.

Heisman voting
1) Colt McCoy
2) Tim Tebow
3) Sam Bradford
4) Michael Crabtree
5) Shonn Greene

POW - Tim Tebow, without a doubt

Play of the week - too many good ones to choos from

Coach of the Year - Joe Paterno, the man still has it!
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