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TBDPITL Top 25 Post Bowl Ballot

Posted on: January 10, 2009 9:41 pm

1) Utah - You are undefeated and beat the team that was #1 for a loooong time by more than the BCS NC, you get my vote
2) Florida - You won a offesively sloppy game, way to go Gator D
3) Texas - Won the Fiesta Bowl by 3 inches.  So much for a blowout…
4) Oklahoma - Bradford, leave, this team will not be this good again
5) USC - Sanchez was a BEAST
6) Ohio State - Lost the Fiesta Bowl by 3 inches.  So much for a blowout…
7) Alabama - Don't be embarassed Tide fans, there were very few teams that could have beaten the Utes that night
8) TCU - Ok, I'm sold on the MWC
9) Penn State - So much for the dream season…
10) Ole Miss - From unranked to top 10, I've been wrong before
11) Oregon - OK St was a legit team, would've liked to see some D though…
13) Georgia - You should not have won that game, the Buckeyes would have killed you if they hadn't gotten the BCS at large
14) Boise St - Thank god they lost, I think the SEC has some competition for whiny fans. 
15) Viginia Tech - good win, but you still have no QB
16) Oklahoma St - Oregon played them right, and gave everyone else the blueprints on how to beat the B12 south
17) Georgia Tech - Man, did you guys let me down…
18) Cincinnati - The Big East is aweful
19) Missouri - I moved you up out of principle, but N'western???  REALLY??
20) N'western - Well done Wildcats, have your kicker work on PAT's
21) Oregon St - won by far the most boring game of the Bowl season.  3-0, that's not football, that's hockey
22) Michigan St - COME ON!!!  ARRRRGG, you couldn't finish off a struggling UGA team.  19 plays in their end and only like 10 yrds to show for it, disgusting
23) Tulsa - well, the C-USA is better than the MAC……
24) Iowa - Greene is a BEAST, thanks for getting the B10 at least one win…
25) LSU - I give you guys mad props, I did not think you could pull that one out, and you did, in impressive fashion.
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