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College Football top 25 preseason

Posted on: July 9, 2008 9:35 pm
Hey this is OSUBOB's top 25... this is an awesome idea though thanks for including me... should be fun! It is kind of like a dream come true to be a voter haha.

1. Georgia - had to... i don't think they get through without 2 losses but who knows that could land them in the NC game

2. Ohio State - may be a little bit homerish but they are loaded, we will see how legit they are in the third week... prediction Beanie Wells if he stays healthy wins the heisman

3. Oklahoma - again it is hard for me ot put them here because of their recent BCS struggles but they are talented and I dont think the big 12 will be nearly as competitive as last year

4. Florida - We know about their offense, if they can get some decent D look out, may be the best offense we see in a long time

5. USC - Their D will be unreal, lost a ton of people though so will need to develop quickly

6. LSU - They are the defending National Champs and have talent for days... similar situation to USC just a tougher schedule overall IMO

7. Missouri - Chase Daniel and crew should be pretty strong... not good enough to beat Oklahoma

8. Wisconsin - QB may be a problem but they have great rb's and a strong D... little scared for the bucks going into Madison this year

9. West Virginia - Pat White, Noel Devine, play in the big east which will be down this year IMO from last year

10. Clemson - Always seem to drop a game or 2 that they have no business losing, we will see

11. Auburn - Could be a sleeper this year in the mighty SEC

12. Texas - Colt Mccoy is a junior and should have a good year... losing Jamall Charles certainly is a big loss

13. Arizona St - can they be the first one to knock off the mighty Georgia? Should be a good game, if it was in Georgia though I dont think it would be nearly as big of a game

14. Virginia Tech - ACC may be a little stronger than people think... solid D and special teams as usual... whos their qb again?

15. Penn St. - a ton of off field problems but pretty talented

16. BYU - BCS bowl bound IMO

17. Texas Tech - great O no D... Michael Crabtree is sick

18. Tenn - need a qb to step up

19. Kansas - they have a tougher schedule this year but did only lose one game last year to a top 10 team... I thought I said the big 12 wasnt going to be that good and now I have 5 teams in the top 20 so let me clarify... signmificant drop off after oklahoma IMO

20. Fresno St. - Maybe better than BYU but tougher schedule

21. Illinois - I htink this team takes a step back this year from an overacheiving squad last year. Mendenhall is a HUGE loss

22. Pitt - Mccoy is a stud... good recruits... is the year a put up or pack up for Davey?

23. Mich St - I actually love this squad... experience at qb with Hoyer and a rb that everyone will know at the end of the year if they dont already in Javon Ringer... love Mark D as a head coach

24. Cincy - another team with question marks at QB...

25. UCLA - this is my surprise pick. Under new coaching with Neuheisal and Chow i think this team could surprise some Pac- 10 foes. Not really that big of a reach with the 25th ranking though side notes look out for Miami and FSU to threaten again this year... not great but more scary than the past few years IMO

look out for Miami and FSU to be better this year than recent years
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Posted on: July 21, 2008 11:03 am

College Football top 25 preseason

ehh. UCLA? They have trouble keeping QBs healthy during spring practice.

check out mine, i'm counting them down to number one at

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Posted on: July 13, 2008 12:31 am

College Football top 25 preseason

I read your comment, did you read mine? I never said that coach Tressel did'nt have another option. Even though Schoenhoft did transfer, he was out of the picture when he switched positions. I was saying that Pryor will be the number two in my opinion, given the choice between Bauserman and Pryor I would want to see the kid learn and develop just as Boeckman did. He will need to get experience even if it is when we are up by three touchdowns.

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Posted on: July 12, 2008 1:35 am

College Football top 25 preseason

I don't think you read a word of my comment miketf25. I mean, none of it. Schoenhoft not only moved to TE, but transfered to Delaware. Also, we now have Bauserman as well, who has shown that he has some potential himself. So, putting Pryor #2 right away and saying Tressel has no other option is just plain wrong, cause he does.

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Posted on: July 11, 2008 6:14 pm

College Football top 25 preseason

Looks solid Bob.  The homer pick would have been OSU at #1!  Even if you did, you'd have plenty of the press that agrees with you.

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Posted on: July 11, 2008 4:55 pm

College Football top 25 preseason

It was tough to be a Cal fan last year... Ranked #2 and after beating Oregon in Eugene, they lose to Oregon State at home as their QB was injured and had to hobble through a game they should have won... then inexplicably the TEAM gave UP/Underachieved... losing to Stanford...  One WORD- WOW!!!!!

Tedford is a good coach and some of the primadonnas- WRs have LEFT- Longshore is a good QB but is very erratic- i am guessing he'll perform better to place them a notch above Az State... Oregon D will be great and you can be assured that Oregon will have the Offense only a few can contain.. Read USC.....

9/13 will be a great game and no blow out- It will be Prime Time  Entertainment!!

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Posted on: July 11, 2008 3:43 pm

College Football top 25 preseason

TL1.. i respect your opinion on the pac 10 cause you likely no more about it then I do jus tas I assume I wold know more baout the big ten.  Just based off recent history I always feel liek CAL is highly touted early and then half way through the season they take a crap.  Also regarding Oregon... I would have them in my top 30 liekly but just couldnt put them in the top 25 because of how bad they looked when Dixon went down last year... couple that up with Stewart going to the draft and I just dont see how there offense will be all that great.  I even said UCLA was a strecth but they have some talent there and you may be right baout 1-2 more years before they are in the top 25 but they have an awesome staff and could surprise some people... other than that I felt i need some shock value in my poll considering it was pretty boring.

Regarding UF and UG they both will be undefeated when they play eachother i think... the reason i have them both in the top 5 Is both of the mwill go to BCS bowls IMO and i beleive to be an autmatic at large BCS pic you have to finish the season in the BCS top 6 correct?  This poll was a weeks worth of progress and if it makes you feel better at some point I had USC 2nd during some of it.  Just an unproven qb at the beginning of the year wit hUV and OSU on the schedule in the first 3 games scares me a little... Their D will be out of control good though.

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Posted on: July 11, 2008 2:55 pm

College Football top 25 preseason

Bob, Well it's hard to question a preseason poll that places USC below BOTH Florida and Georgia, as we might assume that BOTH Florida and Georgia will be UNDEFEATED until they meet one another; however, I think most pollsters will select EITHER Florida or Georgia #1 if the have a SEC leaning and then place "Projected Conference Champions" in the TOP Ten- For instance, I have Georgia, the OSU, Oklahoma, USC and W. Virginia in my TOP Five- all Projected Conf winners, with Clemson, Florida, LSU, Missouri and USF in my Next Five... All expected to be in Conf Championship games with the exception of Florida, who I have losing to the 'Dawgs... I predict too much K. Moreno in that game!!!

Also BCS Buster... Not Fresno State.... It's Utah over BYU methinks... as Utes play Cougars in their house!!!  Boise State?  They will lose to Oregon in Eugene... A Non BCS Team MUST go undefeated to be considered in the TOP 15!!!!

Also to put UCLA in TOP 25 is sooo wrong on sooo many levels... QB fragile... defense will be poor and the Tennessee game 9/1/08 at Rose Bowl will be a disaster... GIVE UCLA one more Year before Talk of TOP 25......

Also Kansas will be a TOP 40 do to schedule toughness...

PAC 10 Projection--

In summary, your most glaring error is missing Oregon, they will be the Second Best team in Pac 10 and Maybe a TOP 10 come December!!!   And Cal should be a wee bit better than Az State... defense and OL problems with no proven running attack are issues!!!

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Posted on: July 11, 2008 9:50 am

College Football top 25 preseason

Pryor will have a rough Freshman season, not becuase of game play, but because of conditioning. tOSU has no depth at QB since Henton transferred, and Schoenhoft moved to a different position. Pryor is the #2 for QB. He may have been the heat in high school, but he has yet to play at college level. God forbid if something happens to Boeckamn he will have to go in. Reguardless he is looking to be the starter next year so I would think that Coach Tressel would want him to get his feet wet this season while we have a senior team that can compensate for rookie mistakes. I gues we will find out soon enough.

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Posted on: July 10, 2008 1:42 pm

College Football top 25 preseason

Pryor will not start, and IMO, won't get as much playing time as ppl are claiming he will. Tressel likes to get all his players scrub time when up a lot in a game, (like last year when played RB's against Northwestern that weren't even on scholarship) so I don't see him hogging all the scrub time. In fact, he hasn't even won the backup position yet. After Schoenhoft transfered to Delaware and Henton transfered to Georgia Southern, it opened the door for Fresh. Bauserman to SHINE in the Spring Game. He is a pocket passer, similar to Boeckman in arm strength, but with more of the intangibles of Krenzel. Anyway, Pryor will still have to win that battle, and Tressel will not play favorites. People have said that he will be used in a Tebow-like role, but I don't think Tressel will do this as much as people are claiming. I can only see him doing it if he sees the offense struggling. He is a "don't fix what ain't broke" kind of guy. If the offense is running on all cylinders, don't expect the Vest to change anything at all. I think that we just need to be patient when it comes to Pryor. We will have him for at least 2 more seasons, so there is no need to rush anything if we don't have to.

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Posted on: July 10, 2008 8:35 am

College Football top 25 preseason

I havent read much about Pryor because he wasnt there for spring practice but I think he will get situational play... i think Boeckman has a good amount of potential after having a full year of experience under his belt.  He has a pro style body and if he can minimize mistakes and get rid of the ball quicker i think he could end up being a first round draft pick in the pros.  I think Pryor will get limited action his freshman year

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