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Top Mets prospects

Posted on: June 30, 2009 5:29 pm
Edited on: August 12, 2009 12:46 am
Having perused our system and read up a bit on some of the guys scouts and writers have been discussing, this is a list of players I think might be those "top prospects"...

1. Fernando Martinez-OF He did nothing @ Binghamton for 2 years and was on the 7-day DL a lot. His numbers were pedestrian at best. However, @ Triple A this year he showed some promise with 8 HRS in limited time and was leading the league in doubles. Since his recall, he's looked clueless, but perhaps what Mex said about his open stance could be a reason why. If HOJO works with him and Beltran continues to kiss his boo-boo, he might get a ton of playing time to improve. This could skyrocket his trade value and we could deal him at the perfect time to get a proven player who is still young(EG.Holliday).

2. Wilmer Flores- SS He's young(let's just say his teens) and he plays SS. He's @ Savannah which is kind of the middle-A club. He has 2 HRS-22 RBI and is hitting.281. He has 8 errors as well. He has youth on his side. He plays a position most teams need a player at.If Reyes stays, he may be moved to the OF or even 2B. I doubt he has the power to be a corner OF, so 2B could be his position. Perhaps he develops, perhaps not. Right now, he's pretty highly thought of. This could be the height of his value.

3. Ike Davis- 1B While @ St.Lucie he had 7HRS-28RBI and was hitting .288. He was moved to Binghamton where he's hitting .348 after 7 games @ Binghampton with 6 RBI. He was the Mets 1st round pick in 2008(18th overall). He's the son of Ron Davis. He's 22, 6'5 -195 pounds. Obviously, the Mets will be looking at a 1B man next year as Delgado will not be back. It might be wise to keep him, but if the Mets are sold on Murphy as their 1B, then trading him may not be a bad idea.

4. Reese Havens-SS Currently @ St.Lucie(A), he has 8HRS-28RBI and is hitting .230. However, he also has a very disconcerting 15 errors. He also was a 2008 1st round pick(22nd overall). He's also not a speedster and has 37 K's compared to 30 BB's. He does have power and he hits from the left-hand side. He'll be 23 in October.

5. Bradley Holt-SP He's been promoted to Binghamton(AA) and is 0-1 with a 9.45 ERA in 2 starts. He got bombed in his last start after pitching a solid one in his debut. @ St.Lucie(A) he was 4-1 with a 3.12 ERA and 54 K's compared to 13 walks. He's probably the top pitching prospect in the system. He also a 2008 1st round pick and is 6'4- 194 pounds. He throws right-handed and will also be 23 in October. By all appearances he's a polished pitcher and the jewel of the system.

6. Josh Thole-C He's hitting.344 with HR-30RBI @ Binghamton. He also will be 23 in October and is 6'1 205 pounds and bats left-handed. He has 4 SB and 4 errors. Not many catchers hit .340+. Obviously he can hack. In 2008 @ St.Lucie, he hit .300 with 5HRS- 56 RBI. A catcher who hits .300 and is only 22? I think teams may be very interested.

7. Jon Niese-SP Jon's turned it around winning his last 3 decisions(3-6 overall) and getting his ERA down to 5.18 from over 9. He has a solid 3-1 K-BB ratio with 61 K's-20BB's. He's a lefty who has shown some promise in 2-3 MLB starts. He has a good hook and seemingly his confidence back. Lefties are always a commodity

These are the top prospects I believe could be included in any deals over the coming weeks. There are others in the lower minor leagues and even 1 or 2 @ AA who may show-up, but I believe these are the names you'll hear over-and-over again.
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Top Mets prospects

ohhh, how times have changed

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Top Mets prospects

Don't see Wilmer Flores short. I am not a Met fan but follow minor leaguers religiously since I'm in several high stakes fantasy leagues. His power will come. He is 6'3 and 175 pounds and hasn't grown into his body yet. In my opinion he is the most intriguing prospect in all of minor league baseball. Though he hasn't hit for power yet he has only struck out 15% of the time in well over 200 AB's, and the majority of the guys he's playing against are several years older than him. The kid is only 17 yrs old!

Another interesting prospect for Met fans to keep an eye on is Ruben Tejada who has nearly identical hitting stats to Flores. Tejada is a 19 yr old shortstop and is already playing at AA Birmingham.

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Top Mets prospects

It's such a week crop. Maybe the worst in the league. I fear for the Mets future... I tihnk Minaya has done a horrible job dealing away their youngsters (although the guys dealt away don't seem that great to me either)

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