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Mets in 2010. A time for change.

Posted on: July 7, 2009 1:13 pm
Edited on: July 7, 2009 3:26 pm

It's looking more and more like the GM of this team will simply do nothing and wait for the injured to return. IMHO, they won't return as early as he believes and when they do, this team will be too far back and they won't be as productive as he believes. This team coming in was flawed, so the injuries while hurting the club, weren't the deciding factor. IMHO, that factor was this GM's negligence to filling holes over a 3-year period and his allowance of the farm system to disintegrate into an abyss where his top 2 affiliates are mired in last place some 55-100 combined(as of last week). There are also only a handful of legitimate prospects.

So I believe that means this season is virtually over as far as a legitimate shot at the post-season goes and that means next year is one of change. IMHO, that means the GM loses his job and a new one comes in. I'd go with a Buck Showalter or possibly if you want Buck to just manage, a Gerry Hunsicker who has done a great job in Tampa and previously in Houston.

No matter who the GM is, the core MUST be broken up. Of that core only Wright stays for sure. Why? He's not only an all-star who has produced(until this year), but he plays every inning of every game unless they force him out. He doesn't whine about injuries, ask for an MRI or miss 5 days with the flu. He doesn't slam his glove down in anger on the field, show up his manager or dance in the dugout. He doesn't take the back door out of the clubhouse when they lose. He stands tall like a man and takes the same pointless questions from the brain-dead media. He does so with respect and honor. He also deeply cares about this organization and the city. He's the face of the Mets. Period.

That means it's Beltran and/or Reyes. Yes, it could be both, but one has to go. Which one goes if only one? Easy answer. Whomever brings back the best package. Let's take a look at possible destinations and what the Mets can get back...

Boston: For Beltran they should get back Ellsbury, Green or Lowery and a prospect. The Mets would get an ideal lead-off hitter with great speed who plays a good CF and is young in Jacoby. He has some pop as well. The guy can steal 70 bases, hit .290 and drive in 50-60 runs a year. He's made only 1 error in his entire career in CF. In 250 games, he has a .998 fielding %. Green is a nice back-up @ 2B/SS and would add depth to the bench. A prospect would add depth to the organization. Ellsbury would be the key.

For Reyes, I'd want Lowery, Lester and a prospect. Lester is the key and would be a perfect #2 starter the Mets desperately need. He's 34-14 life-time and is only 25.

Angels - They don't need Beltran, so Reyes fits. Here the Mets can get Rivera, Figgins and Aybar back. You fill one OF spot with a player with pop, your 2B hole with a solid 2B man with speed and pop. Figgins can play all infield positions, but 2B is where we'd need him. He has similar speed to Reyes and has pop as well. He would fill the lead-off void as well. Aybar would be a nice 2B/SS back-up. The Mets could use him there until one of their younger players is ready(Tejada or Havens).

San Francisco - Beltran fits here. They need a bat with pop and Beltran would like the laidback style. Giant fans generally do not get down on their players. I mean they supported Bonds when no one else would. The Mets could get back a package of Fred Lewis, Jeremy Affeldt and Jonathan Sanchez and perhaps a prospect. They'd be unloading 19 million they could use to get Holliday, move Lewis to CF and have a nice young starter to plug in the back-end of their rotation. Affeldt could fill-in for Putz who the Mets can trade to pick up a SS or fill other needs. Sanchez has real potential though he hasn't blossomed yet. He had 157 strikeouts in 158 innings in 2008.

Cubs -For Beltran the Mets should get back Soriano straight up. They'd be getting a legitimate lead-off hitter or even a 3-hole hitter with pop and speed. This would be a swap for a player who may have worn out his stay in Chicago, for one in who may have in NY. This move would allow Martinez to play CF as well.

For Reyes, the Mets would get back Soriano and Theriot. Theriot can play SS and has pop. The Mets would get Soriano to replace Reyes in the lead-off spot. This deal IMHO, works better for the Mets than the Beltran swap. Theriot is a very solid SS. The Mets may have to give them Cora or another player in the deal. I'd love this deal.

Detroit- Beltran is not needed since they have Granderson. Reyes fits though. The Mets should demand Rick Porcello who is just 20 and is a NJ boy(Morristown), Zach Miner and Brandon Inge who can catch and play the OF. Porcello is a #2 starter and has incredible potential. Miner can throw heat and be a set-up man allowing the Mets to trade Putz for a SS. Inge is versatile and can hack. He can catch or play the OF.

There may be other partners, but I tried to match up needs. I also tried to take into account teams willing to take on salary. I hope the Mets and whomever their GM is makes a major deal this off-season and doesn't rely on a big free-agent signing only. The core must be broken up. It's had 5 years and has yielded one division and 3 straight years of failure. It's unquestionably time for a change. The only real question is how much?
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