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A disaster in Queens

Posted on: August 3, 2009 10:30 pm
Edited on: August 3, 2009 10:49 pm

The year is over. The Mets gave up on their season when they refused to act when it was obvious the injuries were going to be longer term. Their constant wishing and hoping was another example of how delusional these owners and Omar are. They feel they can just wish away problems like injuries, out-of-control executives and the worst farm system in baseball.

Then you get the apologists for both who are more than willing to accept mediocrity year after year. Their retorts to those who want better are, you are haters and impatient and you can't see it's the injuries. No, we can see the injuries are part of the overall problem with this organization. There is no one running it. It is rudderless. Ownership, the GM and his assistants are simply incompetent. They can't handle the media. They can't make tough decisions in season. They can't develop talent. The best thing they're good at is making excuses and promises. They belong in Congress, not running a sports franchise in America's greatest city.

Look at tonight. They bring up from Triple A, a 35 year-old cast-off who has never proven he was anything close to an MLB pitcher. He gets racked for 6 runs in less than 2 innings. The guy who replaces him, would have been waved by any quality team. They have a batting order that some Independent League teams could best. Gary Sheffield is a 40 year-old DH starting in LF. They have Alex Cora and Angel Berroa at SS. They have Cory Sullivan as a potential starter. The backend of their rotation features a 36 million dollar boongoggle who walks a batter an inning and if he goes 5 innings people applaud him. Their biggest surprise is the fading junk throwing Livan Hernandez. It's so incredibly pathetic.

Many teams who are under .500 and fading, at least can look to the future. The Mets have few if any legitimate prospects no matter how much Wilpon and Minaya say. Look at the records(see below). It's mind-numbingly pathetic. Their much heralded top prospect wasn't only bad, he was downright awful. He showed no pop, an inability to play the OF and made mistakes a little leaguer wouldn't have made. They tout him like he's a young Raul Ibanez or Carlos Beltran, when in fact he's simply an Angel Pagan clone, down to the numerous injuries. After that, there is Jon Niese who probably is a back-of-the-rotation starter. Their Triple A team has nothing there to help at all. Their Double A team has some talent, but only Josh Thole(.348) and Ike Davis(16 HRS) are proving it with a terrific years. Brad Holt's promotion has been at best mixed(2-4 with a 5+ ERA) and Mejia's(0-3 with a 3.74 ERA) has been injury plagued and a disappointment. Reese Havens(.230-15 errors) can't field or hit for average. Wilmer Flores has shown little power(3 HRS) and his glove hasn't been so hot either( 11 errors). Their best prospects seem to be @ Brooklyn and that's not too comforting. They even have a player @ Savannah named Jefry Marte with 37 errors.  Here's some of the ugly numbers as of tonite...

*Their top 3 affiliates are in last place.

*St. Lucie(A) is 12-21 (overall 46-55)

*Binghamton(AA) is 40-66

*Buffalo(AAA) is 40-65.

*Savannah(lower A) is 19-17. (overall 54-52)

*Brooklyn(short-season A) is 28-16.

That's 208- 254. 451

For the first time since 2005, I'm truly under the belief a season is over before September 1. I held out hope only if reinforcements were brought in from the outside. Waiting and hoping is not solid logic or baseball. That's a game for those who fail, then make excuses to rationalize that failure. This organization has perfected that over the last 3 years.

This season ended on July 31, 2009 @ 4PM as far as I'm concerned. The idea Beltran, Reyes and Delgado will be here by August 15th is a pipe dream. Even if they returned and were immediately productive(hardly likely) they'd still need help. Their return is more like 9/1 and by then this team will be DOA in either race. They'll be entrenched in 4th place with a 140 million + payroll, a mediocre rotation and a thousand excuses.

The Mets will flounder under .500 most of this month. They'll win a few in a row, then Perez or Hernandez will get hammered or Pelfrey will be ordinary. The offense will be what it is. Wright and Francoeur may get hot, but there is no other legitimate hitter in the line-up. They'll get shutout a few more times as well. All the while, the GM and ownership will talk about "Those returning players." What a joke, what a fraud. What a scam they're running.

How pathetic is it that Wagner and Putz will return before Reyes, Beltran and Delgado? People will say will Billy is playing for his next contract. Well, what is Delgado playing for? Imagine Putz returning from surgery and wanting the ball before Reyes and Beltran who were suppose to be out just a short time? So the Mets will have 2 more set-up guys. Too bad they'll be used sparingly, since the rotation can't go 6 innings except for Santana and the offense is so ordinary that odds are they'll be behind more than ahead.

Let's face it, this organization isn't about winning. It's not about excellence. It's about cutting corners, blaming others and then using excuses to cover their failures. They embarrass themselves on the field and off. Competing for the playoffs is good enough. Making them isn't the standard as it is in every top level organization. They're about mediocrity. Well, that's what they got. 50-55, 4th place.

Don't look to the waiver wire for any help. The Mets waived the season away when they failed to act before and at the deadline. One move and they even gave away a starting player to get him. They're an embarrassment on the field and even more off of it. I feel we Mets fans deserve better than the ownership and front office we have. Kick them bums out. All of them. 2009, simply unamazin'.
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