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Omar will return. Hope has just died.

Posted on: August 23, 2009 4:59 pm
Edited on: September 12, 2009 8:00 pm

Unless the reports  are untrue, Omar Minaya will return as GM in 2010. I'm beyond disgusted with ownership and their lack of accountability to the fans. They continue to keep this GM despite 3 straight epic failures and buy into excuses instead of results. IMHO, hope has died today.

The omarfiles win. However, Mets fans lose. We'll get another off-season of false hopes and band-aids. The failing, underachieving and often gutless core will return. Payroll will be cut and mediocrity will be brought in. It will be lies and excuses about 2009 and this idiotic insistence on hope. That failed in waiting for Pedro, El Duque, Alou, Wagner, Reyes, Beltran, Delgado and Maine to return over the last 3 years. None of them did. Next year it will be one of them or somebody new. They'll shake their head, say woe is me and do nothing. IMHO, the Wilpon's, Omar and his minions are losers. They're not brave, nor smart enough to take risks to win. They use hope as their enduring legacy. To me hope in the way they use it is a 4-letter word. It translates into L-O-S-E.

I had hoped that I'd see a world championship under the core of Reyes and Wright and now that is further away, if not totally gone. I no longer have an iota of confidence the proper moves will ever be made and this team doesn't see what baseball people and the majority of the fans see(every poll has 60-65% wanted Omar fired). Change needed to happen and little will. This team will always come up short. They don't have a plan, a farm system to rely on or a GM good enough to bring a title here.  They settle on mediocrity there, in the dugout in regards to coaching and of course on the field.

Mets fans will be led to another season of false hope. Beltran will return play CF, miss 15-20 games and put up his usual numbers. Reyes will play a decent SS, make stupid mistakes on the field and on the basepaths. He'll also remain an immature underachiever. Perez will walk the stadium. Omar will bring in another hosts of garbage for the #5 spot, before landing someone like Jose Contreras. Maine will be held up as healthy, then breakdown again. Pelfrey will be expected to be a #2 pitcher he's not. Omar will add a left-fielder and proclaim that the difference maker like he did with his pen this year. The same pen that has a losing record and has blown 16 saves while converting 30. One pitcher will be added and he'll be mediocre. The pen will the virtually the same.

The farm system which is broken will have band-aids applied. Lies and hype will accompany the top prospects. However, when you look at their production, few if any will be justified in that hype. This year only one lived up to that hype and that was Ike Davis. Flores may be a good player down-the-line, but he is not performing like someone with that moniker should. In fact, one scout even called him ordinary. Martinez who did nothing @ AA for 2 years, then did well early @ Triple A and was promoted to fill-in for Beltran and was beyond a flop. It wasn't in one area, but all areas. He failed to run out a pop-up, fell flat on his face in CF and generally misplayed fly balls and hit an astonishingly bad .176. IMHO, he will never be a quality player, but rather an Alex Escobar or Angel Pagan type. That's far from #1 prospect labeling. Our top pitchers are Holt, Mejia and Stoner and all have underachieved. Holt has the most potential because he's a Pelfrey-like pitcher with a better breaking ball. However, in this system with it's subpar coaching and idiotic management, he may never reach his true potential. This system has 2 of the 3 worst teams in all of the minors and they're are the highest levels. In 5 years Pelfrey, Parnell, Niese and Murphy are the top minor leaguers this system has produced. That's beyond pathetic. That's 23 life-time wins, 39 losses. Murphy has 9 HRS and roughly 60 RBI's in a year+.

Will 2010 be worse? No. It really can't be. However, that's not what this is about. This is about winning titles. A team with a 130 million + payroll should be a post-season team more than 20% of the time. They shouldn't have blown 2 divisions in the last 17 games of the year in successive years, then have a losing season. They shouldn't have double-digit players on the DL. They shouldn't have a farm system coming into the season ranked 20th by ESPN and obviously will change for the worse in next years ratings. They should have press conferences blaming beat writers. They shouldn't do nothing 3 consecutive trade deadlines. They shouldn't come up woefully short, 3 consecutive off-seasons. They shouldn't allow players to take days off when they want to. They shouldn't be the laughingstock of baseball and the fodder for opening monologues of mediocre comedians. They should be respectable, professional and forthright. They're all of the former and none of the latter 3.

I will never stop being a Mets fan. I root 100% for the laundry. I'll never say that's it, I quit, I'm rooting for the Pirates or Cardinals, or whatever. I'm a fanatic. I happen to love the Mets more than all the other teams I root for(Jets, Rangers, Knicks and Notre Dame football and hoops combined). It's because I love baseball the most by far. I've played it, coached it and watched it all my life(well, since I was 6 at least). Baseball next to my family, my job and my core beliefs in justice for all, is my passion.

However, I will never be a fan of this GM and this ownership. They're not committed enough to winning as far as I'm concerned.  The worst thing that happened to this franchise was when Nelson Doubleday sold his part of the team to Fred Wilpon. I don't mean in terms of money either. I mean in terms of actually caring about the fans and the team called the NY Mets. Their commitment is laughable even in terms of how they named and prepared their stadium. Imagine the fans telling them to add more Mets stuff? It's criminal. No wonder Madoff took them for 700 million. He saw an easy mark. Just tell them what they want to hear. Omar for his lack of baseball acumen and GM ineffectiveness, understands that. IMHO, that's why he still has his job when 99% of owners would have booted him earlier many after 2007 and most after 2008.

In closing, I will be rooting for this team the rest of this year and in the future with all my heart. However, my head tells me it will be nothing, but heartbreak. I believe the direction of the team is in dire straits and it's ownership is simply indifferent and blind to it. I am not pleased with the composition or chemistry of the Mets roster. I believe the farm system to be in shambles. I see not better times, but more of the same we have endured the last 3 years. I believe we've lost being Amazin'. That's incredibly sad. This team has lost its way and its identity. We the fans will suffer because of it. That's the biggest shame.
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