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My worst year in baseball .

Posted on: November 5, 2009 3:14 pm
Edited on: November 5, 2009 3:14 pm

It started with an off-season watching the Yankee$ overspend for 3 free-agents. Each one received 30-40 more than FMV and that was done(IMHO, smartly) to blow the other teams out-of-the-water and kill any fair negotiation. The Yankee$ went for the throat and won big-time. IMHO, baseball and it's salary structure lost.

Then came the joke known as the WBC. Is there any doubt that the numerous injuries to the Mets and other teams were in even a small way a result of this moronic and mistimed tournament? You think the conditioning of these players and lack of professionalism in those camps had any effect of these players? The commissioner of course denied it, but he denied steroids as well. He's Ramses, the king of denial.

Then there was the season. Mets fans watched players drop like flies and their replacements play the sport like they've never seen a baseball before. They got to know more about injuries, remedies and surgeries than interns at major hospitals. The Mets watched a player drop a pop-up to lose a game, miss 3rd base to lose another and on 3 occasions watch players drop fly balls costing them more games. There was also a triple-play to end a game. They saw their CF, SS, ace, set-up man and aging 1B go down. Only their CF returned and that was with virtually no games left and the season lost. They swept the final series just to get to 70 wins.

If losing 92 games wasn't bad enough, Mets fans had to watch our GM implode blaming his incompetence and blindness on a beat reporter, our assistant GM berate a scout and threaten AA players and our minor league affiliates produce the worst and 3rd worst records with virtually no prospects. Our top prospect hit .176 and played the OF like he never had before. He actually fell flat on his face on a flyball. On the bases he failed to run out a pop-up and had numerous other mental errors. This was the supposed top guy. We also saw a steady stream of journeyman players like L.Hernandez, Redding, Valdez, A.Hernandez, R.Martinez, Sullivan and Alex Cora to name just a few. They were an embarrassment on-and-off the field.

Then to add insult to injury, the Mets cross-town rival and main divisional rival battled it out for the championship. The big question was who to root for and why watch? I chose to pull for the Phillies, but refused to watch one inning of post-season baseball. I simply followed the scores on the internet.

Finally, the season just wore on. It officially ended on Nov.5, after election day! The last time it went this late was in 2001 and that was due to the tragedy of 9/11. What an utter disgrace and the fingerprints on this mess are Selig's and his minions. A season ending in early Novemeber. Soon the Fall classic will go into winter.

I am glad its over, but the results were not very pleasing. The Mets are still in a state-of-flux, the Yankees are preparing for their 7th parade in my life-time and the off-season is being handled by a front-office which is incompetent and an ownership which is clueless. In fact, I believe both have virtual contempt for the fans. That's not exactly making me want to get out my glove and toss the ball around. Like I said, the worst season ever
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