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My take on the Mets 2009 off-season.

Posted on: November 8, 2009 3:13 pm
Edited on: November 25, 2009 11:24 pm

I have to say I have virtually no faith in this front-office and ownership to do what needs to be done.

IMHO, what needs to be done is...

* Add 2 legitimate stars to this team, one on offense and one starter. I believe both Halliday and Holliday should be targeted and they need to a have a myopic, laser-like focus on both. They need to take the Yankees 2008 approach to their 2009 off-season is securing the players they targeted. Holliday will cost them money and Halliday will cost them minor leaguers. The latter can be had because I think the bidders will all be in the NL because the Jays don't want to face Halliday for the next 3-4 years, especially within their division. The former depends on the commitment of the front-office, which is often tenous at best.

* They need to replace 1/2 of their infield. Castillo should be dealt now while he has a scintilla of value. 16 extra base-hits, being played by the OF like he's in little league,  limited range, few steals and aging legs isn't going to get it done. Trade him for a lower minor leaguer. Then go out and get a Lopez or Hudson. Hudson is a solid player who wants to be here. Lopez can hit and is also a guy who can bat lead-off when needed. He can also fill-in @ SS if Reyes goes down or is feeling the effects of his injury. There are others out there as well like Uggla, who actually had a decent fielding % last year and has pop. He's a fire plug kind of guy as well. Murphy may be okay if bats are added in LF and 2B, but let's face it, he looks like a guy who will be a good role player and back-up corner infielder on a good team. Ike Davis has real potential and should be @ AAA(if not dealt). If Gonzo can't be gotten, I'd look to bring in a DeRosa or Johnson. DeRosa is a local guy(Oradell, NJ) and a consummate role player and good teammate. He can be used @ 1B, 3B, 2B and the corner OF when needed. Johnson is oft-injured and often makes poor defensive choices, but can scoop the ball and make the plays. He also has a good stick. Both would be insurance and upgrades @ 1B. I think Fielder is a pipe-dream and if the Brewers were to deal him, they'd be laughed out of baseball.

* They need to add a starting catcher. Rob Barajas and Bengie Molina are both solid choices. Josh Thole looks like a good prospect, but he's not ready. He needs to work @ AAA on his defense and also on driving the ball. He may have a future, but it isn't in 2010. Santos is a good back-up catcher. He can hit a little and his defense is good enough. He also seems to have a work ethic too many on this team lack.

* The Mets need to add bench strength. No more Anderson Hernandez's, Marlon Anderson's, Fernando Tatis', Wilson Valdez's or Ramon Martinez's. They need quality bench players for the infield in particular. Pagan has earned his spot as a 4th OF and perhaps Cory Sullivan(a far better defensive player) as a 5th OF. They would be best served with Murphy there and adding a quality guy to play 2B/SS. I like Khalil Greene here or perhaps even a Mark Loretta. Greene would be a good insurance policy at SS since he can field and has some pop. His last 2 years have been awful, but he wouldn't come here as a starter and he could focus on being a back-up and that may be best for him as well. I think he has talent and he'd come cheap.

* The Mets pen is not in really bad shape. They have some pieces in place. K-Rod is a legitimate top closer. He was up-and-down last year and much had to do with the status of the team. He feeds off of pressure and competition and lets face it after the Yankee debacle, there was none. He's fine. Feliciano is a good reliever who is an excellent lefty specialist and needs to be used in that vein with few exemptions. Stokes is a run-of-the mill middle reliever which most are anyway. Parnell has potential to be  a set-up guy and future closer and should be used there. He showed he's nowhere near ready to be a MLB starter. If the Mets believe he is one, he needs to be in Triple A to start the year. If not, give him the ball in middle relief and let him rip it. No waffling. Don't make this guy another Aaron Heilman. Maine is a wild-card here and could be moved into the pen to be a set-up guy. The Yankees used Hughes here and were very successful. Maine can be that kind of pitcher. I'd take him out of the rotation and the wear-and tear that encompasses and let him set-up. My guess is it may be best for him, his career and this team. Just add one sinker ball type pitcher and perhaps another lefty like Mahay and the pen should be okay.

* Finally, besides adding a true top flight starter(see earlier in post), this team must add a back-end starter. I like any of these 4(in order of preference): Marquis, Piniero, Wolf or Garland. They would slide the untraeable and untrustworty Perez to the 5th spot rendering his maddening inconsistency less of a problem. A rotation of Santana, Halliday, Pelfrey, Marquis and Perez would be quite acceptable in my eyes. The top end would be the best in baseball and the bottom half better than in 2008. Perez could even be dumped, traded, demoted if he fails and Niese(if not dealt) could slide in, or even a Mejia or Holt if they are ready. The latter 2 would be worst case scenarios, but scenarios nonetheless(ergo a real plan).

In closing, even if all those changes occur and the budget tops 165 million, the Mets still have a poor front-office and mediocre(at best) coaching staff. Unless they go through 2009 virtually unscathed, something will suddenly come up and then plan b, c, and d would need to be enacted. My guess is there will only be a plan A. That's why change needed to occur immediately after the year and because it didn't, my guess is it will bite this team in the tuchus again. Well, at least we can hope. Isn't that what fans do this time of year?
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Posted on: November 16, 2009 10:38 am
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Posted on: November 10, 2009 12:22 pm

My take on the Mets 2009 off-season.

Are you sure you want varitek. He may hit one home run at CitiField. He is shot. Check his stats. You are better going with Tholes and another catcher.

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Posted on: November 9, 2009 3:55 pm
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Posted on: November 9, 2009 10:14 am

My take on the Mets 2009 off-season.

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Posted on: November 8, 2009 10:25 pm

My take on the Mets 2009 off-season.

Hey Starblazer,
It's good to be reading your posts again. This post is very good, although I don't believe Omar will have a prayer on landing Holliday and/or Halliday. I don't think we will get either guy. I think he's going to go the cheap route again and stick with guys (or should I say, depend on) guys like Murphy (at 1st), Pagan (in LF), Santos (C). He's going to resign Cora (overpaid). The only starter he'll aquire (it will be only one, IMO) will be a Vincent Padilla type, keep Maine. ETC..... You get my drift.... What I'm trying to say is I expect nothing extravegant from Omar. Yeah, we all know that he usually makes a splash in the offseason, but never goes to the extreme to get the job done. You and I both know of the questionmarks going into last season. So yes, maybe he will add a power hitter (which we desperatly need), then we will settle for "one" average starter not two. We have way too many holes, questionmarks, weaknesses, no heart, no leader, no chemistry, no balls, no ownership, and an incompitent GM to get the job done. Year after year, same old story with this same team. This team needs a good shakedown starting up top. With the same men leading this team to battle, we're just bound for another letdown. Next year, these guys aren't going to do it to me again. I expect failure now , just like you said, this team needs a plan. Omar has no plan, no clue, and "no chance". At least no chance of me holding my breathe that this is the year we turn it around. Nahhh, it's not gonna happen. Let's wait and see what this "bozo" does with the offseason first. And after this team fails to accomplish the ultimate goal (to hell with look respectful) win a World Series next year, we'll be doing this all over again. No, we're giong to have to suffer yet again, for this team to bring in a winner. I lost all faith, respect, confidence, and patience in Omar Minaya, and our New York Mets. Geez, I never thought I would bash my own team (whom I passionatly love with all my heart) like this. And I certainly thought I was over this season, and the last few years, but I guess not. Oh well, I'll still be looking forward to each and every post you make Starblazer, and I'll be sharing my off-season thoughts and expectations with you. And I guess, still hope for the best, after all, I love baseball, and I live baseball.
Once again Starblazer, great to read your posts again, I look forward to the next.

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