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Do the Mets have a plan?

Posted on: December 23, 2009 4:59 pm
Edited on: December 25, 2009 3:33 pm

Bill Madden eluded to this on SNY yesterday. I'm not fan of Madden's(I think he's a Yankee lackey), but I think he's dead-on here. What are the Mets thinking? Do they have a plan or has it already blown up and now they're silent because they didn't have a back-up one?

They can not ask the Mets fan base to be patient. They haven't earned that right. I truly am starting to believe they are delusional enough to believe that they can go into the season with this rotation. I am starting to think they believe Niese or Nieves is their #5 pitcher. If that's so, they are without a doubt insane. Pelfrey, Maine and Perez are huge question marks. To think they'll be fine and then have faith a journeyman or a 21 year-old rookie coming off an injury can be their backend guy is really bad planning.

Why isn't their more urgency in getting a pitcher? Do they honestly believe that we buy the fact they're focusing on hitting first and can't multi-task? If that is so, then this front-office is even more insipid then I think they are.

Why do they constantly wait for the market? The good -great teams make the market. The more they wait and do nothing with Bay, the more likely someone else will swoop in and steal him. Remember Lowe? Since the Braves cleared money dealing Vasquez, they may decide to use that extra cash to add a bat they sorely need. If you're Bay, where would you rather go? Would you go to team that made you wait and try to wait you out or to a team that showed interest and made things happen? I think we all know that answer.

If Bay is gone, the Mets will not add a legitimate bat. Holliday will go to St.Louis or elsewhere. They'll be left with signing an aging Dye to play LF. Jermaine is a good player, but he's not the jump start this offense needs. They need a thumper, not another band-aid. Didn't they learn from Alou?

What if Molina goes elsewhere? Will they hone in on Barajas or simply go with the dreck they signed this off-season and try another lamo platoon? Santos cannot be the starter. He doesn't handle pitchers well and the Mets can't expect him to even match last years offensive numbers.

What about 1B? Incredibly, that punk Delgado still isn't ready to play baseball and his return has been delayed. I hope its delayed until 2012. Why wasn't Troy Glaus an option? The Braves just signed him. He's a righty, has power and can play 1B. If Wright ever went down, he'd slide in. This would strengthen the bench and add power. You think maybe this team can use that?

This front-office can't even unload Castillo. They yapped all about this prior to the winter meetings, then couldn't deal him because it was "too complicated." Too complicated? What is this brain surgery? Maybe if their front-office had a collective brain they'd be able to actually uncomplicate things. You dump the player, eat salary and sign a better player. Hello?

So we sit on 12/23/09 and this team has "added" an unknown Japanese middle-reliever, a punch-and-judy light hitting, mediocre fielding back-up infielder to a 2 million + contract, 2 back-up catchers no one wanted and 2 pitchers no one has ever heard of. Meanwhile the top teams have even gotten stronger. It's not only galling, but downright pathetic.

If the Mets are going to stand pat, then they should just accept the fact they'll be a middling team on the periphery of the post-season and ready to finish 3rd or 4th with a 130 million dollar payroll. They should immediately replace their GM and manager and bring in a management team for the future. They should tell their fanbase the truth that they messed up and need to rebuild the right way. If they at least did that, it would show a plan and some guts. Fans would rally behind that because they'd know the expectations. This fanbase is loyal, not stupid. Don't treat us like the latter.

Instead, they are playing fans for fools throwing bones to free-agents they know won't be acceptable to show they tried. Then they'll make an excuse no one wants to come here or some other lame excuse about injuries or preserving their weak farm system. Furthermore, they'll blame the media, fans, tv station or stadium for their woes.

Again I ask do they have a plan? If they do, it's not working.
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Posted on: January 15, 2010 11:00 pm

Do the Mets have a plan?


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Do the Mets have a plan?

Agree completely.  Maybe the Mets are waiting until Easter for our holiday gifts?  When they play in front of thousands of empty seats (I hear that not too many fans are re-upping their ticket plans for 2010) on Opening Day, maybe then they will get the message.

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Posted on: December 23, 2009 11:49 pm

Do the Mets have a plan?

I was thinking of blogging with the same question. I'm wondering if Omar actually has much authority to spend any money because the lack of movement in the Mets camp is bewildering. This feels like the Mets under Steve Phillips which felt like it didn't need the services of either A-Rod or Vlad.

I can understand being skittish about the weak free-agent market; I doubt even Minaya is dumb enough to throw 10 million/year at Piniero and next year's class will have stronger options. However, that's no excuse not to at least cook up some trades to upgrade overall, and there are teams out there willing to trade, we've seen it come fast and furious since the Winter Meetings.

Maybe Omar is waiting until Bay/Holliday falls into his lap. Otherwise, I cannot see what the delay is - no one else seems very interested in Bay.

If Omar lacks autonomy, then why bother keeping him as a Dead Man Walking? If he has the autonomy, then he is a dud for his immobility. Either way, he's done as GM.

Frankly, it's hard to invest anymore emotion in this team, for I think the problem starts with the Wilpons.

What I would love to see is someone in the front office come forward and articulate some justification for the (in)action. Are the Mets waiting for players to heal, promote players from the farm, and hope for the best (in which case drastic ticket price cuts should be made) or are there actual trades/signings in the works which will change the lineup/roster significantly enough to move the team forward.

The most frustrating part is seeing a roster which barely changes, in spite of the failings of the last 3 seasons. Some new blood would be good medicine.

Meanwhile, Brian Cashman keeps making smart moves which guarantee the Yankees being competitive for beyond 2010.

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