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What the Wilpon's will and should do

Posted on: April 14, 2010 7:55 pm
Edited on: April 14, 2010 7:58 pm

Over-under on Minaya and Manuel getting fired on or before June 1?

If they go 1-5 on this trip, expect the crowds to be the lowest in Citifield history. They've already had the 2 lowest in the first 6 games. My guess is that and SNY's dwindling ratings, might prompt a change fairly soon. It might be sooner than many believe. All the Wilpon's care about is who comes to the park and watches on TV. Winning is not their main concern. The fans aren't either. They've proven that all too clearly.

Here's what the Wilpon's will do, then what they should do....

What they will do...

The Mets will fire Minaya, when they fire Manuel. Make no mistake, they're joined at the hip. The Mets will then promote Wayne Krivsky(solid baseball guy) from asst.GM to the interim spot. Bob Melvin(mediocre) will be promoted from his scouting position to interim manager. The Wilpon's will put on a phony front and say these men are fit for the team and could turn it around like the Rockies did after making a change. They'll say they're being proactive(I hate that word!) and have high expectations. Pure unadulterated bullcrap.

Here's what they should do...

Fire Minaya and Manuel immediately. I mean on this road trip. Fire them Sunday afternoon and have a press conference before a nationally televised game vs the Cardinals. In this presser, they promote Krivsky and hire Wally Backman. They move Terry Collins to batting coach and Ricky Bones to pitching coach. They send Razor Shines packing and bring in Bob Melvin as bench coach. They keep Chip Hale and move Jauss to 1B.

Then they state they're cleaning house. Krivsky gets on the horn and deals Beltran(if he's actually doing "baseball activities" by then) before he returns in June for prospects, including one MLB ready starter and in the process save 35 million. They promote Martinez to play CF and tell him it's his job. If he does well, he's the guy in 2011. If not, he's gone too in the off-season.

The Mets deal( or just have him sit on the bench) Murphy and promote Ike Davis currently hitting .350 @ AAA. They cut Tatis. They also waive Castillo and promote Tejada to play everyday. Cora stays as his back-up.

The Mets also trade Perez eating 2/3's of his salary. They give Maine until late May to get it together or demote him. Nieve or Takahashi temporarily take Perez's spot. Hopefully, one of the prospects from dealing Beltran will be able to step in long-term.

Mejia is immediately demoted to AA to pitch every 5th day. The Mets move him to Triple A, if he does well. The goal is a year of starting in the "high" minors and a September look.

Barajas catches, but if he slumps or gets hurt, Thole comes up and plays virtually everyday. The Methusala back-up(Blanco) is demoted or waived.

 The team plays 2010 to get better. Backman is a feisty guy and motivator. He's proven at every level, he can win and get maximum effort from his players. He's MLB's answer to Rex Ryan, minus about 100 pounds. They get the kids real playing time with a real manager and GM. They make Mets fans proud and give them real hope, not the utter despair this administration has heaped on this team.

It's time for real change...<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
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Posted on: April 20, 2010 10:47 pm

What the Wilpon's will and should do

i honestly think they should bring bobby v back

Since: Dec 27, 2007
Posted on: April 17, 2010 12:12 am

What the Wilpon's will and should do

Jade thanks.

There is no need for anyone to come to my defense. I can and like to handle my own battles. I'm armed with knowledge of the game, logic and statistics. I come to battle with facts, not hope and sentiment. I do appreciate your sentiment though.

You owe me nothing. You are an excellent poster. Stop by when you are ready to. We all need to take breaks.

I refuse to buy into the Wilpon's Kool-Aid. They load up on sugar, but the taste isn't sweet, but rather bitter. I know what I see and this team isn't a contender and is in fact a mediocre team with a 130 million dollar payroll. It's a travesty that such a great fan base has to put up with such incompetence. Those who defend that are blinded by homerism and delusions.

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Posted on: April 15, 2010 5:37 pm

What the Wilpon's will and should do

Very good Starblazer, you call it as you see it (just like me). I can't say that I really disagree with any of your ideas, only this should have been posted last year. I've had "It's time for a real change " implanted in my brain for quite a while now.
I can't tell you how long it's been since I have posted anything on here. But I'd be lying if I said that I don't come on here daily and read what you and a few other always have to say about things. I got so disgusted that I just had to take a long break. I knew when no changes were going to be made during the offseason (Jerry, Omar, Pitching, more hitting, first, catcher, etc...) that absolutly nothing would change. And, well, here we are, same story, differant season.
I never thought that this could get as so far out of hand as it has, this baseball team is a mess. I'm tired of complaining, and tired of suffering watching my true passion in life struggle, and get embarrassed continuously.
I have to sincerly apologize for NOT butting in and sticking up for you when a few guys were giving you a hard time on your one thread. I haven't forgot a time or two that you sided with me dealing with some hardheads. So needless to say, I sort of owe you. I just don't like debating with people that are wrong, and don't have anything nice to say when they disagree with us.
So once again, your'e right, "It is time for a change", to say the least.
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