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The Mets are on treadmill. Action is needed soon.

Posted on: May 15, 2010 12:08 pm
Edited on: May 15, 2010 2:34 pm

They are .500 after 36 games. They're 4-10 on the road. Their rotation is 9-9. Oliver Perez is a joke. Maine and Niese are inconsistent. Their bullpen pitches 4 innings a game. Their offense is unproductive. They lose one run games. They never win rubber games. Their coaching staff may be the worst in MLB(except for Hale and Jauss). Their GM is delusional. Their owners care more about a West Coast team, political correctness and possibly acquiring a floundering hockey franchise, then their team. Their farm system though improved, is still middle-of-the-pack at best. Their 66 million dollar LF'er has 1 HR. Their supposed star shortstop has 0 HRS, can't bunt and has one infield hit all year. Their star 3B man has decent power stats, but strikes out more than nerds at a college mixer. Their 2B man has no range or pop and is always hobbling. Their RF is pressing and regressing back to old habits.

So how do they turn it around? Do they make a deal for a real top line starter like Oswalt? Do they decide to give Gee a shot? Do they finally pull the plug on a manager who obviously has little clue about hitting(a life-time .199 hitter himself) or pitching? Do they simply replace the pitching and hitting coaches? All would be moves that are worth doing. My guess is they do none of them and wait, wait, wait.

This organization loves to make excuses. It's the wind, or injuries, or too many west coast trips. They look to blame external factors instead of looking within. That's where the problems lie. They have apathetic owners. They have an overmatched and inadequate GM who is basically the owner's son's gofer. Their manager is like a character from the old Dave Chappelle Show. Their pitching and hitting coach have no answers and look befuddled. The team looks resigned to being what they are and that's a mediocre team.

You know they'll start to talk up Beltran's return. He'll make this team a playoff contender, they'll say. If the Mets can just be around .500, they'll make a run and be a playoff team. Once again, hope over action. They'll say Takahashi is the solution. However, as good as he's been, he's never started an MLB game. This is a far better league than the one he played in previously. They'll also miss his great work in the pen. Management and ownership will say be patient to its fanbase. A trade for a starter is not a luxury, it's a necessity. This is because the GM again mistakenly ignored that this off-season.

Have they not learned from the last 3 years about inaction? Have they not seen the declining attendance? They can blow it off as cold weather or the kids still being in school, but that's only a small part of it. Mets fans are taking a show me attitude. They do not trust in ownership and management. That trust was ruptured  in 2007, further eroded in 2008 and nearly destroyed in 2009. Then the Mets did little in the off-season and most of all failed to address their top need and that was starting pitching. The bench was also not addressed. In fact, they paid 3 million to 2 guys who really extremely marginal MLB players(and IMHO Tatis isn't one).

It is still early. However, sooner rather than later, this ownership and management have to make some big decisions. Some involved players, other's coaches. The GM should also be held firmly to the flame. They need to make moves. They can start with one, but if they want to contend, they'll have to make multiple moves and IMHO the coaching staff has to be shaken up, if not mostly removed(including the manager).

The Mets have lost the right to ask for patience. The word wait has truly become a 4-letter word and a crutch. Action is needed. The first one is Perez being permanently removed from the rotation. The line-up needs to be re-done with Reyes back at-the-top and Davis in the 3-hole. After that a possible RF platoon could be in line. Then if that fails, the coaches are next. No waiting in 2010. That was so 2009.

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Posted on: May 18, 2010 5:56 pm

The Mets are on treadmill. Action is needed soon.

Spending money is not enough. Caring about the fans and actually understanding the history of your own team is as important. The Wilpon's spend money and I've never called them cheap. However, they allow this team on a consistent basis to be humiliated on and off the field and still do not act. That's is the definition of apathy. They really are all about making money, not winning. That's where the apathy is.

The Wilpon's are terrible owners. They're clueless, arrogant and incompetent. Minaya is a poor GM who has spent money unwisely. Contracts to Castillo, Perez, Alou, Oliver, O.Hernandez, Shoeneweis, Anderson, Cora, Tatis, Redding, Garcia, Escobar and Martinez were all ill-conceived either in length, money or both. he also hired 2 dullards as managers. He's been a major disappointment after a very promising first 2 years. In fact, one can argue, he has been one of, if not the worst GM in MLB since 2006 ended.In 6 years Minaya has produced 2 players on this current roster who are contributors. That's pathetic.

The day Nelson Doubleday sold his half of the team was a dark day in Mets history. His parting shots about the Wilpon's were spot on. They're phonies. I wish they'd sell the team and by the Brooklyn Nets or LA Dodgers. Let them ruin those franchises.

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Posted on: May 17, 2010 6:29 pm

The Mets are on treadmill. Action is needed soon.

I try being somewhat more moderate in my assessment of the Mets.  Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, Ike Davis, Angel Pagan, our Catchers and possibly Chris Carter, are the only players getting (for the moment) passing grades on your blog.  That’s less than 30% of the roster, and  they do share a commonality.  Pelfrey and Davis were drafted by Omar Minaya and the GM acquired the others through trade.

Apathetic is a pretty harsh way to describe the ownership of the team with the fifth highest team salary in baseball.  It is also the same ownership that signed Santana and Jason Bay for over 200 M dollars.  In a different perspective, the money that the Wilpons’ are spending on two players would cover the entire team salary for any of 12 teams for three seasons.  Apathetic is harsh.  

David Wright, Jeff Francoeur and Bay have had their good and bad streaks, none is playing to expectations.  That will change. 

We can agree on Oliver Perez, and we can agree that Jerry Manuel along with Dan Warthan and Howard Johnson are not getting the job done .

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Posted on: May 15, 2010 7:26 pm

The Mets are on treadmill. Action is needed soon.

Great post Starblazer,
Not much to say after your usual great choice of words, you pretty much covered it all. Omar is useless to me, he seems to be the Wilpons puppet dangling from their hands anymore (I'm also not very fond of them either). Jerry Manuel constantly irritates me with his daily decision making, his inability to shake things up (the right way, not hit GMJ cleanup), and his brutal interviews. I can't stand listening to him. So yes, getting rid of one, or both of those two would be a start. If it was up to me, Omar would be fired (last year).
I honestly think we need a mix of different faces around here, along with "more" talented players. Our payroll is big enough that we should have more solid players on the roster (this is on the GM), instead of "doing favors" for less talented guys.
I will say this again as I've said a hundred times, "nothing will change around here". Nothing will change until changes are made!!!
I feel the Mets are a really long street, loaded with huge potholes. And the past few years all that has been done is they have been filled by sweeping a bunch of dirt in them. "Pave the damn street" please, things have to get done the right way. Not the cheap way, certainly not the Omar way, not the wait, hope and see way, it's not working anymore.
You and I both knew what to expect this year, and who the hell are we? You mean to tell me whomever thought Jason Bay (basically, just Jason Bay) was going to get things turned around? Nope, not me, so just like I had anticipated, us fans (the ones who essentually suffer in the end) get to yet again, suffer for another summer because thing still didn't get done, "The Right Way"!!!!!
I think we're all making more of this than it is, this team needs better players. It's fine to stay posative, keep upbeat, not to be a "negative person" (you get the point), but it's different to be dillusional (as you would say), look the other way, or to simply hope things work themselves out. I'm all for any kind of changes that would be made sooner than later. Because we are simply NOT going to win any championships with this combination of owners, GM's, coaches and roster.
When you win, you shouldn't change many things, if not anything at all. When you lose, you shouldn't change many things, if anything at all.     What??????      
; This seems to be how the Mets handle things (in my mind at least).
I'm not a GM but, I would have traded Wright or Reyes and however many prospects it took to land Roy Halladay (a true difference maker) in a heartbeat. Then again, why would he, Oswalt now, or anyone who wants to be part of a winning team come here. I bet Santana wishes now that the Mets never picked up the phone about him, you can see it in his face (and on the field). However, he's a winner, a tough competitor, and he hates to lose. And we need more players like this to start winning on a more CONSISTANT basis. I can't stand the Phillies just because they're one of our division rivals. But I gotta tell you, I love their toughness, and their desire to win. We lack that, and that's why we get embarressed when we play them.
Sorry for ranting for so long, but Starblazer, you're right, action is needed sooooooon. If winning is the ultimate goal!!!

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