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The 2010 Mets are a likeable team.

Posted on: June 24, 2010 5:13 pm

Jerry Seinfeld made reference to this last night in his brilliant stint in the Mets TV booth. He said this is one of his favorite teams and is enjoying the season. I agree with him in both areas. I'd still like a starter and bullpen arm, but it's hard to argue with the current success and more importantly how they're playing as a team and the way they're playing the game on the field.

It's terrific to be tied for first. However, what is nicer, is how this team is playing. They've won 14 of 17. They're 11-3 vs the AL and 8-0 vs non-Yankees teams. That interleague record to me is very, very impressive. The Mets are also 26-10 @ home. That's a must for a playoff contender. Dominate at home and play .500 on the road. They're getting there on the road, but are already there at home. They seem so comfortable @ Citifield. After last year's 41-40 record and the previous season's poor home mark, it's nice and needed.

What I like about this team so far is that Reyes and Wright are back.  The Mets left-side on the infield is again among the best in the sport. Reyes is running and driving the ball and Wright is running, playing great defense and driving in runs. Those 2 are the pride and joy of the Mets farm system. Reyes the catalyst. Wright the run producer. It is as it should be.

The Mets are playing the game right. They're running the bases well and taking chances. They're starting to bunch together hits and more than just singles. They're playing solid defense. They're getting terrific starting pitching. The Mets are rallying. They're protecting leads. They're having long winning streaks. They're also keeping it low-key in their celebrations and statements. Class and enthusiam has replaced the false bravado of past clubs. They're having fun, without showing up other teams. They're enjoyable.

I also like seeing real athletic and home-grown talent as well on the right-side. Tejada is young, but what a joy he's been. Davis looks like he's been @ 1B for 5 years. He's simply terrific. Davis is also so darn clutch. They're a joy to watch.

Lastly, to see guys like Frenchy, Barajas, Dickey and Pagan playing hard and leading this team in their play and attitude has been awesome. It's impossible not to like and root for those 4. I liked Rod from Day 1 and Dickey has been simply a joy to watch and listen to. He embodies what life is about. He's overcome obstacles and failure through hard work and sheer will. Pagan like Dickey has overcome obstacles and is making the best of his opportunity. Frenchy is a flawed player, but gives 100% and is a breathe of fresh air.

That's why getting another starter is so important. You want these guys to be rewarded with a post-season and hopefully a chance at a championship. The way they've played and conducted themselves makes you want for him even more than yourself as a fan.

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