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Mets 1st half : Grades and comments

Posted on: July 12, 2010 3:56 am

The All-Star Game is the unofficial half-way point of the year(it's actually 7 games into the 2nd half), so it's time to assess how the Mets are doing. I'll be breaking down the offense, then pitching and finally coaching. I'll post the grades then a brief summary. Please feel free to comment afterwards. Here we go...


C- Barajas  B-   Rod  has done a solid job behind the dish and has good numbers despite his recent slump.

1B- Davis   Ike has brought power, defense and energy to the position and team. IMHO, Minaya's best developed prospect.

2B- Castillo D   Luis is hitting .241 with 3 extra-basehits and can't make a play to his left. Overpaid,aging & expendable.

SS- Reyes  Needs to walk more, but when healthy, he makes this offense go. His defense has been solid as well.

3B- Wright  The Mets MVP and possible NL MVP as well. He has put up the numbers and played great defense. The Mets lone AS.

LF- Bay  So far his power numbers are down and his defense is spotty. He's not looked like a 66 million dollar player, but it's early.

CF- Pagan  A  The Mets biggest surprise. He's hit well, run well and played solid defense. He's earned a starting spot.

RF- Francoeur  C+  Too streaky, but his numbers aren't bad for a guy who they've dumped in the 7th and 8th hole. Plays great defense.

Bench: C-  Until Thole, they haven't had a pinch-hitter. Tatis(.185) is horrible, Carter is hitting under .250, Cora is mediocrity personified and Catalanotto hit .160 before being cut. Blanco has been a nice back-up and Feliciano filled in nicely as well. Carter has some pop, but now is the 5th OF and Ike plays every game. Chris may not be around too long, if Evans shows he can hit.


SP- Santana  B-  The ace has looked great in his last 3 starts, but has been too up-and-down so far. The 2nd half looks good though.

SP- Pelfrey  B   Mike has slumped his last 5 starts, but is 10-4. He carried the Mets early on. Hopefully, he gets back to throwing strikes.

SP- Niese  B-  After a poor start, he's been the Mets 2nd best pitcher. Good K-BB ratio. Currently, the #3 pitcher in the rotation.

SP- Dickey  B+  A God-send after Maine and Perez nearly destroyed the rotation. He's slipped lately, but has been stellar.

SP- Maine  D-   A flop and a head case. Odds are he's done as a Met and few if any will miss him. Wasted talent.

SP- Perez  F  The worst pitcher in MLB and the most overpaid. He threw 100 pitches in 5 innings @ Triple A. He's pathetic.

SP/RP- Takahashi  B+   IMHO he's been the best off-season acquisition and most valuable pitcher. Great in relief, decent as a starter.

RP- Nieve  D+   The manager has virtually buried him and this pen is far from deep. He's a AAA pitcher, nothing more.

RP- Igarashi    A total waste of 1.25 million. The Mets spent 2.5 million on 2 set-up guys and got an injured player and a stiff.

RP-Valdes  C-  At best a long reliever, but really a guy who belongs back in the Independent Leagues. Hello NJ!

RP- Mejia  C  A wasted 3 months being misused and not developed. His numbers were mediocre, but more importantly, he was wasted.

RP- Dessens  B-  A journeyman pitcher who is 39 and has never really has a good year. So far in limited use, he's done very well.

RP- Feliciano  B-  The energizer bunny is overused and of late has faltered. However, he's been a stalwart in a sea of mediocrity.

RP- Rodriguez  B   Far from perfect, he still has 21 saves in 25 opportunities. That's a 84% conversion rate. That's a B in my book.


MGR-Manuel  C  The guy lies, spouts nonsense, misuses the pen and bench. He also botches his order. However, they're 8 over.

PC- Warthen  C   Perez and Maine flopped, Santana has struggled, Pelfrey is fading and Niese started slowly. He gets credit for Dickey.

HC-Johnson  C-  Frenchy still lunges, Tejada hasn't improved and this team overall is far from a juggernaut. Honestly, why is he here?

1B- Shines  D-  I know he's at first, but he is horrible. Worst 3B coach ever. Why is he still in MLB?

3B- Hale  B+  I love his approach and he's aggressive. Today he shouldn't have sent Frenchy, but overall, a huge upgrade over Shines.

BC- Jauss  B   This guy is very cerebral and could easily replace the dullard. My guess is he's helped Jerry be less dim.

BPC- Niemann  C+  I like his fiery approach and he'll stand-up for the group. However, the pen is mediocre and that reflects on him.

Overall grade:   C+  I almost went B-, but the Mets ended the first half poorly losing 4 of 6 at home to 2 division leaders. They've also played poorly on the road failing to win a series against a NL team. They've played great at home. They've been too streaky and no area of the team has been first rate. They've overachieved in some areas and underachieved in others. They're in both races, but have slipped back in both of late. Their poor play on the road can doom them after the break if they're not careful.

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 5:53 pm

Mets 1st half : Grades and comments

 I'm glad you were never my teacher. 

You could never have been so lucky. You may have actually learned something since you know nothing about baseball.

Oh yeah, you may have also learned about paragraphing as well.

Btw, get off the kool-aid and open your eyes.

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 4:33 pm

Mets 1st half : Grades and comments

I wish the Met's would go out and get Oswalt but I don't think they will get either Oswalt or Haren.

Financial issues will not allow the Mets to get Oswalt and asking price will be the reason the Mets do not get Haren. The D'backs, nor any other team for that matter, will not take Castillo and his broken down body and excessive contract in any trade (unless it's for a bag of used baseballs). It's just not going to happen. I'm not a big fan of the Met's getting Lilly or Carmona but I do see the logic in trading for either one of them. Carmona is young and under contract for a reasonable salary and the Met's would not have to suck their farm system dry to acquire Lilly's services. IMHO, I think they will go out and get Lilly and move Takahashi in the bullpen (where he belongs).

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 3:51 pm

Mets 1st half : Grades and comments

No way does Manuel get a "C". For him, "D" at best. Just terrible. Sure the team's 8 over .500 but with that roster they should be. He's made some terrible decisions all season long. I cannot wait until the Mets wise up and move on. Time to bring in Wally Beckman.

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 3:47 pm

Mets 1st half : Grades and comments

quick response to METS2007 re: Alex Gonzalez trade.  Keep in mind the Braves didn't trade chopped liver for him.  Escobar has been infuriating and has clearly worn out his welcome in Atlanta, but his upside is FAR GREATER than Gonzalez, who is what he is: a nice player having a career year.  Gonzalez played in a hitters ballpark and had a lot of bangers around him to protect him in the lineup (and the Jays are amongst the league leaders in HRs this season).  We will almost certainly see Gonzalez's numbers decline in Turner Field.

Jo Jo Reyes was also an up-and-coming prospect for the Braves.  You almost NEVER see the Braves trade a pitcher who is worth a crap, and generally they know what they are doing when they trade a pitcher away.  But Reyes and Escobar could develop into the players that the Braves thought they were, and this trade could easily backfire on Atlanta.  Escobar has million dollar talent and a 10-cent brain, but this was a far riskier trade than it is being made out to be. 

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 3:41 pm

Mets 1st half : Grades and comments

and a quick aside - I don't think any Mets fan considers Castillo to be the starting 2B.  Tejada has done an admirable job filling in and I think I speak for most Mets fans when I say that I hope and prey Tejada is the starting 2B in the second half of the season.  The kid has been solid and will only improve

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 3:38 pm

Mets 1st half : Grades and comments

I'm not sure I understand the B- for Niese.  You keep saying he "started slow", but the guy had a hamstring injury that slowed him down.  As soon as he came back from that injury in early June, he's been pretty much lights out (with the exception of the game where they brought him back out after a long rain delay).  He had three straight starts in April where he allowed one run or less, and he only got one win out of it, so there was a bit of bad luck involved in his slow start. 

I think the development of Niese as a reliable lefty starter has been one of the most overlooked stories of the first half.  Anyone can go out and trade for a pitcher or buy a free agent, but the Mets have groomed this kid from their farm system, and he looks to be a keeper.  His continued success is absolutely vital if the Mets hope to contend this season.   A 24-year-old lefty with a nasty hook and a bulldog disposition?  Sign me up!

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 2:42 pm

Mets 1st half : Grades and comments

I'm not going to breakdown the individual grades that you've given, except that I don't know how you can give Manuel a C when his team has outperformed nearly everyones expectations.  I don't agree with everything he does either, such as overmanaging the bullpen, but you can really only go off of the record.  That being said, you have to at least give him a B-.  I have the same argument with your overall grade.  How can you give a team that has performed above expectations and is right in the thick of things a C+?  I don't know about you, but when I got a C+ in school, I wasn't happy.  I think the Mets should be pretty pleased with their record and performance at the break.  They get Beltran back tonight, Johan has been lights out and he's a second half pitcher.  It's important for the Mets to hold it together on this 11 game west coast road trip to start the second half.  They can't afford to go 4-7.  They have the 4th easiest second half schedule in all of baseball, so that is a plus for them.  I would still like to see them get an effective arm out of the pen and a middle of the rotation starter.  Ideally, it would be nice to see them get Oswalt, but that's not realistic with his contract and Houston's asking price.  This team has a different feel to it than the team of the last few years.  Just wondering, how can you give the Mets coaches such as Shines, Niemann, and Hale accurate grades?  I watch nearly every Mets game and follow the team as much as anyone.  Unless you're in the clubhouse everyday, you can't know the impact these guys have on the team.  It further proves my point that I think some of these grades your handing out are stemming from pre-conceived notions.  You're getting on HoJo because Francoeur continues to lunge, meanwhile he's right on his career average in nearly every category.  Why don't you mention how well David Wright is hitting the ball.  Oh, I coaches and managers are only responsible when a player/team does poorly.  Oh yea...and Ike Davis got a B....what do you want him to do? Come up to the big leagues and win a batting championship as a rookie.  I'm glad you were never my teacher. 

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 1:01 pm

Mets 1st half : Grades and comments


I agree with you that Omar probably won't go for it.  The reason I said Haren over Oswalt is that we can probably get Kelly Johnson in the deal as well and then solve 2 problems at the same time.  A rotation of Santana, Pelfrey, Haren, Neise and Dickey is good enough to secure a playoff spot and Pelf, Haren and Santana  should be good enough to get through the NL especially if you add a 2B with 14HRs at the all-star break.  I do not want Lilly or Carmona.  I would rather bring back Pedro than either of them, they are not worth giving up the prospects.  (Sorry for dredging up back memories with Pedro lol)

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 11:58 am

Mets 1st half : Grades and comments

I have an additional comment and probably the best way that the Mets can get over the hump.  Trade with the DBacks for Haren and Johnson, I know it will cost us some of our prospects but maybe we can unload Castillo along with the prospects.  Haren gives us the top of the rotation starter to go with Santana and Kelly Johnson gives us a 2B with pop in his bat.  The perfect counter to the Braves trade.  What do you guys think?  Who do you think they would need to give up?  Remember, the DBacks are in major overhaul mode and looking to dump salary big time.


I like Haren and would welcome that deal, but IMHO Oswalt is the guy to get. He's a proven winner and is 4-0 in post-season play. I truly see him as a guy to lean on an a right-handed ace to go with Santana. having 2 seasoned vets allows Pelfrey and Niese to continue to develop without being leaned on too much and both can help them just by doing. That would allow the Mets if needed, to even allow a younger pitcher to compete for the 5th spot in 2011.

I want Oswalt. However, Haren should be the fall back plan. Alas I feel the best Omar will get is Lilly, Carmona or Westbrook. The Mets can use a 2nd tier pitcher, but they won't put this team over-the-hump IMHO.

Oswalt would show this GM and ownership are going for it. Lilly would simply indicate, they want to hang around.

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Posted on: July 14, 2010 7:11 pm

Mets 1st half : Grades and comments

I have an additional comment and probably the best way that the Mets can get over the hump.  Trade with the DBacks for Haren and Johnson, I know it will cost us some of our prospects but maybe we can unload Castillo along with the prospects.  Haren gives us the top of the rotation starter to go with Santana and Kelly Johnson gives us a 2B with pop in his bat.  The perfect counter to the Braves trade.  What do you guys think?  Who do you think they would need to give up?  Remember, the DBacks are in major overhaul mode and looking to dump salary big time.

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