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Mets 1st half : Grades and comments

Posted on: July 12, 2010 3:56 am

The All-Star Game is the unofficial half-way point of the year(it's actually 7 games into the 2nd half), so it's time to assess how the Mets are doing. I'll be breaking down the offense, then pitching and finally coaching. I'll post the grades then a brief summary. Please feel free to comment afterwards. Here we go...


C- Barajas  B-   Rod  has done a solid job behind the dish and has good numbers despite his recent slump.

1B- Davis   Ike has brought power, defense and energy to the position and team. IMHO, Minaya's best developed prospect.

2B- Castillo D   Luis is hitting .241 with 3 extra-basehits and can't make a play to his left. Overpaid,aging & expendable.

SS- Reyes  Needs to walk more, but when healthy, he makes this offense go. His defense has been solid as well.

3B- Wright  The Mets MVP and possible NL MVP as well. He has put up the numbers and played great defense. The Mets lone AS.

LF- Bay  So far his power numbers are down and his defense is spotty. He's not looked like a 66 million dollar player, but it's early.

CF- Pagan  A  The Mets biggest surprise. He's hit well, run well and played solid defense. He's earned a starting spot.

RF- Francoeur  C+  Too streaky, but his numbers aren't bad for a guy who they've dumped in the 7th and 8th hole. Plays great defense.

Bench: C-  Until Thole, they haven't had a pinch-hitter. Tatis(.185) is horrible, Carter is hitting under .250, Cora is mediocrity personified and Catalanotto hit .160 before being cut. Blanco has been a nice back-up and Feliciano filled in nicely as well. Carter has some pop, but now is the 5th OF and Ike plays every game. Chris may not be around too long, if Evans shows he can hit.


SP- Santana  B-  The ace has looked great in his last 3 starts, but has been too up-and-down so far. The 2nd half looks good though.

SP- Pelfrey  B   Mike has slumped his last 5 starts, but is 10-4. He carried the Mets early on. Hopefully, he gets back to throwing strikes.

SP- Niese  B-  After a poor start, he's been the Mets 2nd best pitcher. Good K-BB ratio. Currently, the #3 pitcher in the rotation.

SP- Dickey  B+  A God-send after Maine and Perez nearly destroyed the rotation. He's slipped lately, but has been stellar.

SP- Maine  D-   A flop and a head case. Odds are he's done as a Met and few if any will miss him. Wasted talent.

SP- Perez  F  The worst pitcher in MLB and the most overpaid. He threw 100 pitches in 5 innings @ Triple A. He's pathetic.

SP/RP- Takahashi  B+   IMHO he's been the best off-season acquisition and most valuable pitcher. Great in relief, decent as a starter.

RP- Nieve  D+   The manager has virtually buried him and this pen is far from deep. He's a AAA pitcher, nothing more.

RP- Igarashi    A total waste of 1.25 million. The Mets spent 2.5 million on 2 set-up guys and got an injured player and a stiff.

RP-Valdes  C-  At best a long reliever, but really a guy who belongs back in the Independent Leagues. Hello NJ!

RP- Mejia  C  A wasted 3 months being misused and not developed. His numbers were mediocre, but more importantly, he was wasted.

RP- Dessens  B-  A journeyman pitcher who is 39 and has never really has a good year. So far in limited use, he's done very well.

RP- Feliciano  B-  The energizer bunny is overused and of late has faltered. However, he's been a stalwart in a sea of mediocrity.

RP- Rodriguez  B   Far from perfect, he still has 21 saves in 25 opportunities. That's a 84% conversion rate. That's a B in my book.


MGR-Manuel  C  The guy lies, spouts nonsense, misuses the pen and bench. He also botches his order. However, they're 8 over.

PC- Warthen  C   Perez and Maine flopped, Santana has struggled, Pelfrey is fading and Niese started slowly. He gets credit for Dickey.

HC-Johnson  C-  Frenchy still lunges, Tejada hasn't improved and this team overall is far from a juggernaut. Honestly, why is he here?

1B- Shines  D-  I know he's at first, but he is horrible. Worst 3B coach ever. Why is he still in MLB?

3B- Hale  B+  I love his approach and he's aggressive. Today he shouldn't have sent Frenchy, but overall, a huge upgrade over Shines.

BC- Jauss  B   This guy is very cerebral and could easily replace the dullard. My guess is he's helped Jerry be less dim.

BPC- Niemann  C+  I like his fiery approach and he'll stand-up for the group. However, the pen is mediocre and that reflects on him.

Overall grade:   C+  I almost went B-, but the Mets ended the first half poorly losing 4 of 6 at home to 2 division leaders. They've also played poorly on the road failing to win a series against a NL team. They've played great at home. They've been too streaky and no area of the team has been first rate. They've overachieved in some areas and underachieved in others. They're in both races, but have slipped back in both of late. Their poor play on the road can doom them after the break if they're not careful.

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Posted on: July 14, 2010 5:13 pm

Mets 1st half : Grades and comments

There are numerous points that deserve some applause.  I am going to hit a grey area and say that with the braves making a trade before the Mets getting Gonzalez for Escobar shows just how serious the organization is about winning this season.  Braves organization is serious about winning every year but holding on to first with a 4 game lead in a very tough NL East division while being the first of the three teams to improve by upgrading gives the Mets upper management a D-.  Carlos Beltran can be considered an addition but let's not forget that he will have a brace on when he returns...not very promising if your a Met fan.  The Mets really need to go out and get another Starter as well as an arm in the pen.  Cliff Lee would have been nice but an upgrade of the rotation on any level in addition to an arm in the pen will keep the Mets in the hunt.

I like what Ike Davis has done for the first half of his rookie season... he hasn't put up Albert Puljos numbers but then again who has?
Angel Pagan has really tapped into his potential and should be given a chance to play everyday until he proves otherwise..A in my book
David Wright deserves some credit after the struggles of last season... he has shown the power and continues to rake...(cut back on the swings and misses and you can't ask for more out of him)
Jose Reyes when healthy has been himself but until he proves he is 100%, I wouldn't evaluate his contributions this season.
Rod Barajas provided some early season heroics but has cooled as of late... still happy with what he has done behind the plate and with the bat in the first half.
Johan Santana himself would tell you he hasn't performed well but he is a second half pitcher and I think we will see a star down the stretch.
Mike Pelfrey has performed off the charts this year (minus his last 3-4 starts) If you told me he would be a 10 game winner at the break I would have called you crazy.. though he still has some work to do he has been better than most anticipated in the first half.
R.A. Dickey has been a pleasant suprise and if he continues to pitch in manner he has I would like to see this guy in the rotation for years to come.  I like having a knuckleballer in the roation and feel it gives other teams problems the next day.

Francisco Rodriquez needs to find a way to work with out putting guys on... I think this guy is a far cry from where he used to be as a pitcher.
I don't really know what else to say about the Mets bullpen.. other than OVERWORKED and made up of mostly AAA arms.

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Posted on: July 14, 2010 4:02 pm

Mets 1st half : Grades and comments

Overall a very good analysis.  I will disagree with you on a couple, Castillo is an F, for the money he is making and the cancer that he is in the dugout, just cut him!!  It is addition by subtraction.  Or maybe some team is stupid enough to take him in a deal?  Hello DBacks?
Maine's grade is a little low, I agree he is not good at all right now, but if he is a D- can the pitching coach be any better?  It is a miracle that the Mets are in second place and I feel they are one or two trades from the playoffs and a shot at the series.  Go get Haren or Oswalt asap before the Braves put this thing away or the Phillies get hot.

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Posted on: July 13, 2010 1:30 pm

Mets 1st half : Grades and comments

I agree with pretty much everything besides the overall grade.  Considering that most Mets fans and baseball "experts" predicted that the Mets would fail to make the playoffs (there was a thread in the mlb section at the end of March and I think 20+ people predicted the division and wild card winners but not one chose the Mets if I recall correctly) I would say we're in a good spot right now.  I would give this team a solid B or B+ for their efforts during the first half of the season. 

I also think that you went a little too hard on Niese and Santana.  Those last 3 starts pushed Santana up to a B+ IMO and Niese is at least a B.  I know Jerry isn't the best of managers but I'd give him a B.  This team is in the thick of the race and is not showing signs of dropping out anytime soon.  I know he makes boneheaded moves every now and again but he's not awful.  And I like Takahashi a lot but I think you're a little too high on him.  He was great in the bullpen but due to the Perez and Maine injuries he's been reduced to an average #5 starter.  Nothing wrong with that but not a B+ in my mind.  Maybe a B or B-.

Nice job with this though star.  I completely agree on Reyes getting a B due to the struggles he faced in the early part of the season.  I actually agree with all of your position player grades esp. Jason Bay.  I think a lot of people would have given him a D or F but he hit for a decent average and got a few clutch RBIs.  I agree with the grading of the bullpen pitches aswell.  Nieve has been poor this year, Valdes is nothing more than an innings eater, Igarashi has been a failure, Feliciano is overused, Mejia was a waste, and no matter how many jams K-Rod gets himself into he's still a very good closer.  

I guess I'm an easier grader than you are but I think we're in the same page as far as our views of this first half performance are concerned. 

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Posted on: July 12, 2010 8:48 pm

Mets 1st half : Grades and comments

I pretty much agree with your player rankings, although I think you are a bit tough on Santana.  People seem to forget he is coming off of surgery.  Regardless he has pitched his heart out even when the arm hasn't been fully there and now he's starting to really round into shape.

While the managing is indeed below average, I'd give the team overall a B.  If you knew before the season started that you'd be where you are today with no Beltran, Santana not at his best, Reyes not his self for at least 40 games and Bay not hitting for any power I think you'd have been ecstatic.  We knew the first 3 were question marks to begin with.  The fact is they have 4 young players unexpectedly coming into their own and now have the solid nucleus of Wright, Reyes & Santana all coming back strong and hopefully Beltran will pick up where he left off last year with the bat.

While I was hopeful the vets would come back strong, I was very skeptical about anything else the Mets were bringing to the table.  But now, Pelfrey, Pagan, Davis & Niese are clearly all solid pros with a great future.  I think the outlook for this team is better than it has been for quite a while.  Do they have enough to beat Atlanta & Philly?  I think they need another starter for sure and for Reyes & Betran to have big second halfs for it to happen.  I see them being in the wild card chase into mid-september.  With a little luck you never know.  Ya gotta believe!

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