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Waving the white flag on the 2010 Season

Posted on: July 30, 2010 1:25 am
Edited on: August 1, 2010 11:08 am

The Mets organization has waived the white flag. It is obvious that no reinforcemnts are coming for a 3rd straight year @ the deadline and a 6th without any pitchers. The Mets will go with what they have and hope. Hope isn't going to get them to the post-season though.

What it will get them is a 3rd or 4th place finish, between 82-85 wins and another year of broken promises and lies. Yes, remember how the Mets were going to fix the rotation? Remember how they swore that money wasn't an object? Remember how they swore they were about contending and redemption and belief? All utter BS. The Mets are about making money and being just competitive enough to fill the seats in September before making those same empty promises in October so season-ticket holders sign on. It's a ponzi scheme run by the Wilpon's who learned it from their close buddy Bernie Madoff.

The Phillies add Oswalt after adding Halliday over the winter. The Braves added Gonzalez after adding Wagner. The Rangers added Lee and even the Angels who are fading went for Haren. The Mets? They're working on Chad Cordero. Next up, Luis Ayala.

This off-season they made their big splash by signing Jason Bay to a 4 year- 66million dollar deal. While a solid player, no one else was bidding, but the Mets still overpaid. They wasted 6.25 million on would be set-up guys Igarashi(in the minors) and Escobar(done before throwing a pitch). They re-upped 2 stiffs in Cora and Tatis for nearly 3 million. The travesty goes on and on. The best moves? Signing RA Dickey who no one expected to get a rotation spot and never even competed for one on spring training. The other good move was Takahashi who is being misused as a starter. Even Barajas has proven to be just ok. He's slipped so badly, Thole looks to be ahead of schedule in taking his job. The off-season was a total bust. 2009 was a total bust. "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!" As the Who sang "Don't get fooled again." Mets fans are done with the foolishness.

So do the Wilpon's think that Mets fans are again going to buy Omar's propoganda? You know, we're going after a real starter,then watch as Lee goes across town and every other pitcher signs elsewhere while Omar twiddles and low-balls them? Honestly, they couldn't even sign Garland. The Mets have no one in their minor league system capable of competing for a starting spot. No one. Mejia was mediocre as a reliever, is still hurt and this year put him a year behind schedule in starting. So that means patching together the #4 and #5 again. Will Livian Hernandez or Freddy Garcia make a return to start and be billed as reborn? Omar is clueless and will always be clueless. The Mets will talk, do nothing, then pick up players off the garbage heap. That's Omar's modus operandi.

Does anyone believe that Perez and Castillo will ever be productive? Mets fans know this team is trying to unload them, but no one is as gullible and inept as Minaya. Who would pay those stiffs 61 million dollars? It's unreal. Each day they're here they block productive players from taking those roster spots and actually helping, not hurting this team.

So this team will play out the year, vacillate between good homestands and terrible road trips, then play meaningless September games once the calendar hits the ides of September. Then we'll hear the excuses, the media and fans calling for the manager and GM's head and the Wilpon's remaining mute and saying they're evaluating the entire organization. Total horse crud.

In the end maybe they wake up and realize real leadership is needed, not hand holding their GM because if he opens his mouth he'll embarrass himself and the organization. Maybe they'll realize their manager is inept and cares more about his post-game then his pre-game preparation. May be they'll realize they're the problem and need to hire real pros who will tell them to step back and let people who understand the sport run it. Maybe they'll hire a GM with stones and connections who isn't the laughingstock of the league. Maybe they'll show some self-respect and let that GM  hire a manager with spunk, fire and one who supports his players(not talk behind their backs to the media) and hold them accountable. Maybe just maybe by letting this team finish the year as is, they'll realize that's they have a mediocre team with a weak GM and manager. Maybe they'll realize they can't just go with the staus quo if they truly want to win and mean it. Maybe just maybe, they'll show they care by acting, not making excuses and asking fans to hope and spend outrageous sums for mediocrity. Maybe just maybe they'll go for the Broadway production, not the off-off Broadway one. Maybe just maybe they'll realize though they own this team, it's really the fans who are the most invested and deserving of excellence. Maybe just maybe, they'll do the right thing for once.

So as the deadline passes and you mourn another season lost, cling to the hope that this inaction will finally lead to the action that is sorely needed here. A total dismantling of the front-office and coaching staff and a new direction with new leadership. Any leadership at this point is better than none at all. That's what they have now. None at all. The white flag is up. Hopefully, next year someone new will rip up that white flag, energize this team and a banner will be raised @ Citifield. That's what this fan base deserves.

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Posted on: July 31, 2010 4:40 pm

Waving the white flag on the 2010 Season

For those delusional enough to believe this team is a contender, look at the deadline. The real contenders picked up players. Here's a partial list...

The Dodgers got Lilly, Dotel and Theriot

The Braves got Ankiel and Farnsworth

The Cardinals got Westbrook

The Yankees got Berkman, Wood and Kearns

The Rays even picked up Qualls

The Chisox got Edwin Jackson

The Twins got Matt Capps

Does anyone who watches and understands the sport truly believe the Mets feel they can win? The owners and GM have proven again, they don't think so. How do you think the players feel today knowing ownership feels that way? They watch all the true contenders improving themselves and this team can't even add a reliever or 2B man.

Those who are saying the Mets saved propsects, that may be so, only because there is such a dearth of prospects there! Most teams deal the prospects the Mets deem as their best in those deadline deals because they have more of the same, if not better.

Ask yourself, who in the minors now can come up and spark this team? Don't say Tejada, who is slumping @ AAA and whose bat needs much work. He only looked good here because the alternatives there are so bad! The answer is obvious, no one. The best prospects are here and no one esle is going to be ready for another year or so at best. The Mets get injuries and bring up Mike Hessman and Jesus Felicano. they're hard-working, but 30+ year-old AAA players. They need relievers? How about Manny Acosta? Well, if he doesn't work out there is Brian Bruney or Ramon Ortiz. Those aren't prospects folks, those are washed up vets.

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Posted on: July 30, 2010 11:29 pm

Waving the white flag on the 2010 Season

That is the majority perspective, but not the only one.  It must be miserable feeling not to find any positives in a team that is still relevant

It's just I don't show your low standards of what quality is. You think being .500 is something to be proud of. I find it to be something to be upset about.

As for being relevant, do you still watch the games? Did you see them lose 9-6 to the D-backs who have lost 11 of 15 overall and their only wins are against the Mets? Did you watch Manuel bring in a left who doesn't get out lefties and give up 2 long HRS to lose the game? Did you see Castillo going 0-4 and his average slipping closer to .240?

I don't flip-flop with the wind like you have. I remember your little letter to the Wilpon's about this team. Now, your on board with mediocrity? I feel sorry that you have such low standards as a fan.

I want my team to strive for excellence and accept nothing less. I want to see heart. This team has not won a game all year when trailing after 8. Not one. All the BS about being a comeback team is just that. They're mediocre. They let Aaron Heilman nail down a save.

Of course it's not the majority perspective. The majority of fans want the team to win, not show up. That's your standard. Just show up, put on the uniform and that's good enough for you. Seems to me that's pretty miserable. Life without passion is.

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Posted on: July 30, 2010 11:21 pm
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Posted on: July 30, 2010 6:30 pm

Waving the white flag on the 2010 Season

Nobody has been held accountable for their previous failing seasons. To me this is sad, because I don't think they consider it to be failure. Like you say, they are content with how things are, make no real changes, then hope. Compared to last year, this really has been a nice season, nice, but could've been much better. A "put us over the edge" differance maker type player could have provided that (on the field, and in the clubhouse). People can say what they want but, (in my eyes) we still don't have a leader, a power hitter, a second baseman, consistancy, and more talented bullpen and starting pitchers.
I'm tired of nothing being done, no changes, being lied to, and the Mets failing. Sure at times they go on hot streaks, but will always return to form because they are what they are, an average team with some talent. Until a major change is made (which never seems to be a possability) this will continue.
Good post starblazer

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Posted on: July 30, 2010 12:48 pm
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