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KO-Rod got what he deserved.

Posted on: August 18, 2010 6:38 pm

The KO-Rod incident is a perfect example of just desserts and further the reason for the existence of a higher power. I mean how appropriate was it he gets hurt slugging a 53 year-old grandfather? How great is it he'll lose part, if not all of his 2010 salary and could even lose most of his 2011 salary as well? Karmic.

This hot-headed jackwagon's antics finally caught up with him. First, it was his idiotic self-serving histrionics on the mound. Then it was his fight with a cast-off like Brian Bruney(ironically, now a Mets player @ AAA Buffalo). Then it was a scuffle with pitching coach Randy Niemann(who is about Pena's age). It was well-known that his teammates and particularly his bullpen mates were far from enamored with this primadonna. After this incident(nee assault), few were vocal in their support. In fact, his bullpen mates were very strangely silent on this. That speaks volumes. Perhaps they saw this coming. Perhaps they may even be glad to be rid of him.

The Mets wanted a larger suspension, but the arrogant and too powerful MLBPA calls the shots because baseball has a eunuch for a commissioner. The Mets would have been left with that, if this idiot didn't hurt himself in the assault(and that's what it is) and then hide it from them until after he pitched. That deception gave them the opening for putting him on the restricted list, not paying him and allowing them to look into getting his contract unguaranteed. That's just pure justice.

This punk should be vilified for what he did and have to pay legally and financially. He probably won't get jail time, but some community service and possible probation will follow. Hopefully, he'll also be restricted in seeing his "wife" and children until the court is satisfied with his progress in anger management and that he shows to be contrite.

Rightfully, he will lose hundreds of thousands, if not millions due to his actions. Hopefully, the Mets will be successful in non-guaranteeing him. If they are successful they can cut him in spring training and only pay him for 30-45 days which is less than 2 million. The 3.5 million wouldn't be kicked in since his option would never be reached. They can then either trade for a closer(Soria) or sign one for 1-2 years at a relatively low-cost while developing one internally. The best case scenario is Parnell steps up and just takes his job.

I (like many Mets fans) hope he never pitches again for the Mets. K-Rod, Perez, Beltran and Castillo must all be purged from this team with their sponser and enabler Omar Minaya. When all 5 are gone, then and only then can this team start to remove the stench from Flushing.

KO-Rod got KO'd. Poetic justice baby. The definition of Karma.
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Posted on: August 24, 2010 10:21 am

KO-Rod got what he deserved.

So far the Mets pen is 2-2 filling in for the grandpa puncher.

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