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A national disgrace.

Posted on: September 11, 2010 5:27 pm
Edited on: September 14, 2010 10:57 pm

The 2010 Mets are a total disgrace both on-and-off the field. This team which for the first half played with pride and vigor has collapsed and has had one disgrace after another on and off the field of play. Much of this came into play with the return of Beltran, Castillo and Perez from injuries and banishment. They've played liked they don't care and have been basically isolated. Then they decided to thumb their nose to the true heroes of this great land. That was the last straw for me and hopefully for the absentee owners.This blog entry is about them and this team's lack of leadership and class. I'm holding nothing back. Buckle up your seatbelt, because here we go...

The Mets last week were set to do something selfless for once. After the disaster their season has become and the KO-Rod incident, they were off to visit the heroes of Iraq and Afghanistan @ the Walter Reed hospital. This was a few hours giving back to those whose commitment is unquestioned and sacrifice undeniable. Whether you agree politically or not with the wars, all agree these men and women are brave and selfless.

So the Mets headed off minus 4 players. One was Dillon Gee who was excused because he was making his MLB debut that night. The other 3 were Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez. These three had pathetic and quite frankly disgusting excuses.

Beltran said he had a phone call meeting for the supposed HS he's building in Puerto Rico. That takes 3-4 hours to do Carlos? I doubt it. Kind of like taking 3 months off with a knee bruise eh? Or maybe 5 games off with the flu? Or maybe 169 games over the last 2 years? More excuses. Or how about getting an operation no one saw coming without the team's consent? No, Carlos we know your MO. It's all about you. You're soft physically and mentally. You are a coward. Cowards don't mesh with heroes.

Then there was Castillo. This hobbling punch-and-judy hitting, can't go to his left, pop-up dropping, balls through the 5-hole fielding 2B man said he felt too squeamish. He was scared of seeing people without legs and arms. That says everything you need to know about this coward. He's scared to see reality. Kind of like your career being over? Kind of like the fact no one respects you? Kind of like you're 2nd most hated player on the team behind only the next coward I'll talk about? I mean a grandpa puncher is more popular than you. Why is that? It's because they see what you are. You again showed this by coming up short as a man. You're not even a hobbit.

Next we have the albatross Oliver Perez. 3 years-36 million for a 3-8 record and 8 + ERA over 2 years. A guy who refused to stay in the minors to improve and forced the team to keep him in effect letting his team play with a 24 man roster. His excuse? I don't talk about what I do off-the-field. What do you do on the field you cretin? Perez is the most overpaid pitcher in MLB and maybe the history of the sport. He is ignored by everyone accept for his amigos in cowardness Castillo and Beltran. Shocking, eh?

Lastly, there is the guy responsible for bringing them here, grossly overpaying them(37 million this year and next). This guy actually defended the 3 by saying it wasn't mandatory. Unreal! He should have for once showed some stones and blasted them saying we play as a team, we travel as a team and we sacrifice as a team. He should have excoriated them and told his manager to bench them(well 2 already are) for the year. After Omar's disgraceful words were said, Jeff Wilpon should have risen up, went to the mic and said Omar no longer represents this team as of now and the press conference is over. We'll be back in a hour with more details. Just once this team needed to stand-up for what is right and do what's best for the team and fans. All of these cowards should be purged  from the organization so this team can bounce back and regain the class they had. They've become a joke on-and-off the field. The main reason is the architect who couldn't build a lego house. His poor signings, lack of ability to add when needed, draft and of course act with toughness has cost this team it's pride and led to losing. He enables all those who need to be pushed or just pushed out. He wouldn't put pressure on Perez to go to the minors(this is well-documented) and now these apologies. He knew of KO-Rod's explosions. The guy had fights with Bernazard, Niemann and nearly Bruney. He was a ticking time-bomb. Yet Omar did nothing until that bomb went off. Even then he said little. There was no forcefulness.  I can't wait for his injury excuses. This joker needs to be removed entirely from the team and should go back to scouting, but for someone else. I didn't even touch on the Rubin or Santana incidents. Those alone get GM's fired. Keeping him has just added more and more misery to this fanbase. Omar Minaya has to go and NOW!!!!!!

The NY Mets are at a crossroads. In order for them to truly be a team again massive changes need to happen. The above have to be gone along with KO-Rod, Manuel, Shines, HoJo and all the scrubs playing 2nd(sans Tejada),on the bench(sans Carter) and the pen(sans Parnell, Felciano and Takahashi). Most off all they need real leadership in the front-office(GM) and in the dugout(MGR/coaches). Then you combine the youth(Davis, Thole, Parnell and Niese), young vets(Wright, Reyes, Pelfrey and Pagan) and some older acquired vets(Santana and Bay) to form a core. The new GM needs to add youth and pick-up some solid role players and a #2 starter and possibly a closer. Tejada and Mejia if not dealt, should be @ AAA. Build not by throwing away money, but with intelligence, pragmatism and most of all baseball acumen. All traits Omar lacks.

This team is a national disgrace. It's going take a lot to make them a national treasure. We loyal Mets fans deserve the latter, not the former. It's time to close the circus and bring back a team we can all like and respect. In order for that to happen, the ringmasters must be replaced for good. Taskmasters need to be put in their stead. That's the only way to make the Mets amazin' again.


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