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A new beginning

Posted on: October 2, 2010 12:38 am
Edited on: October 7, 2010 10:31 pm
Though it's be rumored for weeks, seemingly today the Minaya and Manuel being dismissed rumors have become an eventuality. I believe the overwhelming amount of Mets fans(those who never drank the kool-aid) are thrilled beyond belief. Minaya and Manuel symbolize losing, a lack of personal accountability and down right incompetence and stupidity. No one deserves the axe more than them. No one.

So this breathes life back into an organization which has descended into the abyss created by those 2 and the ownership's apathy and delusion. A new beginning will start on Oct 4. There is nothing this franchise, organization and fan base needed more.

The last 6 years have been far from great. Outside of 2006, they've been disappointing, embarrassing and downright aggravating. 2 losing records, 2 choke jobs and of course a mediocre first season. The Mets have have 2 dullards as managers and a host of aging, overpaid, underperforming players. There have been numerous scandals on-and-off-the-field and injuries that too often could have be minimized with competent care from the medical staff, front office and manager. The lack of heart displayed by the players was disturbing. The lack of accountability from the front-office was galling. Change wasn't just needed, it was essential to this franchise having any future.

The negative aspect isn't who they will replace these 2 incompetents with, it's the fact the ownership is the same and Jeff Wilpon is making decisions. Jeff Wilpon is totally out-of-his league. His knowledge of the sport is laughable. He makes Jim Dolan appear competent. This is a major worry of Mets fan everywhere.

Hopefully, he'll get advice from guys like Wayne Krivsky and Terry Collins who understand the sport. Perhaps a GM like Hunsicker or Daniels will be hired. They're two very bright and able men. Then the new GM won't jump at a short-term fix like Valentine, but rather a longer-term one like Wally Backman. Wally could be this century's Davey Johnson. Like Davey, he gritty, a former 2B man and put his dues in the minors.

He also played under Davey, so that helps as well. Wally led Brooklyn to the championship series in the NY-Penn league and had his team playing great ball all year. He stresses fundametals and accountability. He has the respect and back of the players, unlike Manuel who talked behind their backs and we saw how Pelfrey felt about this clown.

Once the GM and manager are in place, then the coaches need to be picked. Chip Hale and Dve Jauss should be the only coaches even consdered to be on the team in 2011. I hope Jauss manages AAA or AA and Oberkfell and Bones are both here. I think Ken would be a good bench coach and Bones a good pitching coach. He's worked with Gee, Mejia, Parnell, Niese and Pelfrey, so he knows them well.

Once the staff is in place, it's time to fire the entire training staff. Bring in fresh blood and a better conditioning program. Stop the stupid slogans("prevention and recovery) and use logic and sound medical advice instead. Get these players in shape and keep them fit and when they get hurt, treat them so a return is more probable and also a repeat of the injury doesn't occur.

Once the foundation of decision-making is set, then start the purge. I mean 1/2 of the 25 man roster should be gone. Prez and Castillo immediately should be waived. KO-Rod should be released and hopefully stripped of the large majority of his contract. Beltran should be dealt for the salary relief alone. Anything else is gravy. This soft player not only had missed 169 games in 2 seasons, but then conveniently misses the last week. How pathetic is that? The guy can't even do a make-up slide. What an absolute joke this guy has become. The bullpen should be pruged of everyone not named Parnell, Feliciano and Takahashi. If Pdro wants too much, then he shouldn't be brought back either.

Reyes is a guy the Mets shouldn't give away, but seriously see what the market is for him and if they can bring back a top starter and prospects, then perhaps it's time to cut the cord there as well. IMHO, Reyes has reached his peak and we can expect years of missing games, inconsistency and never reaching a level of maturity that is needed to become great. I'd keep him if I couldn't get real talent back, but I'd look to move him before he gets hurt again or simply shows he's never going to be what we thought he should be.

To me there are a precious few that are a lock to return. Thole, Davis, Wright, Bay(contract-related), Pagan, Santana(July 2011?), Pelfrey, Niese, Dickey, Parnell, Feliciano and Takahashi. That's it from the 25 man roster. Mejia, Niewenhuis,Tejada and Duda should be @ AAA and Gee should be there if he fails to make the team in spring training.

Fernando Martinez should be moved ASAP. This guy is symbolic of the Mets system's failures and emblematic of the Mets overall malaise. He was grossly overrated, is simply overmatched and quite frankly looks like he hasn't a clue about the sport. He's behind Nieuwenhuis and now even Duda. Deal this guy.

I'd also look into dealing Mejia and Tejada if the deal was right. I truly believe Zach Greinke could be had and the Mets could dangle those 2 to get him. IMO, he'd dominate in the NL and @ spacious Citifield. He'd be the ace they need and if and when Santana returns would be no worse than a #2. Stock your team with pitching and you'll have a chance. I'm not sold on Mejia being a top line starter. He has talent, but honestly, looks overmatched and his MLB work was far from terrific. Gee did a far better job in his short stint here. Tejada can't hit and needs seasoning. He can field, but will he ever be an MLB starting infielder? That's a major questionmark.

The Mets need to fill RF(could be Duda/Nieuwenhuis), 2B(outside the organization), #2 starter(outside the organization), a closer( outside the organization) and bench(outside the organization) and bullpen help(extensively outside the organization). A good GM may be able to fill the big holes, but will need to continue that work in season. Maybe the new GM will actually make an in-season trade. He has his work cut out for him.

Today, I've been happier than I've been since August 2007. This to me truly is a liberation day. Mets fans are freed from the chains of stupidity and arrogance. There is hope. 2011 is no longer a lost cause. The off-season may bring some hope. Just losing Minaya and Manuel has made it a good one already. A weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

Monday(officially) should be a new beginning. This organization, it's players(about 12 of them) and it's fan base deserve better. Let's all hope they/we get it. Adios Omar and Los Mets. So long Jerry and your idiotic jokes and made up words. Good-bye and good riddance. Never return. Ever. Oh yeah...

LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted on: October 6, 2010 5:47 pm

A new beginning

I have the feeling they've been humiliated and will be forced to actually let the next guy do his job. Maybe the next guy they hire will have a brain and some common sense unlike Minaya. Fred said Omar was like his 3rd son. That says it all.

The Mets saw a 17% dip in attendance this year. That caught the Wilpon's attention along with the police blotter and the 3 amigos who felt they were too good to give some of their time to the veterans who give their life to protect us and our freedom.

They've harmed their product by retaining Minaya and his idiocy. Minaya's laissez-faire attitude and his PR bungling nearly destroyed this organization.They are crying out for someone to right the ship and save their team before it really sinks.

I think they'll hire a good baseball guy and that guy will hire good people. The purge will be swift and thorough. Expect Perez, Castillo, Beltran and Rodriguez elsewhere. Expect to hear Reyes' name mentioned in trade talks. Hopefully, Fernando Martinez will be moved before he suffers another injury or humiliation. Expect to see some trades though they might be more on the minor side, then  blockbusters. Don't be shocked if Mejia and Tejada are also mentioned.

So many of us ranted about this for 2 years running and now it's finally come to be. Finally, the Wilpon's woke up, stood up and held themselves and those they hired accountable. Finally. Like I said, a new beginning.

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Posted on: October 3, 2010 10:01 pm

A new beginning, same owner?

Be careful what you wish for.  Remember it is still 'The Fred and Jeff Show', they will be making the decisions as to is the GM and the Mgr., Will they select qualified baseball people in order to right the ship and get back to the playoffs? or will they just maintain the status quo, where Jeff is in control and the GM and Mgr. are impotent and have to play with the cards that Jeff and Fred deal?

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