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Hire Sandy and begin the purge.

Posted on: October 18, 2010 11:24 pm
Edited on: October 23, 2010 1:34 am
Once the Mets get their mandatory minority candidate interview done, it's time to offer Sandy Alderson the keys to the team and have Jeff Wilpon disappear letting a real pro run the show.

Hopefully, Sandy will surround himself with competent baseball men and hire a dynamic manager who will stress fundamentals and bring energy and accountability to the dugout. That has been missing since Valentine was here. Then that coach needs to hire a solid and professional staff. The only leftover he should consider is Chip Hale. I for one hope it's Wally Backman. I think Wally bring energy and a sense of unity this team has been lacking. He wants the job, is a real Met and knows how to win. Wally to me could be another Davey Johnson-type manager. For those wanting Valentine, Alderson doesn't like spending money on a manager. That would immediately eliminate Bobby.

Sandy has a ton of work to do even after hiring the manager. This team lacks talent and character. They have too many characters who have little character. He must immediately jettison Castillo and Perez. The Mets are in the process of re-working KO-Rod's deal so he'd be guaranteed again, but at a lesser salary. That would make him easier to move. Beltran also must be moved even if they eat a large portion of his contract. There are suitors and supposedly Boston and St.Louis are interested. I've always maintained Boston is his destination.

Sandy needs to get a front-line starter, a 2B man and a RF. The bullpen must be revamped with a possible closer added, if Parnell doesn't get the gig. The bench needs to be gutted with the possible exception of Carter. How can the Mets get the players they need? They must make wise free-agent moves and shrewd trades. Hiring someone like Sandy who knows the sport and has experience will help. The Mets do have chips. I'd look to move anyone not named Wright or Davis. Anyone.

I'd target Zach Greinke. This team will not have Santana for much, if not all of 2011. Johan could even be done for his career. Though nothing has been confirmed, we haven't heard anything about his situation and that's not  positive. I have a sneaky suspicion, Santana will not pitch in 2011, if ever again. I hope my intuition is wrong here. IMO, the Mets must go into the off-season, not expecting Santana back and adding a top line starter. Pelfrey is no ace or a #2. Niese is a #4 and Dickey really is a #5, but on this staff would be the #2 or #3 starter as of now. Mejia is nowhere near ready and may never be. Though many love him and are pushing him, his numbers both @ the MLB level and the minors haven't shown him to be what he's being promoted as. He has great stuff, but the results aren't there and he's been hurt 3 times in 2 years. I'd dangle him and Havens in a deal for Greinke. Zach's a proven commodity and is just 27. Put that guy in the NL @ Citifield and he could win 17 games a year. He's that good. I could live with Greinke, Pelfrey, Niese and Dickey. Gee and a free-agent pitcher could battle for the #5 spot. If Johan returns, the rotation could be a real strength.

As for 2B and RF, I do not see internal solutions. Tejada needs to be playing everyday @ Triple A and learning how to hit. He's totally overmatched @ the MLB level. Nieuwenhuis is playing in the AFL, but he struggled @ AAA and should start there next year. He may be ready by June or so, but don't rush this kid. He's the #1 outfielder in the system right now. Duda is a possibility, but who knows if last year was a fluke. Do you really want to give him the RF job? I would feel more comfortable at least getting a solid veteran to play there for 2011. Even if a platoon develops, add some depth. At 2B, a trade is possible for a guy like Bill Hall, but I'd sign Orlando Hudson, if he's available. The guy is solid and wants to be here. I'd do a one year deal with a club option. Hall would be great depth as well if added. He can play 2B and some 3B.

The Mets need to add a back-up infielder. I don't mean stiffs like Hernandez and Arias, but an Eckstein type player. They also need a back-up catcher and right-handed bat. Blanco had a decent year, but the guy will soon turn 40. I'd rather see them sign a younger veteran. I love Thole, but he's no sure thing. Murphy may be a utility guy off the bench, but could also be used in a trade to fill the myriad of holes this team has.

The bullpen is a mess. Do you bring back Feliciano? Will Takahashi return? Is Parnell a set-up guy or closer?  Those questions must be answered. The rest of the pen is pure dreck and I would even entertain bringing any of them back. Acosta, Green, Igarashi, Valdes and Dessens should hit the journeyman road. Misch may be valuable as a AAA fill-in and long reliever. That's the best he can do. Get some hard throwers and groundball pitchers.

There is a lot to do, so let's get the ball rolling. It seems Sandy Alderson is their guy and if so, let's hope he gets full-control and sends Jeffy back to daddy. Then this team can be run professionally and hopefully act that way on and off the field.  The last 4 years have been the anti-thesis of that. Thank goodness they're over. There is hope. Finally.
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Posted on: October 23, 2010 1:24 am

Hire Sandy and begin the purge.

I loved see the Yankees go down. Go Rangers!

I post here and on some other sites like Yahoo! and ESPN. Mostly, I focus on the blog. I'll be doing a weekly one during the season and probably a semi-weekly one this off-season.

Spread the word. Finally, I see a light at the end of the tunnel with the ousting of Minaya and Manuel and the soon to be dissolving of Omar's little clique. I'm actually excited again and can't wait to see what a real GM can do. I want to see less free-agents and more deals.

I think Sandy or even Byrnes will rebuild the Mets weak farm system. I'm not buying into it's better than advertised. Too many of the prospects are overrated by fans. I see only a handful of players not on the 25 man roster(Davis, Thole, Niese) who are really in this team's future. Tejada and Mejia to me are very iffy and I'd deal them in a heartbeat for a Zach Greinke. I really like Cory Vaughn and Kirk Neuwenhuis. I am not a believer in Havens, Flores or Holt. I'd move them as well.

Stop by anytime.  It's always great to read your stuff. You're a passionate and knowledgeable fan. Don't ever let those arrogant know-nothings get you down.

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Posted on: October 22, 2010 11:17 pm

Hire Sandy and begin the purge.

I sure will spread the word to some of the fellas to drop by and discuss our Mets here. I'll do the same if you don't mind. Is this the only place you discuss the Mets?
Texas just won (going to the World Series), I'm happy for Frency (I always liked him even if he's too inconsistant), but still something just sunk in my stomach because I want that to be the Mets. I sure miss success when I think of the Mets. It's always, "next year", or "lets hope", "lets wait and see", or just plain negativity.
So far, I'm enjoying the playoff though. I loved this game since I can remember. And you have a very high IQ, and passion for baseball, just like me. Which is why I enjoy reading your material frequently. Thanks for responding, and please keep posting new stuff.

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Posted on: October 22, 2010 8:09 pm

Hire Sandy and begin the purge.

Congratulations on getting married. I've been for 20 years and highly recommend it.Wink

Those who mock you were all wrong. Yourself, LH1, hella fella and myself were on-the-money.  We ripped Castillo and were right. We mocked the Perez signing and were right. We spoke of the incompetence and bias of Minaya and were right. We stated emphatically this team would finish 3rd or 4th and be a mediocre team or worse. We were unfortunately 100% correct. It just pains them we were right and they don't have the honor or immodesty to admit they were wrong. They're delusional, sychophantic drones.

Unfortunately, I heard from some very good sources, that Santana may be done. Supposedly his shoulder is in dire shape and returning next year may not be the worst of it. He may be done for his career. That means the Mets must trade for an ace and IMO Greinke is that guy and he's gettable.

I'm all for bringing in Wally. If he isn't hired, then guys like Chip Hale, Ken Oberkfell and who knows may be even a Ryne Sandberg could be brought in. I don't want a re-tread. Bobby V has no shot if Sandy comes in. He believes in not spending a lot on a manager.

As for who should be around, I hope it's only half-the-team. Thole, Davis, Reyes, Wright, Bay, Pagan, Carter, Parnell, Takahashi, Pelfrey, Niese and Dickey should return. Castillo and Perez must go. Beltran and Ko-Rod have to be moved. They're parasitic cancers. I want this team built on pitching and speed and want to see the death of Los Mets. The culture has to change and that culture was one of losing and excuse-making. Sandy will change it and focus on pitching. I like that. Get an ace and another starter. I'd deal Mejia, Martinez, Holt, Havens, Flores and anyone not named Vaughn or Nieuwenhuis. To answer your question, there are only a few that he shouldn't deal. IMO too many are grossly overrated and I believe Mejia is at the top of that list. I see that guy as an oft-injured pitcher and haven't be impressed like so many others. 0-4 and a 1-1 K-BB ratio worries me. Deal him while he still has value. By waiting on Martinez(A guy I never liked and was soooo right on) they have diminished his value to where he's a throw-in at best.

I left the site because when they upgraded their software it made it impossible for me to read posts. I can post, but not read. I am not upgrading to their explorer setting. I tried, but didn't go through and their version is nothing, but trouble. I won't return and with few exceptions(yourself included) don't miss many of those so-called posters an iota. I chuckle when I think about how incredibly wrong those guys were and how my arguments tore them to shreds and proved correctly. Where are all those Castillo apologists now? Omar's?They are, were and will always be kool-aid drinking fools. They don't think, just react. They aren't baseball fans, but rather drones. Most don't know a pop-up from a line-out.

If you get the chance tell some of those guys I mentioned(LH 1, hella fella etc) to stop by. You can feel free to tell them I am ecstatic about Omar's firing and that Castillo is garbage. This is a good time to be a Mets fan. The reign of error is over.

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Posted on: October 21, 2010 11:25 pm

Hire Sandy and begin the purge.

Yeah, it's looking like Sandy Alderson will become the new GM for our Mets more and more each day passing by.     &n
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;     &nbs
p;   By the way, hello Starblazer, it's been a while. I hope all is well. The site sure is differant without your presence. I took a bit of a break myself. Between recently getting married, and constantly ridiculed for being honest and passionate by some durranged narrow minded fans. I got a bit tired myself, it gets unhealthy. But it's difficult to keep away for too long, it's unlike me. They're some new guys with pretty good knowledge. And then there's the same crowd who continue to make enemies with their stubborness.
This was a nice article you put together here.
What do you imagine happenning this offseason with a new GM? Who is the leading, and maybe a surprise manager candidate in your eyes? And do you see more of the same faces around next year (players)? Or do you think we'll finally get a new look by total overhall?
Realistically, who'd you like to see as our main acquisitions. Do you think the new GM will hold on or trade some of our prospects?
Sorry to overwhelm you with these questions. You don't have to address all of them, But a response some time would be appreciated. I have respect for your thoughtful knowledge of not only the Mets, but for baseball in general. 

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