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The Mets are becoming a professional organization

Posted on: November 24, 2010 5:49 pm
Edited on: March 5, 2011 6:31 pm

Until recently, the Mets were a professional organization in name only. Now with the hiring of Alderson and his lieutenants Ricciardi and DePodesta, this team has a true brain trust and direction. The hiring of Terry Collins was another move to bolster the organization. They hired a bright man with experience who also ran the farm system and intimately knows the personnel.

With a competent front-office and manager in place this team can move forward and resurrect it's image on-and-off-the-field. They've been a laughing stock the last 4 years under Minaya, Bernazard, Randolph, Manuel and of course Jeff Wilpon. They've humiliated themselves on the field choking away 2 late season leads and of course have had a myriad of blunders like dropped pop-ups, stand up outs at home plate and of course even a  runner missing 3rd base. They've had players suspiciously spending time on the DL and epic failures despite immense salaries. Off-the-field they were even worse. Managers fired in the middle-of-the-night, the GM blaming a sports writer for his failures and an assistant GM fighting players, berating scouts and scolding club house managers. They even messed up a PR visit to Walter Read when the biggest failures and slackers failing to show. IMO, the latter was the final straw for even the laissez-faire Wilpons. Change was finally made and it was all-out.

Sandy Alderson is undoubtedly bright and competent. He has won a championship and has had 3 teams in World Series. Listen to him speak is so refreshing after hearing the last GM flub the easiest questions barely able to articulate the most mondane thoughts. Sandy then went out and hired two bright minds he was very familiar with. Adding another bright man like Collins to help straighten out the mess Minaya made was again a wise move.

Unlike his predecessor, he doesn't look to try to charm those covering the team or the fans. He's upfront and calculated. He expects them to compete. He's stated they won't be free-agent spenders. He's avoided hyperbole. You can see the wheels turning. He knows he can't dump all the player he needs to. He'll do it slowly, but surely. Perez won't be here. Castillo will find himself elsewhere as well. He's not going to tip his hand, but you just have the feeling this guy gets it. Alderson will make moves not to be on the back page of the dying papers, but to actually improve the team. In other words, being a real GM.

2011 won't be a championship year. However, it won't be 2009-2010 either. The main reason is pros are in charge, not the inmates. You'll see youth and a mix of veterans who can play the game and teach the young how to be real pros. Those who have jaked it will change or be gone. Accountability has returned and it's about darned time.

Mets fans should be thrilled. They are back on track and can expect a team that plays and acts like professionals. That hasn't happened here in years. It's overdue and I for one couldn't be happier. Go get them Sandy. I'm behind you 100% and my guess is so are most Mets fans. Your job is not just to win, but return the team to its roots. Those roots are Amazin'. I have the  strong feeling you will.

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Posted on: November 25, 2010 11:32 am

The Mets are becoming a professional organization

I welcome the new beginning, and hopefully that translates to the Mets board.  It is a time to let go of the past and embrace the future which will change the face of the team.  I hope you can resolve the computer issues and rejoin the board.  Your posts are thought provoking, add value, stimulate conversation.  Happy Thanksgiving. 

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