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The Mets are on the right track

Posted on: January 23, 2011 12:04 pm
Edited on: January 24, 2011 4:28 pm
Finally, the Mets are heading in the right direction. Gone are the idiotic signings of overrated aging players and risky moves. Sandy and his minions have gone with the low-cost, high-reward route. They have taken a smart and pragmatic approach to this team's re-tooling. Omar left them with a mess and slowly, but surely, they'll clean it up. The moves they made this off-season are a small start. Let's take a look...

The Mets have added Chris Young and Chris Capuano to the rotation. These are not top-of-the-rotation guys, but rather backend guys who hopefully will allow them to hold-the-fort while Santana properly recovers. Young is coming off surgery, but ended the year healthy going 2-0 with a 0.90 ERA in 20 innings. He's still young(pun intended). The Mets can't expect 34 starts, but 25 may be enough here.Capuano is a solid pitcher, who if healthy, could be a nice backend guy and if Young prospers and Santana returns, can slide to long relief. Both are fairly cheap and could prove useful in 2011 and perhaps beyond. Nice moves here.

The Mets have also done a nice job adding bench help and a possible starting 2B this off-season. They've added 2 solid bench players in Met-killer Willie Harris and Scott Hairston. Both can play all 3 OF positions and Harris can even play 2B. The Mets know Beltran is an injury waiting to happen and they're not going to be unprepared. Harris and Hairston both have pop off the bench and are excellent defensive players who can replace a Bay late for defense or fill-in incase Angel or Beltran go down short-term. Brad Emaus is a prospect Ricciardi drafted and is high on. He will compete for the 2B job with Murphy and they may platoon or Brad may win it outright. Imo, Castillo isn't even going to get a sniff at winning this job and that's fine with me and just about 90% of Mets fans. Chin-lung Hu was added to back-up @ SS and 2B. He's purely a glove. In other words, the 25th guy. Ronny Paulino was another solid move. He'll catch against lefties and has some pop. If Thole falters, he can step-in and play everyday. He also came fairly cheap. A very nice move. He's a huge upgrade over the 40 year-old(going on 50) Blanco. Murphy may also be on the bench as a utility guy. The bench is so much better this year.

The Mets have lost 2 very solid bullpen pitchers in Feliciano and Takahashi. I'm not going to diminish their worth, but both were grossly overpaid this off-season. The Mets have added DJ Carrasco who can set-up as well as be used as a 7th inning guy. Taylor Tankersley will be a situational lefty and has good numbers there. Paul Beato was added as a rule 5 free-agent and could stick as a reliever. Tim Byrdak and Blaine Boyer will also compete for a middle relief role and will at worst provide AAA depth. Taylor Buchholz could be a solid move if he regains his velocity. He's a possible set-up guy as well. The key to the pen of course will be Parnell and Rodriguez. This pen could be better than people believe and is much deeper than last year.

Lastly, the coaching staff is superior. Gone are Manuel, Shines and Hojo. The former were simpletons and Hojo is simply not a good hitting coach. The Mets have Terry Collins who knows the organization having run the minor leagues and is a disciplinarian which Manuel wasn't it. He won't give fundamentals lip-service, but will hold players accountable if they lack them. Ken Oberkfell( new bench coach) was a terrific minor league manager and was a hard-nosed player. He's managed most of the young Mets as well. Dave Hudgens is the new hitting coach. He managed Thole @ Caracas in the winter league and Thole speaks glowingly of him and his obsession with hitting. Lastly, Mookie Wilson returns to coach 1B. Who was a more exciting base-runner than Mookie? Who is more beloved? He replaces the worst coach in MLB. Just by Shines not showing up, the Mets are better. The Mets are much improved here as well.

The Mets are being run by intelligent, pragmatic professionals. It's a 180 from the incompetent, unprofessional Minaya and his minions like Bernazard and Manuel (among others). This off-season illustrated the differences between pros and amateurs. 2011 will be better and the future is much brighter. The dark ages are over. The Mets Renaissance has begun. Who better than Alderson, a renaissance man to run it?

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Posted on: January 24, 2011 2:56 am

The Mets are on the right track


Hey starblazer, pretty good post.  I predict they'll win around the same as they did last year, mainly because Santana will be out for so long with no legitimate ace to fill in.  Pelfrey will have his high moments throughout the season but I think his inconsistency will be there like usual.  RA Dickey will show some heart again, maybe win around 15 games if he's healthy the whole season.  Niese will pick up around 10-12 wins and be a decent middle of the rotation guy.  As for Young and Capuano I can't say how much faith I have in them until I see them pitch here, but their past injury problems do make me wonder how much they'll pitch here. Dillon Gee will likely be up too, maybe not the whole year but having proved himself worthy in 2010 he'll be around, he will be given a spring training opportunity for sure to further show what he's got and possibly earn a rotation spot.  Given that Alderson is the type of guy that likes to have players in the minors take their time to develop, and the fact that Mejia didn't really show much at the major league level last year, I'm not so sure about seeing Mejia in Flushing in 2011. I wouldn't bet on it.  Oliver Perez will be given a shot in spring training but if he so much as sneezes the wrong way he'll be gone.  My guess is that it won't take long. Like Jade said, I disagree with your thought of the Mets being in the mix for the WC though, mainly because of what other teams in the division have done to improve their clubs.  IMO we'd be lucky to split the season series with the Braves and Marlins, and we'd be extremely lucky to take even just 6-7 games all year from the Phillies with their aces in place. Outside of those division games the rest of the Mets 2011 schedule looks reasonable, somewhat manageable for the most part, and with our new GM and manager knowing the game unlike the last regime, I'm sure they'll put a good plan in place for what they expect to be done this year. I personally think that trades are coming inevitably at the all-star break though whether people like it or not.  Beltrans gotta go, I'm not sure what they'll do with Rodriguez yet, and if Reyes is unwilling to sign an extension the Mets may have the next Carmelo Anthony story on their hands. Although I do think Alderson will make several attempts to get him to sign a reasonable $ extension before the break, if that fails then being the type of GM reluctant to overpay he'll probably shop Reyes too.  I'm thinking that Emaus, Tejada, Murphy, or even Havens have a legitimate shot at knocking Castillo out of 2nd base in spring training.  If or once that happens than Castillo will be asked to go to the minors or just released outright.    So with our lineup looking something like... ReyesPaganBeltran Wright BayDavisTholeEmaus/Tejada/Murphy&nb
sp;...that's not bad, as long as the manager gets on their asses all the time to stay awake and so they don't become slackers.  Also the bench we have this year, while not exactly going to strike fear into other teams, is still a large improvement over last year's, at least on paper.  The bullpen appears to be okay as well, maybe slightly less than what we had last year overall, but still ok enough.  Things should be a lot more interesting late in games this year. I don't really care if this team ends up being unimpressive this year in the win column, I'm not expecting playoffs until we can free some of the budget and acquire a few better players, particulary a couple more starting pitchers. For now I'm grateful enough that we don't have to put up with Omar's BS and lies in 2011 and beyond, that and the fact that scrubs like Castillo, Perez, and Beltran will be gone by the end of the year serves as a wonderful start to me as a Mets fan. 

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Posted on: January 23, 2011 9:44 pm

The Mets are on the right track

Thanks Jade.

I see this team as one that will win between 80-84 games and be on the periphery of the WC race, but due to the lack of starting pitching, will fall well short of the playoffs. I do believe they'll play better fundamental ball and you won't see scandals or players mailing it in.

I can also see Sandy dealing Beltran and Rodriguez at the deadline. Reyes could also be gone if they believe he isn't worth signing long-term or they feel they can't or won't meet his demands.

Davis and Thole are hear from Opening Day. Reyes is healthier and playing for his next contract. Bay is healthy and has a lot to prove. Beltran and Rodriguez are playing for their careers as well. Pagan has proven himself as a viable starter and the bench is much stronger. Offensively, this may be a very good team. That will keep things interesting.

It will also be interesting to see if Mejia is brought up if he tears up AAA while Santana is re-habbing. I have serious doubts about Santana's 2010 return.

In the end, scum like Perez and Castillo will be mere afterthoughts and anywhere between 50-70 million could come off the books for 2012, giving Sandy real flexibility.

We also won't have to listen to that insufferable Manuel or the indecipherable Minaya. Both very welcomed changes.

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Posted on: January 23, 2011 7:12 pm

The Mets are on the right track

Hey Starblazer, another great post.
I agree, and I too, am very happy with the direction this team is heading. Where do you see this team going this year? I don't think that we will compete. Not with the Phillies and Braves in this division (not to mention Florida owns us too). I do think that we will be very much improved in all aspects of the game. But still, not quite talented enough. And some new and old faces need to need to come and go to make it over the hump in the near future.

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