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Minaya's blunders are history.

Posted on: March 21, 2011 8:06 pm
Edited on: March 22, 2011 7:11 pm

This weekend was one of the most enjoyable for Mets fans since 2006. The 2 albatrosses were summarily waived. The fan base took a deep breath and then screamed out woo-hoo! The 2 pariahs are history. A giant weight just came off the organization. We fans rejoiced.

These 2 overpaid, oft-injured failures were the poster boys of Minaya's regime. There were others, but none more obvious then these 2 stiffs. Perez went 3-9 with nearly a 7 ERA since signing that 3 year-36 million dollar boondoggle of a contract. Castillo twice hit under .250, couldn't cover any ground and too often was on the DL. An aging, oft-injured slap hitter with no range has little value in MLB. The fact Minaya paid him $6.25 million per year showed how incredibly inept he was. The 36 million to Perez bordered on criminal.

This also signals that Alderson and Collins are in control. The Wilpon's ate 18 million despite the fact, they in dire straits due to their own incompetence, stupidity and/or greed. There is no way they'd have allowed Minaya to eat these deals even if he wanted to(which I doubt). Alderson obviously is not under the same restrictions as the spending fool was. This is a regime which has autonomy. What a change and that only bodes well for the future. Adults are in charge now, not the inmates.

Many questioned why Sandy didn't cut them earlier. Alderson to his credit promised them a chance and that he wanted to evaluate them himself. He didn't dismiss the fans, but maintained their play will determine their fate. This was not only fair, but smart. Alderson showed his players a sense of fairness and showed he was in control and no one else. In the end, he made the right decision on both and did it in rapid fire fashion. A sweeter weekend could not have happened for Mets fans. Castillo was gone Friday, followed by Perez on Monday. was reporting Sunday that Perez would be gone. Monday was the official dismissal.

Now the Mets can move on knowing that performance is what matters, not what you're making. There will be no more holding on and hoping. It's perform or you're gone. Accountability is back. The Mets are under real leadership. The clown college fraternity boys are gone. No more idiotic press conferences, assistants running amok and 2 AM firings. No more idiotic contracts and excuses. Alderson, Ricciardi, DePodesta and Collins are about performance and professionalism. Expect more to go, but the 2 that needed to be gone the most are history. Thanks Sandy and Terry. You did what Mets fans have been hoping would be done for 2 years. Finally, we have leadership with a brain and guts. That makes this fan very happy and feeling positive about the future.

2011 won't be a championship year, but I just have the feeling it will be better than many "experts" and even fans believe. I can see this team playing harder, smarter and with a sense of urgency and purpose. I'm not expecting a post-season berth, but 83-85 wins is possible and staying in the wild-card race into mid-late September. While not perfect, it's a start. The start of the return of the Amazin' Mets. I missed those guys. Oh and.... Lets Go Mets!

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Posted on: March 22, 2011 2:46 am

Minaya's blunders are history.

We'll see how Alderson does as the Mets new GM. My last recollection of a trade made by Alderson was when he was the G.M. with the Oakland A's and traded Mark McGwire to the St. Louis Cardinals for pitcher T.J. Mathews because he knew the team couldn't afford to resign McGwire. The trade might have been one of the worst in baseball history considering what McGwire did the following seasons.

However, its good to see Minaya go. A change of face is always welcome after having that disaster at GM. I still think Minaya ruined the Expos when he traded Grady Sizemore, Cliff Lee, and Brandon Phillips to the Cleveland Indians for a rental on Bartolo Colon. Had the Expos kept those three players, there might still have been baseball in Montreal.

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