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NY Mets: 2011 Grades

Posted on: July 10, 2011 8:55 pm
Edited on: October 1, 2011 1:44 am
Below are the final grades for the 2011 NY Mets. I deleted Beltran and TKO-Rod from my mid-season grade list. I've added Evans &  Acosta. Here they are...


C- Josh Thole- C:  Josh has 3 HR-40 RBI and  hit .268. He done a decent job behind the plate, but never really got untracked.

C- Ronny Paulino- D+: Ronny numbers 2 HR- 19 RBI and .268 average were extremely disappointing. His defense was porous.

1B- Ike Davis- INC : He was on his way to a great 1st half, but has missed the last 126 games. Let's hope he's healthy in April.

1B/3B- Dan Murphy- B+: After a slow start, he caught fire. 6 HRS-49 RBI-.320 was excellent production. Too bad he missed 50 games.

2B- Justin Turner- B: He cooled off, but overall has been a godsend. 50 RBI in 117 games was solid. The Mets best clutch hitter.

2B/SS- Ruben Tejada- B-: He's played brilliantly defensively and has helped with his bat especially going deep in counts.

SS- Jose Reyes- A-:  An average second-half and he played at half speed the last month. 7 HRS-44 RBI-.337 were still solid.

3B- David Wright-C-: The INC turned to a C- with his worst offensive year by far.14 HRS-61 RBI-.254. is not acceptable.

LF- Jason Bay- C-: Poor numbers still haunt him 12 HRS-57 RBI-.245. Jason plays hard, but needs to stay healthy and produce.

CF- Angel Pagan- C-: His numbers 7 HRS- 56 RBI-.262 aren't exactly solid. Angel's defense was horrendous. He's gone.

RF- Lucas Duda: B+: 10 HRS- 50 RBI-.292 are more impressive because virtually all came in the second-half. He's the Mets new RF.

Bench: Scott Hairston-C-: 7 HRS-24 RBI-.235, are not great numbers. He was a total non-factor in the second-half. He's gone.

Bench: Willie Harris: C-: 2 HR-23 RBI-.246 is hardly great, but he is useful. Odds are he won't be back.

Bench: Jason Pridie: C-: Filled in great while Pagan was hurt, but since has done little. 4 HRS-20 RBI-.231. 5th OF at best. Gone as well.

Bench: Nick Evans: C: 4 HRS-25 RBI-.256 are hardly big numbers, but he filled in decently when Murphy went down. 50-50 that he returns


SP- Dillon Gee: B-: faded in the 2nd half but 13-6- 4.43 ERA is solid for a rookie.. He's shown poise and grit.

SP- Jon Niese:C+: 11-11-4.40 were pedestrian numbers. He needs to stay healthy and be more consistent.

SP- Chris Capuano:C+: 11-12-4.55 are average numbers, but he pitched his heart out. He led the team with 168 K's.

SP- Mike Pelfrey:F: He was deemed the ace, but is the worst of 5. 7-13-4.74 doesn't speak of how bad and gutless he was.

SP- RA Dickey: C+: 8-13-3.28 were misleading numbers. He should have been at least .500, but didn't get run support.

RP- Bobby Parnell: D-: Overall, 4-6-3.64- 6 SV were pedestrian numbers. He blew his opportunity to win the closer job.

RP- Jason Isringhausen: B-: 3-3- 4.05- 7 SV are decent numbers. He gave 100% before his body gave out. Thanks Izzy.

RP- Pedro Beato:C-: Early on was unhittable, but too often got lit up. Overall he was 2-1-3.82-SV. Pedro may start 2012 @ AAA.

RP- Tim Brydak: B-: 2-1-3.82-SV were decent numbers. Incredibly he was the Mets most consistent reliever.

RP- Ryota Igarashi: F: 4-1-4.66 . Those numbers do not detail his incompetence on the mound. He's done. Sayonara.
RP- Manny Acosta: C+: 4-1-3.45- 4 SV. He ended the year strong, but is nothing more than a jorneyman middle reliever.


MGR- Terry Collins:A-: What can you say? His team got off to a 5-13 start and he didn't whine or make excuses. The guy kept the faith, preached unity and hard work and its paid off. Despite not having his ace, losing his best starter early on, his power-hitting corner infielders and then his MVP SS, he never made excuses nor lowered expectations. He's done a masterful job. He's used his bench well and tried to get something out of a depleted and untalented pen. He's kept himself and his team upbeat. He promised this team would play hard, play good baseball and win. He was right on 2 of 3. The lack of talent did him in the last month.Still a great job though.

Coaching staff:B: The hitting coach and base coaches have done a masterful job. This team plays smart, takes counts deep and gets clutch hits. They work counts deep and battle. They're impressive to watch. From 1-8, they make you work. Kudos to their hitting coach. The Mets finished 2nd in the NL in OB%. Warthen's pitching staff collapsed and he is partly to blame. He did a nice job in the first half, but failed to adjust in the second half. Warthen is returning, but shouldn't. The BP coach should be fired. They were the worst in MLB.


GM- Sandy Alderson: B+: Overall, he's changed the culture. Sandy earns the grade just for hiring Terry Collins and dumping those 2 albatrosses Castillo and Perez. Other than that, he's made some solid moves. The signing of Capuano, the acquisition of a top minor league hurler in Zach Wheeler for FA to be Beltran and dumping TKO-Rod saving the Mets the option of 17.5 million and getting 2 players back to boot were his best moves. Young was great early on before the injury. He cost little. Emaus was a flop, but Sandy didn't hesitate(like that other GM) to trade him. That shows me a lot. He accepts his failures and is quick to correct them. Sandy has also handled the press flawlessly. He gives them the facts, some humor and no editorializing or excuses. The guy is a pro. What a difference a year makes. He has this team on the right path because he has a plan. Good job hiring DePodesta and Ricciardi to help with talent. Again, he's shown his intelligence by the company he keeps. No Bernazards or Manuels. He's a bright guy who knows how to delegate.

Team Grade:

Though they ended up 77-85, they've played far beyond expectations at times. They've overcome injuries that in past years would have seen the team dive into murky depths. This year they went 43-38 on the road which was an 11 game improvement over last year. However, their home mark of 34-47 was horrid. That's a 13 game deficit. The Mets hit better and were more patient. Their pitching was pathetic though. The Mets found a young stud in Duda, a versatile player in Turner and a backend starter in Gee. They failed to groom a young closer and saw Pelfrey fall off the cliff. Their attendance declined due to poor expectations and a slow start. They ended the season poorly. However, they battled, beating the Braves 2 of 3 and rallied putting up 6 runs to win a game against the eventual wild-card Cardinals in the last week plus. That showed me something. Reyes also won the club's first batting title with a .337 average. So, though far from great, it wasn't a terrible season and the Mets will pare anywhere between 55-65 million off their payroll. They also have talent in A ball which will be in Double and Triple A next year and in 2013. The reinforcements are coming and with a few shrewd moves could produce the Mets first winning season in 4 years in 2012. So all's not lost.
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