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Games 101-120.

Posted on: August 15, 2011 12:13 am
Edited on: August 21, 2011 7:03 pm
The Mets traded Beltran during this segment picking up a hard-throwing young pitcher they hope will be ready by 2013 along with Matt Harvey. That would add 2 power arms to a staff with none. The Mets started off hot w/out Beltran, then faded as their pedestrian rotation continued to struggle and their bullpen continued to bleed. The result an 8-12 segment and a 5-game losing streak to end it.

The Mets rotation just can't get it done. Pelfrey stumbles virtually every start, Dickey looks more like the journeyman pitcher then the surprise of 2010, Niese is up and down, Gee has hit a wall and Capuano gives you innings, but hardly shutdown pitching. Quality starts as diluted as they are, are almost non-existent. When they do give the Mets some quality, the bullpen tends to blow it. The Mets backend is comprised of Acosta(6HRS-25 inn), Igarashi (4.98 ERA) and Carrasco(4.86 ERA). The three are not MLB quality pitchers and should all be gone next year. The 4 others are up-and-down for the most part, though have value. Parnell(3-4-4.26 ERA) has regressed after looking like he turned the corner. Many believed he might get a shot at the closer's job when they dealt Rodriguez, but didn't. Perhaps it have some effect on him mentally, because since then, he's looked ordinary. He throws hard and at times looks unhittable, but until he is consistent, he'll be what he is and that's a middle reliever with potential. Beato has also slipped(2-1-3.88ERA) from possible set-up guy, to basically a 6th or 7th inning guy at best. He's also been too inconsistent. Izzy(3-2-6SV-3.54ERA) has only one blown save since being named closer(and Turner blew that game), but also has blown up when called upon in tied games. He's one away from 300 saves and should get it, but afterwards should be setting up, giving the Mets a chance to evaluate Parnell. The Mets best reliever in this segment has been lefty-specialist Brydak(1-0-SV-3.45ERA). That's really how sad the pitching has been. Unless these guys pick it up, the slide will continue.

The offense tries its best, but with Davis out for the year, Reyes out at least another week and Murphy gone for the year, it simply has no depth left. The Mets moved Duda from RF, where they hoped to evaluate his play there for 2012, but now can only evaluate his bat. So far, his bat has been a real surprise. The power isn't there yet, but he's hitting for average and getting clutch hits to boot. Reyes' was slumping, but still a threat. Tejada battles and is patient, but simply isn't an MLB hitter yet. Turner is hurt, but still playing and it shows. Wright has tapered off and has no protection in the line-up. Bay has perked up, but has hardly been the run producer. Pagan is hitting near .250 and hasn't been nearly the player he was in 2010. Thole is getting hot and may soon just take over as the everyday catcher. Paulino has shown no power and has become a singles hitter. RF is being manned by Harris, Baxter and Hairston who are basically 3 back-up players and pinch hitters. The Mets AAA team has no one the Mets want to see here. Martinez has become such a non-factor, he was an after thought despite being "healthy." The shoulder injury to Nieuwenhuis hurt the Mets plans for the last 2 months and Kirk's first chance to prove he deserves an everyday job. He may get that chance in spring training in either RF or CF. The Mets utility guy Nick Evans is a waste. He can't play any position adequately and he's hitting .194. The Mets have given this stiff enough chances. Hopefully, they'll waive him and call up 2B/1B Josh Satin(.317) or at worst 1B Valentino Pascucci( 18HRs-82 RBI) from AAA to replace him.  The Mets offense should perk up when Reyes returns during the next segment.

The Mets look like a team that has hit the wall. All year they've had injuries to their best players. They've lost Davis, Murphy and Young for the year. Santana probably is lost as well. Wright missed 2 months and Reyes over a month with his 2 DL trips. As must as they try and gut it out, their lack of depth and talent is showing. They simply do not have the pitching to endure the injuries. They have no ace and basically five backend starters. Their BP is toxic with a few bright spots, but little that is salvageable for 2012. A BP overall should priority #2, after re-signing Reyes. The offense is missing its catalyst(Reyes), a big thumper(Davis) and it's most consistent hitter(Murphy). The bench is playing and there is little left when changes need to be made in close games. Collins hand are tied and he knows they just have to ride it out. No help is coming from the waiver wire and little from AAA.

The next 40 plus games will tell us a lot about who should even be considered for 2012. Guys like Duda, Turner, Thole, Tejada and perhaps even Baxter are playing for jobs next year in some capacity. Turner and Thole to lock down their positions, Duda to win one and Tejada and Baxter for spots on the 25 man roster. Angel Pagan and Mike Pelfrey may also be playing for a chance to remain here and not be dealt in the off-season. There is much to find out and these games will be used as a means to evaluate what is here and wanted.

Let's hope the next 20 has the Mets on the upswing. This team has played too hard and well to just fold. Playing for a winning record should be the goal. The Mets have had back-to-back losing seasons and that mentality can sink in. You'd like to build upon the finish for 2012. I think this team will, because their skipper won't let them backdown and Reyes' and Wright need to end the year strong for different reasons. I also think the players fighting for jobs will keep the team afloat. I'm hoping to write a happier segment next time.
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