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If I were Commissioner of Baseball...

Posted on: September 11, 2011 2:55 am
Edited on: September 12, 2011 5:39 pm
If I were appointed Commissioner of Major League Baseball, I'd make sweeping changes. The game needs some real tweaking and I wouldn't hesitate to impliment change. Here would be my changes...

1) Both leagues would have the DH - Look I hate the DH, but the minors have the DH, the independent leagues have the DH, as does college baseball. Only the NL doesn't. It's time to make the DH uniform.

2) Elimination of the All-Star game stipulation - One of the dumbest decisions ever was awarding homefield for the World Series based on an exhibition game, no one wants to play in. I'd eliminate it and simply give homefield to the team with the best record.

3) Elimination of the homeplate collision - Even before Santana's and Posey's season-ending injuries the last 2 years, I hated this rule. Home plate is the only base where you are allowed to physically run into a fielder to dislodge the ball. I'd end that. On any play where the catcher has the ball, the player must either slide or avoid the tag without any physical contact. If the catcher blocks the plate without the ball, the player is automatically safe.

4) Changing the blown save rule- I'll never understand how a pitcher can blow a save before the 9th inning. If you can't finish the inning getting the save, you haven't blown it. You've blown a hold. I'd change the BS before the 9th inning to a blown hold.

5) Changing the quality start rule - I despise this stat. How is pitching 6 innings and giving up 3 runs quality? That's a 4.50 ERA and the usage of at least 3 pitchers in your pen, if you're ahead. I'd make it 7 innings-2 runs or less. That way the ERA is 2.57 or less and 2 pitchers could finish it.

6) Shortening the season- 162 games is too long and since I'll be adding another round of playoffs(see next change), lopping off 8 games to 154 makes sense. I know less games is less revenue, but the added post-season games would ease the pain and attendance would increase in September since more teams would be in the post-season race for a playoff berth.

7) Adding a second wild-card - There is talk this may happen in 2012. However, I'd make it happen ASAP. The 2 wild-card teams in each league would play a best of 3 series. Game 1 would be @ the team with the worst record's venue, then game 2 and possibly game 3 @ the team with the best record's venue. That way each team gets at least one home game and they'd only make one trip for travel.

8) Moving up the trade deadline - I'd move it up to June 30. This way any rental player would be a 3-month rental, not just a 2-month one. This would involve more trades in late June because more teams are still have a shot for a post-season berth. A flurry of activity should occur every year. Most teams have a shot in June. By July, many don't. More moves should follow than usual.

9) Limiting September roster- I'd set it @ 30. This way a team can't call up 4-5 relievers and lengthen games. You'd have to be judicious in whom you bring up, not just willy-nilly. I might even set a limit on pitchers that can be recalled.

10) The return of the scheduled double-header - I'd schedule double-headers on Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day. This would allow for more flexibility at the end of the year for make-ups and beginning the playoffs as early as possible. I'd also make it one admission for both games. All veterans get in free as well.

So there are 10 changes I'd make. Of course more would follow, but you have to start somewhere.
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Posted on: September 17, 2011 9:53 pm

If I were Commissioner of Baseball...


These are great discussion topics here's my opinion. 

1-Agree stubborn NL holding on to something that everybody else uses in a baseball game at any level, except the NL. It just doesn't make sense anymore.  

2-Agree this game is a pure exhibition and a celebraton of the game, no more no less.  

3-Agree it is dangerous and will eventually take the star power potential away from the position of catcher.  

4-Agree if a 'hold' is a stat then they should institute 'blown hold' stat (pre 9th inning or any inning prior to the last inning of the game) as is done with a 'save' and a 'blown save'.

5-Agree ERA should minimally be under 3 for a quality start and at least 7 innings.  

6-Disagree I think you can shorten the season without playing less games see your item No. 10. The problem is not the number of games but the time frame that these games are shoe horned into. 

7-I am will believe it will encourage more lethargy with the teams that are in first place, they lose heir sense of urgency, (See Tampa Bay Rays this year pushing the Yanks and the Sox and forcing them to keep playing and not go into cruise control, this has not been the case inprevious years)......I guess the more the merrier?, if this is the case your items No's 6 and 10 would have to be carefully reviewed by MLB.  This is also related to your item No. 9, for example if only the division winners made the playoffs there would be more activity prior to the trade deadline as there was during the pre-Wild Card era, there were always block buster moves and trades. With mor and/or varied wildcard playoff slots teams are more apt to lay back and see what happens and wait til the last minute before pulling the trigger on a trade or as has been the recent history not do anything at all. 

8-Disagree see rationale above about adding an additional WC, but as you say many teams will have already fallen off the edge by the end of July, but trades can be made prior to the July deadline.  

9-Disagree, this is not just about fortifying the MLB club with pitchers but it also rewards minor league players and gives us, the fans a chance to see the prospects in live MLB action and they might even make the post season roster, ie - Jesus Montero.  

10-Agree this is a must to shorten the season and add the 2nd wild card and give something back to the fans a 2 games for the price of 1 would be good business and good will, lose 1 game of gate receipts but pick it up on concessions etc., MLB will still make $$$.

Great Post, there is alot to consider and plenty to discuss, I'd be interested to hear any other ideas and thoughts on these items as well as others not yet presented. 

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