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First Quarter report

Posted on: May 19, 2012 6:40 pm
The Mets are 21-19. Many are surprised, I'm not. I thought this was a better team then many gave them credit for being. Let's take a look at the first 40 games shall we...

One word... gutsy. This team has moxie. They've overcome injuries and a toxic bullpen to get to 2 over. The credit goes to the players and their belief in each other. They are a terrific late inning scoring team. They hit well with 2 outs and RISP. They hustle and hustle. I love it!

Two words, David Wright. What can you say? The guy is hitting .409 with a .500+ OBP. He's playing gold glove 3B. He's the man and even wanted to take a bullet for the team. As Dusty Baker said " He's one good cat." Please sign him and give him the C. He's earned it. Any Wright needs to go fans now? If so, get a clue.

Three words... please waive Acosta. This guy is beyond terrible. He should put on a hat and apron because no one serves up meatballs more. 5 HRS in middle relief and 11 in a little more than a year. He has an ERA reaching 11 and a WHIP approaching 2. He's not even minor league worthy. Someone call the NJ Jackals. We have a reliever for you.

Four words... please bench Ike Davis. I like Ike a lot. However, IMHO, all the Valley Fever talk may have gotten in his head. He was ripping the ball in spring training, then we started to hear all this illness talk. I wonder if subconsciously it effected him in some small way. This is more than a slump. Look at his body language. He looks defeated. Rest him in Pittsburgh and let him get his head on straight. Sometime that does wonders. If that doesn't work, THEN send him down. I don't want that to happen yet.

Five words... please make Parnell the closer. I don't want to hear about 2011. IMHO, TC undercut him giving Izzy the ball, then after Izzy faded, he gets to pick up the pieces. That's a real nice transition, eh? That was poorly done and to some degree may have effected him. Bobby has been by far the best reliever and he's young. We also need to see if he can handle it for a prolonged period. If he doesn't Familia or Mejia may need to fill that role. I don't buy TC's excuse. Back him up and say the job is yours. Give him at least a few months to prove himself. Move Francisco to middle relief or even the minors. Rauch and Mejia work the 8th with Brydak and Carson or Edgin as the lefties. Hefner should be in long relief once Harvey gets here or Young actually pitches more than 3 starts.

Six Words... bring up Matt Harvey real soon. I'm willing to see if Young is healthy, but if he isn't, don't play russian roulette with the #4 slot. Give the kid the rock. He just had 11 K's in 6 innings and showed poise rebounding from giving up back-to-back 1st inning HRS. He's 23, not 19. He's pitched college ball and was solid in the spring. Let's see him by June and get the experience he needs for 2013 when we will be ready to contend. Stop the charade.

Seven words... when Jason Bay returns please bench Torres. He's a nice 4th OF and that's where he should be. Captain Kirk needs to be the everyday CF. Let him take his hacks against lefties. The kid will fight through it and be better for it and so will we in 2013.

Eight words... thank goodness for the return of Johan Santana. Johan has been unreal. He's a true competitor. He's deserved better as well. The more he pitches, the better we are. What he's done has been astonishing in my opinion.

Nine words... RA Dickey should make the NL All-Star team roster. RA has been great. He gives 100% on every pitch. He's a terrific fielder. He's also a top notch dude. He's not a true #2, but has pitched like one.

Ten Words... this baseball organization is finally heading in the right direction. The kids are all right and thsi team plays with heart. They have moxie and chemistry. It's not always pretty, but it is always interesting. Thanks guys.
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