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2009 ATMD

Posted on: February 23, 2009 12:55 pm
Edited on: April 17, 2009 10:46 pm

Ok, so we are officially complete with the 2009 CPMD and crowned Skins champion.  That means we now move our attention to the big daddy of all contests, the All Time Mock Draft:


1. "You Still Really Don't Want It With Us" /  wildcatsfan1
2. "Revenge of the Smith" / Team of The Big B-Coach & Michigan Sports-GM
3. "The Legends" / Nuggets_SOS ( ATMD-08 Winner )
4. "" /  North Harbour
5. "Kemp's Kids" or "Chrisper & Friends" /  ChrisperJ10
6. "Ripnu Ginobiltons" / Team of MrRedSoxBaller-GM & BMu_1963-Coach
7. "The Ten Acid Deez" /  axesstarr
8. g8trfan_1 ( Creator of ATMD )
9. "Bad News Joe" /  Team of windy city joe-GM & BNW2-Coach
10. "The Sulphurous Nonentities" /  blood_baller
11. HurricaneDij39
12. "Josh Heytvelt's Shroom and Swish" / Team of Zagfan62 & BucFan40
13. "Dishing and Swishing"kmvenne
14. "Death by Dunk" / Team of  lakers2408 & nate75
15. "Roanoke Dimpstaffs" /  Harst
16. "champinoship crew" / Team of tfitz & GoCavs33

* All posters that have confirmed their spot and look to be part of the contest.

Note: The idea of two posters getting together as a team has come up and is not a bad idea, if that helps in making sure there are no forfeits in the matches I am all for it.  Feel free to contact someone and just post it on this blog. 

Overall Structure:

There will be a Board of Directors ( BOD ) for this years Contest: 
   Chairman of the Board ( COTB ):  The Big B
     Board Member: Nuggets_SOS
     Board Member: wildcatsfan1
     Board Member: North Harbour
     Board Member: g8trfan_1
*On matters of collusion or punishment/possible ejection of players, the COTB has total say.
*Problems before the Draft will be dealt with by the entire BOD, where majority ruling will decide the outcomes of rule structure, scheduling or game setup.
*Problems after the Draft ( during the matchups ) will be dealt with by at least 3 BOD, where majority ruling will decide the outcome of trading conflicts, rulings, or things that affect league balance.

TEAMS: Two Posters getting together and forming a team.  The "GM" will be the one who takes part in the Draft / Confirm any Trades and the "Coach" will be the one responsible for submitting the gameplans in. But of course both members can help the other.

Draft Lottery Challenge: We will be all predicting the total score of two NBA first round playoff games ( Game 1 between the two 1vs8 Seeds in each Conference ).  Whoever guesses closest to those game totals will get the first pick in the draft, the furthest away will get the last pick ( #16 ).  I WILL CREATE A THREAD IN THE MAIN NBA THREADS.  By 11:59 EST Friday, April 17th everyone will need to submit their predictions into me ( Nugs ) via pm in that thread, as I will send my own prediction into a Neutral third party ( TheSkins8 ) via pm the day before to avoid any questions.  If someone neglects to submit their pick they will be automatically the last pick in the draft.  Also, each Team needs to predict a tie-breaker total which will be the stat line of LeBron = ( total of his points, rebounds and assists ).  The morning following the 2nd game I will reveal the draft order in a thread on the main board as well as the divisions of the first round of pool play.

     For Instance you will submit to me: "385 points for the total of the two games, 48 points for LeBrons statline total".

Beginning Divisions: Slot each team based on their draft position: North would be 1,5,9,13 South would be 2,6,10,14 East would be 3,7,11,15 West would be 4,8,12,16.

NOTE: NO TRADES CAN BE FINALIZED UNTIL THE DRAFT OFFICIALLY BEGINS.  There will time in between when we have determined the picking order and the beginning of the draft ( Wednesday, 4/22/09 ).  You can discuss trading draft picks all you want but nothing is final until the draft thread is created, as that will be the place to announce any trades.

Rules for Draft:

  1. All players who have been in the NBA for at least 1 full year are eligible for the draft.  That includes Michael Jordan ( who was not eligible last year ).  Nobody is eligible that has played their entire career in the ABA. 
  2. Number of rounds staying to 10, still snake style draft ( 1-16 on odd rounds, 16-1 on even rounds ).
  3. Unlimited trading allowed ( either picks or players ) during the draft.  To be kept track by BOD's WCF and NH.  Trading will no longer be permitted 6 hours after the final pick has been made ( team 10, pick 16 ).
  4. No trading of overall picking position, for instance if someone picks 3rd and if someone picks 5th, you can't swap picking position for the entire contest.  Only can trade picks during particular rounds.
  5. Each draft pick time limit = 6 hours ( 10pmEST - 6amEST does not count toward the 6 hour time limit, but you can announce your selection during those hours ). If person doesn't draft in that time they are skipped and can come back anytime and announce their player as long as they are still available.
  6. You can change your mind on your selection as long as it's before the person picking after you announces their selection.
  7. Players are judged upon how they were in their prime of their career in the NBA, not how they played in the ABA for instance.
  8. Everyone MUST keep 3 players from their roster at the conclusion of the Draft for the entire contest, BOD NH and WCF will keep track of this throughout the contest.
  9. Teams consisting of 2 Posters: Either member of the team can announce who the selection is, unless you designate prior to the draft who is the person responsible for drafting, generally the "GM".  ( Please check the Participant List to see if we have that designation for your team yet ).

Rules for Transaction Periods:

  1. Transaction Periods = 1. Trading Players 2. Drop Excess Players 3. Add / Drop Players
  2. Number of Transaction Periods = 2 total ( 1-After 1st pool games, 2-After 2nd pool games )
  3. "Drop Excess Players" list:  At the conclusion of each trading period, just before the add drop.  Anyone who has more than 10 players on their roster has to provide a list of who they are dropping into the free agent pool.  If you don't provide the COTB your players you have to drop then he will pick them for you.
  4. "Add / Drop Period": Immediately following each trading period, order will be reverse order of seedings.
  5. Number of chances each team gets during the add / drop period is a maximum of 2, each Poster will have 4 hours to make their selection or they will be skipped, you can come back and select a player if you have been skipped as long as no one else has taken him and it's before the final selection which officially ends the process.
  6. Once you have announced your add / drop selection, you can only change your mind prior to the next Poster making their selection.
  7. Trading Players unevenly is allowed.  For instance trading 3 players for 1 player.  You must have at least 8 players after trading so that during the add / drop period you can get back to 10 players.  If you are under 8 players when the trading period is over your last trade will be null and void.  ( The SupaNugs Rule )
  8. For Transaction Period's trading restrictions include "Original" Players only.  These are players that were on your roster prior to the Trading Period that leave your roster, any players you received from other deals don't count to that total. 
  9. Getting a bonus if you vote more often during the matches, if you are part of a team then the total votes would get averaged between the two Posters ( we will round down ).  For Transaction Periods the bonus structure will be the following ( note that we included the percentages because if a game is forfeited it will not count towards the total ):
        *Vote on 0-5 Games (0-25%) - 1 Trade / 2 Players ( Possible expulsion, reviewed by BOD )
        *Vote on 6-10 Games (26-50%) - 1 Trade / 3 Players
        *Vote on 11-15 (51-75%) - 2 Trades / 5 Players
        *Vote on 16-20 Games (76-99%) - 3 Trades / 6 Players
        *Vote on 21 Games (100%) - 4 Trades / 7 Players
  10. Announcing of trades.  Once a trade is announced in the threads by ALL parties involved it's final, one team can announce as the other team can say that "I agree".  Try to avoid the skins/dcb/wcj problem that occured in the last contest.

Rules for Matches:

  1. Word Limits to gameplans, during pool periods (1000 word max ), during tournament ( 1200 word max ). Word Count does not include listing of rosters and minutes. 
  2. Requirement that each Coach must list the minutes played of each player in the gameplan, no more "Match LeBrons minutes"
  3. Requirement that each player must be designated to a particular position in the gameplans, for example if you have Moses Malone, you must say that he's playing 30min at C, then 10min at PF.
  4. Penalty if someone does not turn in a gameplan, once = forfeit, twice = removal from contest.
  5. Games that go into overtime or get "enough" votes will just continue on and won't push the next set of games back to mess up schedule. ( minimum of 10 votes in each match )  Matches that are tied in point value after 3 days will go into an overtime period of 24 hours where whichever team is leading at that time wins the match.  If it's tied still then we go into a sudden death period where the next vote wins.
  6. If someone doesn't turn in a gameplan they will lose the match by forfeit, the Poster who turned in their gameplan has the option to post only their gameplan for people to comment.  Winning team gets an automatic 8 votes for and 0 votes against ( used for tie-breaking purposes )
  7. When both teams fail to turn in gameplans, both teams get a loss and nobody gets automatic votes for or against.
  8. Votes that are "Marginal" in the contest will need to be explained further, a marginal vote is one that shows clearly the Poster didn't read the gameplans and needs to explain the reasoning further. ( Only BOD members determines marginal votes )
  9. Voting value in the game threads:
           *Votes from Sole Owners = 2 points
           *Votes from Team Owners = 1 point
           *Votes from non-participants = 1 point

Tie Breaking Procedures 

  • Winner of Pool Play Division if 2 teams have equal record: Head to Head winner.
  • Winner of Pool Play Division if 3 teams have equal records: 1. Head to Head winner against other 2 teams. 1. Overall voting percentage in the current Pool Play.
  • Placement of teams in next Pool Play: 1. Overall win-loss record 2. Overall voting percentage in previous pool play.

2009 ATMD Schedule:

Draft picking contest during first round of the NBA playoffs ( week of 4/20/09 ).

  • Key date is Friday 4/17/09 when everyone will submit their guesses in.

Draft begins 4/22/09, goes for about 4 - 6 Weeks total <---PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE

Matches begin 6/1/09, goes for about 18 weeks which would end it around the first of October

Pool Play Round 1: Teams separated into four divisions ( North, South, East, West ) 
  Monday, 6/01/09: North-1 vs North-4, North-2 vs North-3
  Thursday, 6/04/09: South-1 vs South-4, South-2 vs South-3 
  Monday, 6/08/09: East-1 vs East-4, East-2 vs East-3
  Thursday, 6/11/09: West-1 vs West-4, West-2 vs West-3 
  Monday, 6/15/09: North-1 vs North-2, North-3 vs North-4
  Thursday, 6/18/09: South-1 vs South-2, South-3 vs South-4 
  Monday, 6/22/09: East-1 vs East-2, East-3 vs East-4
  Thursday, 6/25/09: West-1 vs West-2, West-3 vs West-4 
  Monday, 6/29/09: North-1 vs North-3, North-2 vs North-4
  Thursday, 7/03/09: South-1 vs South-3, South-2 vs South-4 
  Monday, 7/06/09: East-1 vs East-3, DEast-2 vs East-4
  Thursday, 7/09/09: West-1 vs West-2, West-2 vs West-4 + Transaction Period #2

Pool Play Round 2: Teams placed into four groups ( A, B, C, D ) Winner of each starting division in A, 2nd in B, 3rd in C, 4th in D
  Monday, 7/20/09: A1 vs A4, A2 vs A3
  Thursday, 7/23/09: B1 vs B4, B2 vs B3 
  Monday, 7/27/09: C1 vs C4, C2 vs C3
  Thursday, 7/30/09: D1 vs D4, D2 vs D3 
  Monday, 8/03/09: A1 vs A2, A3 vs A4
  Thursday, 8/06/09: B1 vs B2, B3 vs B4 
  Monday, 8/10/09: C1 vs C2, C3 vs C4
  Thursday, 8/13/09: D1 vs D2, D3 vs D4 
  Monday, 8/17/09: A1 vs A3, A2 vs A4
  Thursday, 8/20/09: B1 vs B3, B2 vs B4 
  Monday, 8/24/09: C1 vs C3, C2 vs C4
  Thursday, 8/27/09: D1 vs D2, D2 vs D4 + Transaction Period #3

Tournament: Seeds 1-4 from group A, Seeds 5-8 from group B, Seeds 9-12 from group C, Seeds 13-16 from group D
  Monday, 9/07/09: ( Round 1 ) 1 vs 16, 8 vs 9
  Thursday, 9/10/09: ( Round 1 ) 4 vs 13, 5 vs 12
  Monday, 9/14/09: ( Round 1 ) 3 vs 14, 6 vs 11
  Thursday, 9/17/09: ( Round 1 ) 2 vs 15, 7 vs 10
  Monday, 9/21/09: ( Round 2 ) 1/16 vs 8/9, 4/13 vs 5/12
  Thursday, 9/24/09: ( Round 2 ) 3/14 vs 6/11, 2/15 vs 7/10 
  Monday, 9/28/09: ( Round 3 ) 1st Seed bracket winner vs 4th Seed bracket winner
  Thursday, 10/01/09: ( Round 3 ) 3rd Seed bracket winner vs 2nd Seed bracket winner
  Tuesday, 10/06/09: ( Round 4 ) Championship Game

Contest Ends on Saturday, 10/10/09



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Posted on: April 14, 2009 9:38 am

2009 ATMD

Not sure if any of you noticed but the Denver Nuggets are NW division champs, a small step in finally getting past that dreaded first round.  Best chance we have had since the good ole Mt. Mutombo days.Wink

HAHAHA I could definately have seen a whole lot of "Price is Right" predictions. Well said Nugs

Well actually kmvenne brought up "Price is Right" when he didn't fully read the original posts about how the Draft Picking Challenge thread would go down.  So I have to give credit where credit is due.

And we have our first game set, the Chicago Bulls last night took care of the Detriot Pistons and they fall to the 8th seed.  Which means the "Game B" = Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Detriot Pistons.  Brandon and Jakey should have a bit of an inside track in predicting that part of the challenge.

The second game could be determined tonight.  If the Lakers beat the Jazz, it will be those two teams.  But with the Cavaliers owning the top overall record will the Lakers be in cruise control?  If the Jazz win, then if either the Hornets AND Mavericks must win to avoid the first round exit against the Lakers. 

And finally, has someone checked in with G8trfan?  I know he doesn't post anymore but I hope he doesn't miss out on the Draft Pick Challenge at the end of ths week.  His idea in all.  And both he and Hurricane need to finalize their team name please. 

Getting Closer...Tongue out


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Posted on: April 13, 2009 5:57 pm

2009 ATMD

HAHAHA I could definately have seen a whole lot of "Price is Right" predictions. Well said Nugs...

Yea I realistically have 6 guys that I would be absolutely fine with starting my team with and about 5 others who I would be complacent with if I had a lower pick. Basically if I'm picking 12 or lower and all 11 of those guys are gone, Im not going to be thrilled with my number 1 guy.

Since: Jun 11, 2008
Posted on: April 13, 2009 3:28 pm

2009 ATMD

Sorry McGrady I already have a team.  If you look at the list of participants it says who is in and if they have a partner.

Since: Dec 17, 2007
Posted on: April 13, 2009 1:24 pm

2009 ATMD

I would like to be on the waiting list. Bmu can we team up?



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Posted on: April 13, 2009 1:22 pm

2009 ATMD

So how do we do this if we have partners?  Do we each pick one game and add our totals together?

I would suggest appointing one person to be the one to submit the totals of the games.  Either work together as a team to figure the total or just appoint someone as the one to do it on their own.  Either way, please just have one person of each team submit, no need to make it more complicated.

This is what the rules will be when I post the "Draft Picking Challenge" Thread:

The Rules:

1. You must submit your combined totals of the scores of both games, A + B, by Friday, 4/17/09 11:59pm EST. ( For instance a combined total of 400 points )

2. You will also submit the combined totals of LeBron's Points + Rebounds + Assists from Game B.  ( For instance a combined total of 50 ) This will be used only for tie-breaking purposes if two teams predict the same total

3. SUBMIT THE TOTALS VIA PM's back to me.  ( That way no one else can go "Price is Right" on your totals )

3. Every team is given 1 second chance to resubmit a new prediction before the deadline, just in case you have a change in heart.  I will use the latest prediction to base the draft order on, so for the teams consisting of 2 Posters you might want to discuss your predictions prior to submitting them to me because there is no 3rd submittal that I will accept.

4. IF ANY TEAM DOESN'T SUMBIT A TOTAL IN TIME: You will be automatically picking last in the draft.  If more than one team fails to submit totals then I will randomly pick their teams out of a hat to determine who picks last.

5. Whoever predicts the total closest to the actual amounts will be rewarded with the NUMBER 1 OVERALL PICK in the Draft.  And we will slot the next closest prediction second and so on, until all the 16 picks are determined.


Since: Jun 11, 2008
Posted on: April 13, 2009 1:09 pm

2009 ATMD

So how do we do this if we have partners?  Do we each pick one game and add our totals together?

Since: May 22, 2008
Posted on: April 13, 2009 12:20 pm

2009 ATMD

So Im assuming this blog is pretty much dead for a while. Game totals in Thursday and the draft about 2 weeks away or something. Not much to discuss I guess.

We could discuss the odds on favorite to predict the totals in the games this weekend...Tongue out List of all the Posters:

1. wildcatsfan1
2. Team of The Big B & Michigan Sports
3. Nuggets_SOS
4. North Harbour
5. ChrisperJ10
6. Team of MrRedSoxBaller & BMu_1963
7. axesstarr
8. g8trfan_1
9. Team of windy city joe & BNW2
10. blood_baller
11. HurricaneDij39
12. Team of Zagfan62 & BucFan40
13. kmvenne
14. Team of  lakers2408 & nate75
15. Harst
16. Team of tfitz & GoCavs33

If I were betting on the top 3 Posters / Team that have a good chance to guess the total the closest I would go with maybe:  1. kmvenne: he seems to do very well in NH picking challenge and follows the games pretty closely.  The team of lakers2408 and Nate75 are also on that list, between nate doing well in the pickem contests and lakers2408 being able to give a good inside tip on the Lakers vs. Jazz / Mavericks game they look good.  And as a final guess of who will do well in the prediction I will go with g8trfan, since it was his idea and he picked pretty low last year I think he's due to do well.  I think most of the other posters might have too much emotion going into their predictions, could be wrong.  I wouldn't be surprised if a few teams actually pick within a few points of the game and it comes down to the LeBron James tie-breaker.  Personally I am hoping for a top 7 pick, you'd still get a true superstar and then have a good shot at getting a great second player, even third player if the cards fall right.  Pick number 13-15 is a wasteland, at least with the final pick you get picks back to back.  I know that I can't do anymore of my own mock drafts until the order is determined, just too many variables until you know your position.

Since: Jan 20, 2007
Posted on: April 12, 2009 8:35 pm

2009 ATMD

So Im assuming this blog is pretty much dead for a while. Game totals in Thursday and the draft about 2 weeks away or something. Not much to discuss I guess.

Since: Jun 11, 2008
Posted on: April 11, 2009 1:55 pm

2009 ATMD

C'mon tfitz, you know the black guy always dies first. Tongue out

Since: Nov 3, 2006
Posted on: April 11, 2009 11:48 am

2009 ATMD

Haha I used to actually have a red lightsaber. me and my brother would always have fights with them and we would wack the shit out of each other. Star Wars movies were actually good but I think that they should have gone in chronalogical order. Also the part in the third movie where Mace Windu could have killed the Emperor but instead he decided to just chill there talking.Tongue out



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