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ATMD-IV Tournament Home Page

Posted on: September 8, 2010 10:47 am
Edited on: October 1, 2010 3:03 pm

That's right, it's a "Nugs Home Page" again.  Welcome.  First of all I would like to say that Kmvenne, WCF, BMu and the others who have taken roles in this contest have done a stellar job.  New rules, new ideas, and new methods make a contest better.  Keith has graciously passed the baton over to Nugs to handle the culmination of all of your hard work...THE TOURNAMENT !!!

General Notes:

1. All gameplans from here on out will only be pm'd to me, avoid any confusion or problems.  I will be posting the games myself.  May the Lord bless my posting abilities.

2. All past penalties will be on a deffered sentence, start with a clean slate.  BUT...very important, and those of you know who I am talking about, this is for you.  IF you bring up once anything about the past penalties to Keith, WCF or anyone else who bestowed them upon you they will come back three-fold.  Don't test me, and take this clean slate as a chance to have a better contest.  Starting some of you with a clean slate doesn't mean that you didn't deserve the penalty, remember that.  Thanks.

3. With 14 teams, the top 2 will receive a bye into the Quaterfinals where they will await the 6 winners carrying over from the Round of 14. Single elimination ala March Madness. The one change to this year's tourney will be an NFL style playoff as oppose to a specific bracket. After the first round, the 8 teams will be re-seeded with the 1 seed playing the lowest remaining team from Round one. And in the semi-s again, teams will matchup with the highest seed left playing the lowest seed left ultimately culminating in a championship match. ( Thanks WCF, took that from your blog )

Tournament Rosters.   Thanks to Brandon for doing that.


1. Gameplans will be due at high noon ( EST ) of your game.  I will post the games that night around 8ish ( EST ).  PM the gameplan to me with the title changed so that I can easily find it.  Each hour that your gameplan is late will result in a 1 point penalty.  Let's really see if we can have ZERO forfeits this year!

2. Matches will go 72 hours in length to the minute.  Winner has to have at least 9 points, but I don't see that being a problem.  If the game is tied then it will go into a 12 hour overtime period where the highest total after that wins.  If it is still tied than it's sudden death where the next vote wins. 

3. Gameplan Word Limits.  Round 1 will be set at 1,200 words, each round we will add another 100 words to the limit.  Going over the limit will result in penalties.  Just keep it under.  And please double check your minute distribution, thanks.

4. "No Smith Rule".  Please read this whole section, very important.  First and foremost this rule is not because I think Jakey or Brandon cheat in voting always for themselves.  It's to protect the contest from problems.  They are brothers, so no matter which way they vote they will be criticized, lose lose situation really.  So... Jakey will not vote in Brandons game, and Brandon will not vote in Jakey's game.  IF anyone brings up this rule and says it's unfair it's a 1 point penalty, just live with it.  Anyone who says that well this poster shouldn't vote in my games because he doesn't ever vote for me is also a 1 point penalty.  Don't even try it.  They came from the same womb so it's different.

5. Comments about someones agenda in their vote will not be tolerated and will result in a 1 point penalty.  No lists, no that guy never votes for me, no anything.  IF you have a problem with someones vote, simple.  PM your Judge in that game and he will address the situation if he hasn't done already.  Again, don't test this, let's have a good tournament.

Note: You are more than welcome, in fact encouraged to rebute the reasonings in someones vote.  IF someone says that player X doesn't shoot 3's well and you know he does, prove it.  IF someone says that player y can't play point guard and you know he can, prove it.  IF you can't tell the difference between the rule and what's encouraged, then don't say anything.  And saying that someone should get a penalty is not your job, leave that up to us.  Because if you test it, the penalty will be bestowed upon you.

6. No cross voting in the Semi-Final games.  The 2 participants in the one Semi-Final will not be voting in the other.  Again, it's not that I think someone will be picking their opponent, it's to protect the contest from anyone making comments.  It's a rule, just deal with it, thanks.

These rules are important, please review them and if something comes up I will add to them.  Again, it's about having a great final tournament, let's all work together.

NOTE: If you have problems with any of these rules I would suggest pm'ing me in the threads, public problems will be squashed quick.  Real quick, don't test it.

Final Four Game Rules:

Games will go for 4 days, start on Tuesday morning.  Gameplans will be due Monday night by 6pm EST.  Word limits go up again, make note of that.

Day 1 and 2 will be for voting.  BUT, all votes will be submitted to me VIA pm.  All votes are due by the end of day 2 for it to count.  Even posters in the other Final Four matchup are required to vote.  No one will see the votes during those two days except the Judges.  This way no one knows how the game is going during the voting period.  Contestants are encouraged to debate each others gameplans during this time.

Day 3 morning I will then post all the votes in that thread.  For the next two days the two contestants get to then rebute and refute the votes.  You think something is wrong, this is your chance to talk about it.  Any talk or hint about agenda or bias will result first in a warning then in a penalty.

During this time the Judges will get together via PM, discuss the votes, value each one and then they will be averaged out between the Judges.   End of Day 4 the score will be revealed and the winner will be chosen.


1. Judged the same way as in PP action ( I will assign the Judging ).  Solo Owners can get up to 3.0 value, Team Owners / Non-Participants can get up to a 1.5 value.  Questioning the score in your game publically to the Judge will result in a 1 point penalty.  We are doing this for you guys and for a better contest, show us respect, thanks.  Problems can be pm'd to any Judge.

2. Please make your summary statements matter.  No more "Team X pulled this out".  Making someone win the game sound like certain Posters Friday night activities is not what we're looking ofr.  Make it well thought out, give people WHY they win.  Don't just comment to each part, bash this, bash that, and then say "it's close, but Team Y wins".  Seriously, that's your reasonings?  Make it good, or else your vote will be valued low.

3. Once your out of the contest please keep voting.  There is no penalty, there is no forcing you to vote.  If you have spent all this time, get beat and then don't even give the respect to the remaining participants by continued voting then you need more than just a penalty.  Judges, policies and rules are in place to avoid the extreme "drama" that usually unfolds, so let's crown a champ and be proud of the result.  If you're planning on being in the contest next time, I would strongly suggest your keep up the me you will be remembered, thanks.

4. The contestants have the right to question your votes, don't get all defensive about it.  If you're solid on your stance, just prove it.  If you don't want to get into it with the contestant, then stay away.  Part of this contest is selling your team, we all know that, so that continues even after your gameplans are up. 

Tournament Seeds:

1) Coast 2 Coast - Lakers2408/WC F
2) Good Ass Job - BNW
3) Black and Blue Wackadoo's - windycityjoe
4) The Flying McDutchmen - Skins
5) World's Greatest One Man Band - 3G
6) All Eyes On Us - Buc
7) The Diamond Cutters - Biggy aka Diaper
8) The Whole Fukcing Show - Kmvenne
9) Cain and Able - Cain
10) Who Wants Em - McGradykid
11) The Clutch Killers - Michigan Sports
12) Caucasian Sensations - LBJ
13) Sulphorous Nonentites - Blood
14) MMMMMM - Mighty Mouse

Tournament schedule:

Friday September 10th

Black and Blue Wackadoo's vs. 14) MMMMMM
   Result =Winner Joe
4) The Flying McDutchmen vs. 13) Sulphorous Nonentities
   Result = Winner Blood

Monday September 13th

5) WGOMB vs. 12) Caucasian Sensations
  Result = Winner 3G
6) All Eyes On Us vs. 11) The Clutch Killers
  Result = Winner Jakey

Friday September 17th

7) The Diamond Cutters vs. 10) Who Wants Em
   Result = Winner Brandon
8) The Whole Fukcing Show vs. 9) Cain And Able
    Result = Winner Keith ( Forfeit )

2nd Round

Monday, Sept. 20th
1) Coast 2 Coast - Lakers2408/WCF
13) Sulphorous Nonentites - Blood

   Result = Winner Blood

Thursday, Sept. 23rd
2) Good Ass Job - BNW
11) The Clutch Killers - Michigan Sports

   Result: Winner Jakey

Monday, Sept. 27th
3) Black and Blue Wackadoo's - windycityjoe
8) The Whole Fukcing Show


Thursday, Sept. 30th
5) World's Greatest One Man Band
7) The Diamond Cutters

Stay tuned...Cool

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Posted on: September 10, 2010 2:02 am

ATMD-IV Tournament Home Page

I would like to propose that I don't have to vote in 1 game each round either if the Smith's don't have to.  I am very bias too...

Since: Jan 20, 2007
Posted on: September 8, 2010 8:53 pm

ATMD-IV Tournament Home Page

I would also like to propose that in the tourney, any missed vote is an automatic -1 for the team in their next game, or current game. There should be no "freebies." Its the tournament. Everyone's vote counts and no team should be eliminated because someone "wanted to use their pass".

Since: Jan 20, 2007
Posted on: September 8, 2010 8:52 pm

ATMD-IV Tournament Home Page

I have no issue with a 3rd place game, but much like mine and BNW's game which everyone basically flipped the bird to and gave half-hearted votes, I wouldn't expect people to take a 3rd place game seriously.

Since: Apr 5, 2007
Posted on: September 8, 2010 11:13 am

ATMD-IV Tournament Home Page

suggestion the losers of the Semi-Final matches get to face in a 3rd place match up

Since: Sep 29, 2007
Posted on: September 8, 2010 11:12 am

ATMD-IV Tournament Home Page

Gotta love it that me and Jake are so special we get our own rule. Thanks Nuggets for doing us a favor, that means one less game we have to vote in. Knew I could always counted on Nuggets to be on the Smith's side. No more questions of bias and less voting than everyone else has to do; thank you Nuggets! Laughing

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