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Idiots guide to the ATMD: Draft Version

Posted on: June 28, 2011 12:23 am
Edited on: June 28, 2011 9:39 am
Happy Drafting, don't screw it up...Wink

1. Don't trade a GOAT player, ever, doesn't matter what the scenario is. If you question who a GOAT player is, maybe you shouldn't be on the ATMD-Land ride quite yet.

2. Try hard to get an Elite Bigman in the first round and keep him.  What if you don't have a high enough pick, then trade to get one.  Players like Chamberlain, Jabbar, Russell, Hakeem and Shaq will dominate most other bigs.  The only way to combat not having one is having someone in the next tier and surrounding him with maybe a GOAT non-big to make up for it.  Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson are good players to do that.

3. Don't trade out of the first round, those kinds of players win games.  Unless you have a late first rounder and can pick up another high second rounder that might of been picked there anyways.  Sometimes first rounders will drop into the second because someone is trigger happy on players that don't belong anywhere near there.  Like George Mikan, poor DJ.

4. Get players that can play some defense, and some serious defense.  Round 4-6 will have some studs, keep your picks in those rounds to get them.  Someone who has won a DPOY is a good choice, the more the better.  Someone who has been selected to many first team nba defense is also a good choice ( find the site if you need help ).

5. Learn who the "Black-List" of ATMD players are and avoid drafting them.  Some of the more knowlegable people know their worth, but unfortunately in ATMD-Land they will never live up to their true value. 

6. Understand what the value of draft picks mean.  A 2nd round pick, say pick number 18 compared to a 2nd round pick, say number 24 is worth a heckuva lot more than a pick swapped in the 5th round 6 picks away.  The immortal Jimmy Johnson had a good formula that he built a champion on.  Beware of swapping picks later just to move up a few.

7. Unless you are just obtaining talent, which can be dangerous, understand the system that a particular player is used to playing in.  Someone who playing their career in a slow down half court set is not going to gel with a player that played in an up tempo fast break offense.  Putting together "big names" doesn't translate into great teams.  Generally whoever your first pick is will determine the rest of your picks that you are building around them.

more to come later, Carry on.

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Posted on: June 28, 2011 5:21 pm

Idiots guide to the ATMD: Draft Version

Also think about trades very carefully. You don't have an undo button and we have some pretty persuasive participants. So don't get caught up in the fun of trading. Always make sure you think before you act. 

Also look at past draft boards if you're a newer member (not that we really have any this year) but it helps and I'm sure someone has them saved.  

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