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Something rotten in Broncos Country

Posted on: November 3, 2008 2:04 pm
Edited on: November 5, 2008 1:34 am
After a brilliant start by the Denver Broncos they have since dropped 4 out of 5 in extremely embarrassing fashion. One can't help but realize that Broncos just might not be any good. It's a realization that had started hitting me midway through the debacle on Sunday. The way their playing right now, you just can't make any intelligent arguments on their behalf. Plainly said they are playing absolutely horrible.

What in the world is going on with Jay Cutler? He has looked nothing like the quarterback we saw the first three weeks. He looks awful. He has no enthusiasm out there. He doesn't look like he's having any fun or even wants to be there. His body language says it all. The last few weeks he has obviously had a huge turnover problem. Fumbles, picks and then he hangs his head head down and goes to the sideline. He just doesn't look right.

One can't help but notice that Brandon Marshall wasn't even thrown to until midway through the 3rd quarter. When a quarterback is struggling at the magnitude that Cutler is the best thing you can do is throw it to a wide receiver that is 6-4 and can make plays after the catch. While he has had some fumbles trying to do too much after the catch, when you throw it to Marshall good things will happen. Cutler has to look for him more often. He was one on one on plenty of occasions early in the game.

While the defense looked pretty decent on Sunday they are still chalked full of issues. Dre Bly, horrible, Karl Paymah, even worse. He let a no name wideout catch everything that came near him to the tune of 111 yards. We also have new injuries in the already horrible saftey position. The secondary is a massive concern, they just can't stop anything pass or run.

In recent weeks they certainly have not got ANY breaks from the officials. We all know about the pathetic calls in the Jacksonville game but the call against Marshall was equally ridiculous. He was called for a offensive pass interference call that negated a 77 yard touchdown that would have given the Broncos the LEAD in the second half. It was a huge call and certainly had a huge effect on the outcome of the game. If the Broncos lead 17-16 it's a different football game. You just don't make that call at that point of the game. A absolute awful call that changed the game. It seems they are continuing to pay for the Charger game. There has now been two games where it seems the Broncos have gotten blatantly jammed by the Zebra's. They are paying a hefty price for that break.

Now we move on the obvious glaring problem. Turnovers. ( Caution: these stats could make you cringe and possibly vomit in your really small office trash can) The Broncos are a mind blowing -11 in turnover ratio. You just can't be a playoff team with numbers like that. The worst, they have been outscored 60 to ZERO off turnovers in the last five games. The Broncos weak defense cannot create any turnovers and the offense is turning it over about four times a game. That's a massive problem and quite frankly they are lucky to be 4-4. If they can't figure out a way to protect the football, they are going nowhere.

While we are very fortunate that the Chargers are playing just as bad, the Broncos will not make the playoffs the way they are playing. They now face a short week and a two game road trip against some hot teams. Yes, injuries are a huge concern but that is just a part of the game and the Broncos have to stop making excuses and start trying to figure out how to win some football games.
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Posted on: November 5, 2008 12:00 pm

Something rotten in Broncos Country

I've read all the reasons everyone here thinks is the problem and all are correct - to a point. The real reason the Broncos are fading faster than a photo proof is that they have no identity. I've said that elsewhere and stand by it. The reasons are many and include all of your reasons plus a few others.

The team has no heart. Whether that is the player's or coach's fault doesn't matter, the fact remains.

There isn't any "team". Just 22 different guys on the field playing their positions for themselves.

Shanahan is wearing so many hats that the brims won't let him see the writing on the wall. That being that he needs to shed 2 of those hats and keep the one he knows fits best, that being the Head Coach hat.

Every player on the team needs to forget about the first three weeks and all the hype that surrounded them - especially Cutler. There are 8 games left and the new season begins tomorrow (Thursday). Win six and they go to the playoffs. Win any less and they sit out the winter stewing in their own inept juices. If they do lose the next 2 games, Mike S. needs to start playing the rookies and other players for the rest of the season so he can determine just what needs are to be addressed for next year - as if he doesn't know already.

The whole organization needs to return to the basics. Go back to what made them successful in years past. Run the damn ball! Get that aspect of the game to where it is performing as it should and the air game will come back in spades.

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Posted on: November 5, 2008 4:06 am

Something rotten in Broncos Country

You're spot on with Jay Cutler, he looks like a different QB than he did in the beginning of the season. Discipline seems to be a huge problem on this team: from turnovers,to the lack of the running game lately, or the stubornness to commit to the run, to Cutler's laissez fare attitude and Brandon Marshall getting into a trash talkin media hyped feud with Joey Porter, while not producing on the field lately, and not to mention their defense, minus both Bailey's, can't stop anyone.

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Posted on: November 4, 2008 4:40 pm

Something rotten in Broncos Country

talk about whining, for a couple of weeks after the game against the chargers all the bronco fan said we were wining about bad calls. Now the reason the broncos are losing is bad calls by the refs come on, if it's good for one team it's good for all, calls are calls, but the broncos still had alot of game left to play to win that game, just as my chargers did.

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Posted on: November 4, 2008 2:01 pm

Something rotten in Broncos Country


While I can't speak of the misery you have ensued I am a seasoned veteran in the misery department. There comes a time when you have to start being a realist and not a dreaming homer, and it sucks. After a money start they have completely imploded. They are absolutely ravaged by injuries. I don't see any reason why Brady Quinn won't win his first game on Thursday. Our defense is horrible and he should be able to pick it apart as everybody else has. The only way he Broncos have a chance is if Cutler somehow decides he wants to play football again and goes off, I seriously doubt it though.

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Posted on: November 3, 2008 11:42 pm

Something rotten in Broncos Country

Great breakdown 24. I was ecstatic when the Broncos started the way they did. I was drinking the Jay Cutler kool-aid. The O was awesome and there was plenty to cheer about. Then October happened. Maybe Shanahan will beat some sense into Mr Cutler and then convince the D to work hard each play. This thing is not over yet. The one game lead we have on the Chargers should be all the incentive needed. Is Randy Gradishar too old to suit up???

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Posted on: November 3, 2008 11:22 pm

Something rotten in Broncos Country

Hey 24,

This is the first time I've had a chance to read your posts and I'm very impressed. Misery, (especially well-written misery) is quite entertaining to read, and as a Browns fan I speak from the heart :)

On to the Broncos. They seriously posted a -11 turnover differential? Wow. Last I heard from this team, Jay Cutler was on top of the world and some CBS analysts proclaimed him as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. What on earth happened? Was it the schedule? An injury along the offensive line? To Cutler himself?

Whatever it is, I hope Denver figures it out and fast. Fortunately, the AFC West is still the Broncos' to lose. The Chargers will only stay down for so long, so here's to hoping they turn it around soon.

(Just not this week!)

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Posted on: November 3, 2008 7:41 pm

Something rotten in Broncos Country

I can't say I can disagree with anything you said except the go bolts part. You have a lot tougher schedule down the stretch. For your sake I hope your team makes better use of your bye week that us.

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Posted on: November 3, 2008 7:04 pm

Something rotten in Broncos Country

the chargers and broncos are both playing horrible, one of them will make the playoffs but i dont know if either ones gonna last very long in the playoffs if they keep playing the way they are

go bolts

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