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Pre week 9 BCS Predictions

Posted on: October 29, 2010 3:55 pm
Rose Bowl: Michigan State vs Oklahoma - Michigan State looks to be in control of the Big Ten. They control their own destiny. While I don't think they will go undefeated, I believe they will win the Big Ten. I believe they will lose to Iowa but they will still win the Big Ten and make the Rose Bowl. Oklahoma lost to Missouri last week but that doesn't mean they can't get an At-Large bid or even win the Big 12. I think the Rose Bowl takes them with an At-Large bid and we could be looking at a very good game in the Rose Bowl.

Orange Bowl: Syracuse vs Miami (FL) - How messed up is this? This is like matching up Kimbo Slice vs that nerdy kid in your high school class. Syracuse is 5-2 right now and 2-1 in the conference. They trail Pitt who is 2-0 in the conference but Pitt has been inconsistant this season. Miami is slowly coming back this season after a bad start. I believe they will come back and win the ACC and go to the Orange Bowl this season.

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs Boise State - Alabama is still a very good team. I feel they are flying under the radar for the moment since the #1 has fallen 3 weeks in a row. They can still contend for a National Championship but for the moment they are a good choice for an At-Large bid for the Sugar Bowl. Boise State, guess what? Still not National Championship game. Doesn't that just suck? You can play Alabama though and show the nation you can contend with them though.

Fiesta Bowl: Missouri vs Utah - How did Missouri beat Oklahoma last week? I am not sure but they won the Fiesta Bowl. Now they are my pick to win the Big 12. They play Nebraska and they have to play the winner of the Big 12 South, which is currently lead by Baylor, yes Baylor. I am still firmly believing that Utah is going to beat TCU. Many think I am crazy, and maybe I am, but I am calling the upset that the Utes are going to beat the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian.

National Championship: Auburn vs Oregon - This didn't change from last week. Auburn and Oregon are still my picks to play for the National Championship game this year. Auburn and Cam Newton have been unstoppable and Oregon can litterally not be stopped. They have an explosive offense and this game would for sure be a shootout.

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Posted on: October 30, 2010 8:22 am

Pre week 9 BCS Predictions

Oregon has the best offense in the nation. Stopping them for a half is only good for that half. Oregon has so many weapons they can score with. I don't see anyone better at this point in time to put them in the National Championship game. Now if Oregon was to lose, then that disscussion would come come.

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Posted on: October 29, 2010 5:44 pm

Pre week 9 BCS Predictions

Oregon can be stopped.     They just haven't faced a team with enough depth to keep it up.

Case in point is Tennessee.     Tennessee stopped them the first half of that game, but Tennesse is playing alot of freshmen and has absolutely no depth at all.   So the 2nd half Oregon killed Tennessee and it became a blow out.  But Tennessee did show in the first half that Oregon can be stopped, and Tennesee isn't even close to being a good team right now.

Still, hard to see anyone on their schedule who can do it.

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