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QOTD 6/21/09 Bust Player 2009-2010

Posted on: June 20, 2009 10:08 pm
Edited on: June 20, 2009 10:12 pm
Which NHL player do you think will be a bust for the 2009-2010 season? Just like players that have a breakout year, every year there are certain players that are unable to live up to what they did the previous season.  Guys like Maxim Afinogenov of the Sabres come to mind. 

Picking a player that is going to be a bust is pretty much impossible, a lot harder than picking a breakout player.  My best guess for a bust for next season is Niklas Backstrom of the Minnesota Wild.  Last season, he was top 5 in the league in wins, save%, and shutouts but I do not see him continuing onto next season.  As many of you already know, Minnesota is going through a lot of personal changes right now.  New head coach Todd Richards seems to have a different style he wants his team to play than Jacques Lemaire.  Lemaire's system was basically New Jersey Devils hockey, all defense all the time.  I think Backstrom highly benefitted from this defensive system, and once Richards opens up the offense I think Backstrom is going to suffer. 

Now I am not saying he is gonna turn into a goalie like Vesa Toskala or Keri Lehtonen, but I do not see him contending for the Vezina next season.  I see him being in more of a range of a 2.6-2.8GAA and around .905 save%.  But I guess you never know, he could post better numbers next year than the one that just passed.

What about you, who do you think is gonna be a big bust next season?

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Posted on: June 21, 2009 1:58 am

QOTD 6/21/09 Bust Player 2009-2010

Well, Jeff Carter was playing injured from what I understand, so I'm not going to write him off just yet. I will say the guy does need to step up his game a lot and do more than score a goal or two every few games. His goal scoring numbers were nice, but other than that, he needs to learn a lot from his fellow teammate Mike Richards. Too many times have I seen Carter go lazy when it comes to playing defense, which has to change if he wants to be one of the elite players in the league.

All that being said, I feel like Jeff Carter is the BEST sniper in the league. The guys wrist shot is absolutely sick and I see him racking up 40+ goals for a long time. If he can continue to improve on his game when he DOESN'T have the puck, I think he will be one of our best players and one of the best players in the league.

But anyways, to answer the question, I think that Simeon Varlamov might be in for a big let down. Too many times have I seen (especially for the Flyers) a goalie step it up in the playoffs one season and then never be heard from again. Now don't get me wrong, I am very impressed with his play this postseason, but again too many times have we seen the same scenario. Plus if the Captials don't get that true defensive d-man, then his job is going to be even harder, especially when they have to play those teams with potent offenses.

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Posted on: June 20, 2009 11:18 pm

QOTD 6/21/09 Bust Player 2009-2010

I think so too, but because he'll be spending less time with Ovechkin and Backstrom and more time learning to be a solid all-around defenseman.

Jeff Carter, especially after his atrocious postseason. Also Loui Eriksson. Gotta see it again to believe it, especially with two 1st-time 30 goal scorers. (I know Carter had 29 two years ago though).

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Posted on: June 20, 2009 10:35 pm

QOTD 6/21/09 Bust Player 2009-2010

Good question pittsports, and I agree, picking a bust player for the upcoming season is definately harder than choosing a breakout player.

The player I'm going with, not so much taht I think he's going to be a bust but more because he had such a great season last year, is Mike Green. Not trying to take anything away from him(and I'm not picking him because I'm a Pens fan and dislike the Caps, Green is actually the only Caps player I like), but because he had such a breakout season, and set such a high standard for himself, IMO, that it may be hard for him to reach that level again next year. I may be wrong and he might get near the 30 goal, 70 pt season like he had last year, but I'm just not sure he can. I think the Pens exploited Green during their playoff series, and gave a blueprint to other teams on how to shut him down. It's one of those, I need to see it before I believe it. Or I guess in this case, I need to see it again to really believe in him.

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