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When is enough really enough?

Posted on: December 10, 2008 5:54 pm
7 years, $160,000,000 to throw a baseball once every 5 days.  Cy Young must be vehemently nauseous in his grave!

There is a ridiculous amount of money generated by professional sports and I am by all means 110% behind the athletes getting their share but can we somehow put and end to this gluttonous behavior?  I like the way the different leagues have controlled the rookie pay scales and wonder if there is a way to structure a scale for free agents as well to avoid this lunacy!  I guess the one thing you can argue is that the top baseball players have caught up with the NBA and they play twice as many games?  No one in the NFL tops $20 mil and only one is over $15 (Peyton Manning).  The NBA has 9 at $20 mil or more. The MLB will now have 4, all of whom play for the Yankees!

The only beautiful thing about it is that money doesn't necessarily buy victories. Last years New York Yankees club won only 5 more games than the lowest salaried Florida Marlins (who played one less game) with 10 times the payroll.  $209,081,579 versus $21,836,500.  The Tampa Bay Rays ($62,182,767) and the Minnesota Twins ($43,820,598) combined were just over half of the Yankees tab. We all know where the Rays went but the Twins were only a game short of the Yanks.  Here is to much more of the same good ol' karma in 2009!

I don't have a solution or even a good suggestion.  Any good accountants or economists feel free to chime in!  It just disgusts me to see this with athlete's when this enthusiast is struggling to find a job as his unemployment is running out.

Break a leg C.C. Sabathia, your on the biggest stage of 'em all!
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Posted on: December 11, 2008 1:18 pm

When is enough really enough?

Doesn't really say something good  about our 'culture' does it.  Am a lifelong Yankees fan but enough is really enough, and forget about Jim Carrey I wouldn't wast two cents on seeing one of his pictures!

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Posted on: December 11, 2008 9:29 am

When is enough really enough?

Here's the thing - he took what the market would bear.  That's economics.

160M is a ton of money.  But look at it this way, he is the product that is selling the business.  Shouldn't he get the rewards?  Should the players' slaries be capped so the owners can keep all the money?  Payrolls are high because baseball is a very profitable and popular business.  Fans gladly hand over money to go and watch these teams play.  Fans gladly hand over money to buy beer at these games.  Fans gladly hand over money to buy apparrel with their team's logo on it.  Advertisers gladly hand over money to advertise on television to the millions of fans that are watching in the hopes that they will buy their product.  Where should all that money go?  In the pockets of the owners?  Or to the actual attraction on the field.

Is throwing a basball really worth $160M over seven years?  No.  Is Jim Carrey acting in a movie worth $30M for like 4 months of work?  No.  But people flock to the movie and pay to see him - shouldn't he be rewarded with that money?

Also, Sabathia (or anyone else) can do alot of good with that money through setting up charitible foundations, etc., etc.

I will agree that our culture puts far too much importance on sports and celeberties in general.  They are turned into little gods.  That is why their salaries are so high.  If we all didn't care so much about them, they wouldn't make so much money.

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Posted on: December 10, 2008 6:44 pm

When is enough really enough?

Couldn't agree more, will i am.  Our country's economy is in shambles- the worst we've ever seen in our lifetimes.  Unemployment numbers are skyrocketing every month.  Last month we lost 500,000+ jobs.  Half a million Americans no longer have a paycheck to pay the mortgage or put food on the table with, and the Yankees shell out $161MM to one man over 7 years.  And like you said- C.C. SABATHIA WILL ONLY PLAY EVERY FIFTH GAME!  I'd give my left n*t to play a game for one tenth of that money over my lifetime

I was a recent casualty of our economy and my company's "cut backs."  And I know I worked harder- and played less- than these superstars ever have/will.  I sit on unemployment for the first time in my life, and hear the same thing every day- "I love your experience, but we just aren't hiring right now..."  My brother, an intern for a MLB team (contract runs out Dec. 31st), with a Masters degree, hears the same thing every day as well.  "Well, I know we just spent $18MM on a shortstop for 2 years, but we had to eliminate our $40K administrative jobs this year."  My cousin, a seasoned and hard working restaurant manager, is thinking about washing dishes to less than make ends meet.  And one of my very good friends, a hard worker recently laid off from the mortgage industry, is running out of unemployment...  Every one of us- intelligent, hard working individuals- having a hard time sleeping at night wondering if this nightmare will ever end.

It's an insane world that we're living in right now.  Hope our new leaders can figure this darn thing out sooner rather than later...


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