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Things in Boston that don't make sense

Posted on: August 12, 2008 11:44 am
This is a post dedicated to all the things that happen in Boston that just baffle the mind.

1. The perpetual road construction. They will rip up a road to repair it, leave it a mess for months without touching it and then suddenly repave it in one freaking night. Meanwhile they ruin a road to repair a sidewalk and then ruin that same sidewalk repairing the road. Now, instead of painted crosswalk lines in Kenmore square, they're putting in granite blocks and laying concrete bricks for crosswalks. I guess they want to have the nicest looking crosswalks they can, never mind that they've turned one of the most heavily trafficked places in the city into a complete sh!t show for the last 6 months.

2. Unnecessary bridges. Apparently somebody decided they needed to build a bridge going from one spot along the Charles River another spot on the same side about 100 feet away. Not to mention there is already a path there that is shorter than the bridge is (because the bridge has to bow out into the river). Also, its ugly as he!!.

3. Speaking of the Charles River, I saw some people fishing in it the other day. We're talking about a river that was is so polluted that until recently, if you took a cup of water from the river and dumped it back in you were technically dumping waste illegally into the river. Nothing lives in that river other than bacteria and disease. Fishing? Really?

4. Public transportation closes at 1, bars close at 2. Is it just me or is this asking for people to drive home drunk?

5. Traffic circles with stop lights. Trust me they're out there. Some even have another road passing through the middle.

6. No food at night. I dare you to try and get food after 3 am in Boston. Its impossible. Where are the 24 hour diners? Its mostly a college town do you know people are awake, drunk and hungry.

Thats all for now, I have to get back to work
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Posted on: September 1, 2008 5:06 pm

Things in Boston that don't make sense

My house in Delaware was paid off for almost 7 years before I moved up here.  The entire sale of that house ended up just being a down payment up here.  Where is my current house?  Not only outside of Rt. 128, but also outside of I-495, to the west.  I live in Westborough.  The driving commute used to kill me.  45 minutes in the morning (leave the house at 6:05); 2.5 hrs minimum getting home.  Now I take the commuter rail - much better.  The Red line from South Station to Cambridge (where I work) JUST got better since they decided the Longfellow bridge was actually safe enough for the trains to transit.

A word of warning, caution, whatever you want to call it:  when it snows, Cambridge becomes paralyzed.  And I mean for as little as 5-6 inches.  Better plan on the buses/T if there's a snowy forecast.   In the snowbelt, near Worcester, where I live, they are top-notched dealing with the snow.  But getting to the Pike, through Cambridge, in the snow used to be a nightmare.

I too spent a lifetime, one drunken evening trying to find food.  I DID get lucky though, so mark this one down.  Mike's Roast Beef, up Rt. 99,  in or near Everett is open at least until 2.  (At least it used to be).  The place was packed the night of my adventure.  Following a Red Sox game, me and a buddy ended up at a marina in Winthrop AFTER the stop at Mike's.  I don't remember what time I got back to Westborough that night (next morning).

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Posted on: August 14, 2008 2:47 pm

Things in Boston that don't make sense

All in all, Boston is a great place. Lots of culture, the beach & mountains are both close by, sports out the wahzoo. All you need to do is get rid of the roads, self-centered drivers and those damn rotarys.... and it would be perfect.

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Posted on: August 14, 2008 2:13 pm

Things in Boston that don't make sense

Maybe I'm not a good person to ask because I like the winter, but Boston isn't that bad except going over the river.

The worst part about winter is people not knowing how to drive in snow.  Last year some idiot abandoned his car on my exit during a snow storm, blocking all the traffic.  Took me an hour to drive what I could have walked in about 10 minutes.

Its a good place overall though.

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Posted on: August 14, 2008 2:09 pm

Things in Boston that don't make sense

NYG Babe..........

After reading all the Post yours included I would say overall you are happy with Boston.......BUT....there is something missing,I know your an Eastern Girl but have you ever been out to Pacific Northwest??? It is a lot more laidback and easy life style........yes it rains out here but very rarely snows.Great culture and lots of it............and there is a million things do outside.........Mother Nature lives in all our back -yards!!!

I know I sound like a public realtions because I have never been to Boston,but have heard exactly what you have said about it,terrible city to drive in,the bars close early but the people are friendly and the food is great..........there is give and take with everything in life.Take Care

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Posted on: August 13, 2008 6:48 pm

Things in Boston that don't make sense

Chi-town isn't good, I had a buddy who went to school there I saw a lot, but the wind can get to you.  I can't imagine it being worse than New England.

Not so fast my friend!... *always wanted to say that... again*... The Hawk here is nothing to play with. I have friends from Boston, Maine, and NY who have all come here mid march even and felt how horrible that downtown Chicago wind can be. I was fine walking with jeans and a hoodie pulled up... fine being relatively speaking and they were frozen practically. Actually they all were "wind burned" wearing jeans and sweaters and coats... lol. Downtown in the winter is dangerous to even us natives. You may take a bad turn down a street and the wind hits you like a pound of ice to the face. Oh it hurts... hurts bad... and suddenly... bam! RIGHT IN THE KISSER.... so cold so so cold... Chicago winters can be much much worse. I think the NE area may have the worst when it comes to amount of snow falling, but if I didn't love that frigid death trap called outdoors in February in Chicago, I'd be complaining. LOL. Yes the taste rocks... Summer time here is... incredible. Simply incredible... the food, the music, the festivals, the parties, the CUBBIES!.. the parades, the culture... really awesome, if you haven't been you should see it.


Yes... lol it was a shocker... it was like the record player stopped when I walked in... Hilarious to me but eh... I like attention.

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Posted on: August 13, 2008 3:02 pm

Things in Boston that don't make sense

Suprisingly as small as Indianapolis is there is always food, and transportation is good too.  Not to mention we have a Manning!  If you ever come to Indy there always seems to be a place to go to and a place to eat at 24/7.  NYG_Babe I am suprised.  I have heard Boston is horrible in the winter.  Chi-town isn't good, I had a buddy who went to school there I saw a lot, but the wind can get to you.  I can't imagine it being worse than New England.

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Posted on: August 13, 2008 2:36 pm

Things in Boston that don't make sense

Wow Amaizen!

Really at pubs in Boston?? I am surprised. I never really thought of that as an issue... but then again there are certain areas that historically have some tensions. I am relatively new here though so I am trying to figure it all out.

I must say I did visit Chi-town on my way over to Boston and fell in love. Hell, I looked up jobs when I was there thinking I might not even go on to Boston afterall. The one thing that prevented me from doing that is the weather. I heard the its soo much worse there in the winter than Boston. I can barely handle the cold here or in NY. I knew I wouldn't deal with ti there. Chicago is a great city though... beautiful... and the taste of Chicago was awesome! :)


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Posted on: August 13, 2008 11:22 am

Things in Boston that don't make sense

So I guess no matter where you live you take the good with the bad.

That's not always true. I can't find one bad thing about Chicago... ok ok.. well not one major bad... ok well... wait... ok let me rephrase.. I can't find one good reason (bad thing about Chicago) that would make me want to move to a different city. Ok there we go! Whew... almost couldn't get it out.

LOL @ the list of things about Boston.

Here's another one in question form: Why does it seem like Boston isn't the... for lack of better words... "culturally accommodating" city? Twas kind of interesting walking into a few pubs in the city during my few stays in Boston, kinda felt like the south a bit LOL. To borrow a phrase from Tupac Shakur "All eyez on me", was definitely the case the majority of the time.

At least you guys can get your own gas and make left turns in Boston. That's a PLUS in the driving column!!

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Posted on: August 13, 2008 11:05 am

Things in Boston that don't make sense

Oh.... and 1 other thing... Just so you know Harvard Square and Union Square are also torn up with construction. So as far as the construction goes its not any better on this side of the city...LOL! Just thought I would forwarn you.

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Posted on: August 13, 2008 8:57 am

Things in Boston that don't make sense

YAY Brocious! You are moving over to the better side. Cambridge is awesome. I am not quite in Cambridge but I'm bordering on it. Its great over here. Of course I live in one of the not so nice areas... but I am really close to all the nice ones... so its ok. If you havn't lived in Cambridge ever I guarantee you will love it. Best to be away from Fenway if you still have NY plates etc. They don't like us much. I am not one to deny my team.... matter of fact I was walking around in my Giants shirt yesterday... the looks I got were priceless. Fortuntately, and most likely cause I am girl no one tried to beat me up... although a few people shouted things from their car. I paid no mind to it b/c I couldn't make out if it was compliment or insult with the funny accent and all. JK!!!

I have lived many places (Philly, NY, San Diego, Boston) and each has their own downfalls. In Philly, very cool city, great cheese steaks, cool bars, but as a girl I couldn't walk down the street alone at night... as I learned after I got robbed at knife point... ugh! Philly was also going down hill fast, becomijng more dangerous and run down. It was sad to see. California had awesome weather, nice beaches, but the people were fake nice and you never really knew who your friend was, traffic was horrible way worse than Boston. Public transportation down there didn't exist at all really, at least in Boston you have it till 1am. New York of course is the best, you can drink to all hours, eat at any hour, walk through most of the popular areas and there is always people around no matter what time it is. The public transportation although confusing at times... is awesome and is 24/7. You pay the price to have all of these amenties though with the most expensive property rates in the country. Besides it has its downfalls too -there is always a lot of construction in NY and tons of traffic too, the grid clok is HELL!!!

So I guess no matter where you live you take the good with the bad. As for me, I don't want to eat food after 3am anyway (b/c I'm a girl and I dont want to get fat..LOL!) so I am glad I can't get it... the no transportation after 1am sucks but we typically alternate being the designated driver (depending on which part of town we are going to) or will just cab it back and split the cost... $10 each isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. The construction is probably the most annoying and the crazy drivers... but that I am sure I will get use to in time.



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