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My NBA Power Rankings

Posted on: December 9, 2008 8:45 pm

NBA Power Rankings for week of December 9th, 2008

1.  Boston Celtics (20-2)- They keep on winning, Ray Allen is the one that has been scoring for the Celtics this season (19.3 PPG). 

2.  Cleveland Cavaliers (17-3)- The Cavs get the upper hand because the lead the league in point differential (13.3) this season.  The Cavs also have an 8 game winning streak, the Lakers do not.

3.  Los Angeles Lakers- (17-2)- I am looking forward to seeing the Celtics and Lakers on Christmas Day.

4.  Orlando Magic (16-5)- The team nobody is talking about.  They are very close to reaching the elite with the top 3 teams this season.

5.  Portland Trail Blazers (15-7)- A quiet 7-0 start playing at home.  That could be the key stat for them down the road.

6.  Denver Nuggets (14-7)- Denver has been the real winner of the Iverson trade so far.  Chauncey Billups can still play.

7.  Houston Rockets (13-8)- McGrady might be back in two weeks, so Houston can still ride the storm.

8.  New Orleans Hornets (11-6)- Chris Paul has very quickly become the best point guard in the game.  Tell me who is better?

9.  Dallas Maverics (11-8)- Don't look now, but the Maverics are starting to win again.  Jason Terry has been fantastic.

10. Atlanta Hawks (12-7)- Atlanta has been consistent all season long. 

11. Utah Jazz (13-9)- Utah has had some injury problems, but once they all come back, this team could make a move again.  Never count out a Jerry Sloan team out.

12. New Jersey (11-8)- The Nets have won 7 of their last 10 games.  It's possible Vince Carter is going to stay right where he is after all.

13. San Antonio Spurs (11-8)- Any team with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Greg Popovich coaching, has a chance to win.

14. Miami Heat (12-9)- Dwayne Wade has put up MVP numbers this season, which means he's healthy.  That is always huge for any Eastern conference opponets.

15. Phoenix Suns (12-9)- The Suns are one of thos bubble teams, and this season has shown that.  4-6 the last 10 games shows they have been struggling lately though.

16.  Detroit Pistons (11-8)- The Pistons have been slipping lately, but with Antonio McDyess signing with the club again could provide some help.  But don't count on it right away, most players need about 10 games to get into game shape.

17.  Chicago Bulls (9-11)- The Bulls have the young pieces, but Joakim Noah might be the most important piece, he needs to be more consistent and the Bulls need to figure out what he can and cannot do to help this team.

18. Philadelphia 76ers (9-12)- The 6ers can always be a dangerous team, but they need to figure out how to gel as a team before they are considered a playoff team.

19. New York Knicks (9-11)- David Lee is a beast and the Knicks have been building around him.  Almost a guarenteed double double every night.

20. Milwaukee Bucs (9-13)- Michael Redd is getting back into game shape.  Richard Jefferson is playing solid, the Bucs should turn things around.

21. Toronto Raptors- (8-11)- A new coach, this team needs to bounce back fast.  They have a tough matchup tonight against the Cavs.

22. Charlotte Bobcats- (7-14)- The Bobcats have a nice young nucleus of players, the problem is will Larry Brown be patient enough to stick around by the time this team finally wins?  Odds aren't in favor of it.

23. Indiana Pacers- (7-13)- This team plays hard for Jim O' Brien.  The problem though is they have still been losing, but Danny Granger has played very well and become one of the young forces in the NBA.

24. Memphis Grizzlies (6-15)- Memphis still has Rudy Gay, and that's always a good thing.

25.  Golden State Warriors (6-15)- Winning 1 game over their last 10 does not help Don Nelson at all.

26. Minnesota Timberwolves (4-15)- Kevin McHale will help this young team, he is a better head coach than Randy Whittman, but will McHale want to keep coaching after this season?

27. Los Angeles Clippers (4-17)- I am waiting for Baron Davis and Zach Randolph to click.  Will it happen?

28. Sacramento Kings- (5-16)- Lost 8 in a row and their next two games are against the Lakers.  Any takers on 10 losses in a row?

29. Washinton Wizards- (3-15)- Yes Gilbert Arenas means alot to the Wizards, but he shouldn't mean this much.  Not with Antaan Jamison and Caron Butler playing.

30. Oklahoma City Thunder- (2-20)- Oklahoma City fans should be patient, Seattle fans must be loving this though.

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