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The Holding bowl

Posted on: February 2, 2009 5:57 pm

I used to think that two weeks between the Conference Championship games and the Superbowl is one to many but this year I am happy because it gave me the time to get over the Eagles loss a bit so I could enjoy the game better.


Man, that´s a lot of penalties! Holdings most of them it seemed though there were others. However there were plenty of moments to savour. That touchdown catch by Santonio Holmes of course but also James Harrisons interception return and Larry Fitzgeralds receiving touchdown. Jeez, that guy is fast! Also I´m impressed by Big Bens ability to run back and forth behind the LOS like a yo-yo several times while trying to avoid being sacked and still be able to direct a seemingly laserguided pass downfield, perfectly catchable. I don´t know about that Hall of fame talk but he sure can lead a team on a big occasion! Overall I enjoyed this years game as much as last years and for next year, all I hope is the Birds participate and it will be even better!

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