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My NFL pre-season rankings.

Posted on: August 3, 2009 11:53 am
Edited on: August 4, 2009 10:36 am
These are my power rankings, I`m just trying to breathe some sense into this wild west show we seem to have going on, anyone see the rankings that Eagles fan made....
The NFL is wide open and I think any of the top 15 teams could win the Superbowl, probably one from the top 10 though.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers   -   They won the NFL championship and retained their star players they stay on top.
                                     And the Ben Rothlisberger thing will blow over in no time.

2. New England Patriots -   Tom Brady is back in town and no matter what people say he is going to be fine,
plus the rest of their team is better this year than last with Fred Taylor and Joey Galloway.

3. Philidelphia Eagles    -   They got better in the offseason only question and this is a big one is Brian Westbrook OK?
He is the silent superstar and if he is not right I don`t think they go anywhere.

4. Indianapolis Colts     -   Some people will disagree but I think they got much better in the offseason.
they had a great draft, I know Tony Dungy is gone but I think he is a better person than he is a football coach.
If you follow what they have done and what they intend to do you`ll feel either exitement or fear.

5. Arizona Cardinals      -   They ALMOST won the superbowl.
Only thing is I think they lost more than they gained In the offseason.
I love these guys I just wish I were more exited about them this year, but I just dont see them challenging.

6. San Diego Chargers  -    You just don`t know about these guys,
Shawn Merriman is back so I think the defense will be better.
LaDainian Tomlinson may have one more special year in him and Phillip Rivers Made Huge Strides this offseason.

7. Minnesota Vikings    -     Very solid foundation. Sage Rosenfels is underrated he always has been.
Adrian Peterson is unstoppable so with an average passing game I dare you to imagine.
My only question is the defensive backfield.

8. Tennesee Titans       -    I think they got worse in the offseason,
I like some of what they did but Haynesworth leaves a unfillable gap
Especially in a team that MUST controll the ball defensively to win. Kerry Collins isn`t getting any younger.

9. Atlanta Falcons         -    I dont know what to say about these guys but, Matt Ryan wow lets see it again
                                          This time with Tony Gonzalez.

10. Green Bay Packers  -    Aaron Rodgers is the real deal fire anyone who had to do with the 49ers taking Alex Smith,
They get the nod over the Saints just because I think the defense is better, they have a tough divisoin.

11. New Orleans Saints -     Drew Brees can will these guys to the playoffs.
But the defense needs to show us something, anything. They remind me of the Colts of yesteryear.

12. Dallas Cowboys      -      Well I for one think not having Terrel Owens makes these guys better,
Time for Roy Williams to show us what he is made of the Detroit excuse just won`t cut it.
                                        If I thought more of Wade Phillips these guys would be higher.

13. Houston Texans     -      I really like these guys they just keep getting better, no way they take the division but,
wildcard anyone? Even if the answer is no firing Gary Kubiak would be a big mistake.

14. New York Giants     -       Well they have some young talent at wideout which is good but I think they lost more than they gained In the offseason. They will be back I just don`t think it is going to be this season.

15.  Chicago Bears       -      Well Jay Cutler is really good but who is he going to throw too?
If they had a decent number 1 wideout they could be higher.
why let Berrian go why? Maybe the defense will revert to what they used to be.

16. Baltimore Ravens   -      Getting Derrick Mason back helps and if the defense is the same as it was then they may do better than last year even. I want to see it first though.

17. Miami Dolphins      -       They won`t win the division this year, and all those special offensive packages are not going to suprise anyone. I think they still need to find a long term QB before they can truly compete for the Superbowl.

18. Washington Redskins -   Well they always do get some impressive FA`s and then it doesn`t translate into wins I want to see Colt Brennan compete for the starting job Jason Campbell doesn`t seem to be cutting it.

19. Carolina Panthers   -       I don`t know why they are not better than they are but all I know is that they are not, a great running game cannot carry a team that chronically underperforms. I think it is time for John Fox to go.

20. Seattle Seahawks   -       Is Matt Hasselback washed up?
I don`t think so which means with Housh in the WR position they should be back to their old selves.
Last year everything seemed wrong but lets see them rebound before anyone gets excited.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars -     Maybe this will be a big bounce back year for them, then again maybe not.
Jack Del-Rio seems frustrated. Even an ageing Torry Holt helps legitamize the passing game.

22. Kansas City Chiefs   -     I think Matt Cassel is for real.
They are here only because they have to prove that they are for real first.
A weak division should help them with that.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Lots of questions for these guys, first and foremost does Brian Griese start?
I say yes and I think that makes them a threat to win the division.
But like everyone else they have somethings to prove.
Coaching Changes and the loss of Monet Kiffin brings them down.

24. San Francisco 49ers   -    Can Mike Singletary bring reason to the Bay? I`m going to say yes.
                                     I really think we`ll see improvment here, The defense is a bright spot.

25. New York Jets           -     I am not on the Mark Sanchez bandwagon,
Pete Carrol didn`t think he was ready and neither do I.
Good news is the rest of the team is pretty good.

26. Cincinnati Bengals   -      Is Carson Palmer healthy? They could be decent if they would just play to potential.

27. Clevland Browns       -      I think Eric Mangini will get these guys in shape eventually, but lots of issues here.
Whats wrong with Braylon Edwards? Will Either Derrick Anderson or Brady Quinn play well?
Have they learned how to sterilize the surgical instuments? Anthing left Jamaal Lewis?

28. Denver Broncos       -      Thats right they are BELOW the Browns, I don`t think Josh McDaniels was ready for this.
                                         The defense is terrible, I don`t expect more than 5 wins all season.

29. Buffalo Bills             -      Why get TO why? That makes little sense I think they are headed downhill,
                                          which is bad because they are allready below sealevel.

30. Oakland Raiders      -      Al Davis must be getting senile becuase nothing they have done makes any sense,
                                          they are going to be bad for a long time.

31. St. Louis Rams        -       Things are bad here, real bad.

32. Detroit Lions           -       Well Calvin Johnson is good.


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Posted on: December 31, 2009 8:48 pm

My NFL pre-season rankings.

Pittsburg huh?  The bottom of this list was pretty solid though.

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Posted on: December 27, 2009 10:55 pm

My NFL pre-season rankings.

First, I want express my respect and admiration for having the brass to put 'em out there for abuse.  And, your analysis' aren't bad.  I don't agree with some of what you wrote, but, on the whole, pretty well thought out.  And, for putting it out there before any games were played, you weren't too far off.  This has been a strange season with game results that leave one scratching more than his/her head........OMG !

Well, we are now down to the last week of the regular season, and quite frankly, I think there are teams who made the playoffs who are not as good as some that didn't make it.  But, that is why they play 16 games a year.  You have to survive, without major injuries to key players, while winning three quarters of the games, just to get to the SECOND season.  So, with all that said, it's time to put them on the chopping block.

#1-San Diego Chargers- Consistancy on both sides of the ball, two good RBs, a QB who has elevated his game to the top level, receivers
                                    that can actually catch a football, and the intangibles, desire and belief that they can win it a hair

#2-Indianapolis Colts-  The defense is the difference maker now.  Peyton, if it's possible, has gotten a little better, and intense. His two
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nbsp;    new receivers have stepped up, Addai is running when necessary, and Caldwell did his homework............

#3-Minnesota Vikings- This team could implode with the infighting between Prima Donna Farve and Coach Childress. They have all the
                                 pieces in place, can they take it all the way..........??? Need more consistancy....

#4-Arizona Cardinals- This will apply to the next 4 teams, consistancy needed, badly! One week they play like their unbeatable, and the
                                next like some mediocre college team. 
#5-New Orleans Saints- What the hell happened? Maybe the competition did have something to do with 13-0.  The last two weeks
                                  have completely wiped out the psychological advantage they once had. Who knows where the Brees blows?
#6-Philadelphia Eagles- Good when everybody is healthy, but even one guy out makes them very beatable. Just don't have all the pieces
                                   yet, and no depth.

#7-Dallas Cowboys- Watching them muddle through the Redskins right now. Play uninspired, lackluster, sloppy. They could be much
                             better, but don't seem to care.

#8-Cincinnati Bengals- Again, it's about consistancy. They played lights out against the division teams, but lay eggs in Oakland and
                                 Minnesota. Have all the pieces, but just like Jello, they gotta gel.  '

#9-New England Patriots- Their defense is not very good, and not as good as the Bengals. Moss whining, friction showing through cracks,
                                    Brady can't do it all, and this ain't the former champs.

#10-Denver Broncos- Josh McDaniels must have been paying attention in N.E. He got the defense playing tough, and has been nursing
                               the offense, USED to get just enough points to win games.  Biggest surprise to me.

#11-Pittsburgh Steelers- Boy, talk about ONE player making a difference, Troy Palamalu IS the heart of this team. Ben has been
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inconsistant, offensive line not as good, receivers having problems, and defense in missing man formation...

#12-Green Bay Packers- Another inconsistant team, but the defense has been improving week to week, and the offense is keeping pace.
;     &nbs
p;     &nb
sp;     &n
bsp;     &
They are on the way up this ranking list.

#13-Houston Texans- Doesn't matter, won't make the playoffs, but on the way up.

#14-Baltimore Ravens-Got knocked out of playoffs tonight, but played tough. Just lost something on defense, and not running Rice
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nbsp;   often enough.

#15-Miami Dolphins- Out of the playoff picture, but looks like they found their QB. If the D improves, these guys will be tough next year.

#16-New York Jets- I just watched as Indy handed them the game. It won't do any good, cause the Bengals will beat them next week,
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bsp;     and finish knocking them out of the playoff picture.  No depth, and Ryan's system is not yet ingrained. 

17-32  Who cares???  I went down to the Jets, just because they might, and I repeat, might make the playoffs, and there are several
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nbsp;  teams better. I think I have covered my Glutamous Maximus sufficiently, but I can hear those swamp things
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nbsp;  growling even now................................

I think I was wanting to drain the swamp?????????? ;-D

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Posted on: December 27, 2009 4:36 pm

My NFL pre-season rankings.

Why is Minnesota #7? They ARE going to win the Superbowl this your, why you ask, because we have never won it and we deserve it. Enough said.

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Posted on: December 18, 2009 1:42 am

My NFL pre-season rankings.

And my Rams, you probably think things are bad because you likely don't follow them as much. We have a good amount of core players on D: Long, Carriker, Atogwe, Bartell, Ryan, Laurinaitis, Witherspoon, and Little. All are no more then 4 years with the team. Little is the oldest and 'Spoon is 28. Plus ample depth on the DL.  On offense, we got a really young OL that has all the potential in the world: Barron (servicable), Bell, Jason Brown, Cogs, and #2 pick Jason Smith. Oh and there's Steven Jackson. We got the potential to win 7 or 8 games.

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Posted on: December 16, 2009 2:25 pm

My NFL pre-season rankings.

Your post popped up in Broncos page for some reason. Otherwise I would have never known about it. Hey how about the Broncos beating the Patriots? How about the Colts should have lost to the Patriots if Bill decided to punt instead of going for it? do you remember? There are flaws in your argument everywhere and I will stop reading your sorry posts

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Posted on: December 15, 2009 10:09 pm

My NFL pre-season rankings.

Okay, sorry obviously the broncos are not lower than the Jets currently they both have strong defenses and the broncos have a better offense.  But seriously playing a decent game against indy doens`t mean anything lets see who else have played the colts a game as close as the Broncos this year.

San Francisco
New England

Thats 8 out of 12.

I was just trying to make a point that my ranking held fairly true throughout the season. It is really easy to homer preseason post 4 months after it was made.  If my posts don`t interest you then I have an Idea. Save your life and DONT READ IT.

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Posted on: December 15, 2009 5:59 pm

My NFL pre-season rankings.

Ive decided to register to reply to your prediction and your follow up.

THE BRONCOS ARE JUST AVERAGE? a 8-5 team is average? What are you drinking? Haterade? They play well against the Colts in Indy. What are you smoking?

IF the Jets is a little above average and the Broncos are just average, you have a logic of a 2 years old.

You are a huge Charger homer or you just have no clues about the NFL.

Please stop posting nonsense stuff.

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Posted on: December 13, 2009 5:35 pm

My NFL pre-season rankings.

I don`t think they look all that bad actually, espesially compared to what some other people did.
Also lets remember these were preseason power rankings, not playoff predictions. Injuries happen and they dramatically shift everything every season.

1, Pittsburgh  -  Okay you can`t hold this against me, SB winner is always number 1. Its what you get when you have key injuries and the Steelers have had plenty.

2, New England - Okay another slight miss, they are still going to be a playoff team and a division winner. If they make the playoffs they have a shot. Hasn`t everyone learned not to discount these guys yet?

3, Philly - And you all doubted me but looks like they are gonna win their division I get this one.

4, Indianapolis - Told you so Told you so.

5, Arizona -     Well, they seem to be coming on strong late - Again.

6, San Diego - Looks like another division winning pick.

7, Minnesota - Wow, and this was before I knew they had Brett Favre!

8, Tennesse - Okay a misstep I admit it - but I did say I was concerned. I expected them to be a strong wildcard and looks like they might still get in.

9, Atlanta    -  Another example of Injuries derailing a teams season - they are still alive for the playoffs but they won`t make it.

10, Green Bay - I think I nailed this one.

11, New Orleans - What a difference a season can make huh? The defense took them to the top.

12, Dallas - Is anyone willing to argue with me over this one? Really?

13, Houston - Maybe I picked them a little high but maybe not they are still alive for the playoffs.

14, New York Giants - I predicted them to be a little better than average. I still hold to that.

15, Chicago - The passing game is even worse than I feared - and so is the rest of this team.

16, Baltimore - A little better than I thought they would be, but not much.

Okay thats half lets just sum up the rest.
Things I got wrong -

Denver, I thought they would be bad and they aren`t bad they are just average.

Cincinnatti, Sure they are better than I ranked them but I couldn`t justfy ranking them higher with so many questions and they still aren`t that good.

New York Jets - I thought they would be bad and they are just a little above average.

Show me someone who did better.

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Posted on: December 11, 2009 2:58 pm

My NFL pre-season rankings. you really took at hit on YOUR rankings huh!
A couple of things you SAW, Colts would be good and St Louis bad.
This is the problem of TRYING to foresee what teams will do. Many like you
use the past year as the brometer of good or bad and then inject opinions
about what FA and draft choices make a team better. Does not work huh!
Mel Kiper Jr. is the best at this because he studies year round, and he is
correct ONLY 31% of the time.

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Posted on: December 2, 2009 10:05 am

My NFL pre-season rankings.

Denver at 28 shows how you got sucked onto the hate wagon...  Dead wrong.

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