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Bye week?

Posted on: September 10, 2008 10:54 am
The Colts get back on the practice field today, for what will be one of the more grueling practices they have faced in a while. To walk into Lucas Oil Stadium, on Sunday night, and cough up a fur ball was not and will not be acceptable.

Listening to Jeff Saturday, on Tuesday, kinda gave some insight to what the mentality was, that night. This was their night. This was their home, and a new one at that. They fully expected to walk out of the Stadium as victors, before the game even started. The Colts had become complacent. Were there aggravating factors? Sure. The fact that Peyton didn't take one snap in preseason is a good one. The fact that Jeff Saturday was out with an injury was another. However, when someone goes down, someone else needs to step in and step up. That didn't happen.

As to the defense, I am sure that there will be a lot of tackling drills, this week. Facing Adrian Peterson, this week and Taylor / Jones-Drew the next, the Colts defense cannot afford to let themselves be run over. They need to tighten up, and quick.

Because of injuries and the way other teams faired this past week, the Colts got somewhat of a pass. The Titans won, but lost Vince Young for 2-4 weeks. That could be a blessing for the Titans, as Kerry Collins may be able to move the offense a little better. The Jags and Texans lost, so the Colts are not in bad shape in the division. In the conference, with Tom Brady going down, coupled with a Chargers loss and Shawn Merriman being put on IR, the Colts could be looked at as one of two AFC favorites.  November 9th may very well be a preview to the AFC Championship Game.

But, all that stuff means nothing unless they win. They have to win. They have to put points on the board, and our defense HAS to make stops. The Colts have become one of those teams that everyone guns for. With the schedule that they have, they cannot afford to be complacent. We'll see how prepared they really are at 1:00pm on Sunday. Hopefully the Colts make a statement.
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Posted on: September 11, 2008 3:18 pm

Bye week?

Yeah, they need to manage AP, and the way they struggled to stop the rookie, Matt Forte, it doesn't look that good. And the Red-zone offense has to improve and get touchdowns, instead of 30-yards FG. But I'm sure the Colts will get back to their normal position and win on sunday, like we expect.

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