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Cardinals vs. Redskins Recap

Posted on: September 21, 2008 6:28 pm
The Arizona Cardinals lost their first game today 24-17.  A tough loss for this team saying they played well...Let's go through the recap

QB Kurt Warner - Kurt had another solid game today..Throwing for 192 yards on 16/30 passing..He found the end zone twice while getting picked off once.

RB Edgerrin James - Edgerrin did a nice job on the ground today..Picking up 93 yards on 18 carries...He didn't hit the end zone once again.His longest rush was 16 yards and he caught two passes for 15 yards.

WR Anquan Boldin - Anquan wasn't looked to as much this week.Just receiving 3 passes for 25 yards.He did reach the end zone though on a 4 yard score from Kurt Warner to Boldin.

WR Larry Fitzgerald - Larry had a great game today.Receiving 109 yards on 7 catches and Larry hit the end zone for a 62 yard score...A nice comeback from last week.

Defense - The defense did a decent job...But got torn apart by Jason Campbell...Holding the Redskins to 24 points was what i would call an accomplishment.

Overall - They lost the game today.  But it was still a nice job by the Cardinals.  Kurt Warner had another good week.  Edgerrin James rushed for 93 yards.  And the receiving duo both hit the end zone.  But Jason Campbell and the Redskins offense tore the Cards apart today passing wise.  Look for the Cardinals to answer back next week in New York when they play the Jets.
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Cardinals vs. Redskins Recap

What's Up Clutch? Sincere apology for not voting in all the rounds.Great Poll !  Good Luck topping that one.Sorry about the Mets situation.Look at the bright side,for a huge part of the year you guys played with 1 true OF.Tatis & Evans are IFers,and still took it to the 162nd gm. of the year.Anyway back to the reason I'm getting at you.Your Re-cap of the Cards-'Skins game.The defense has nothing to be ashamed of,they're not the first team shredded by Campbell & won't be the last this season.This year,I truly believe, is his coming out party.Moss is in store for a monster season;they have Portis in the backfield keeping defenses honest.He took his team into Big D and left with a win;a big win for a number of reasons:a) a head to head W b) a div.W c) if they should make the playoffs & have to return to Dallas(although Sun. may have taken care of that) they'll return knowing that they can & have won there.Back to the Cards.If James is looking to prove doubters like me wrong he's doing a good job of it.One thing I have no doubt about is Warner's ability to sling it;enter Fitzgerald & Boldin into the equation...Wow!! Then let's not foget about Breaston who I believe is filling in for Boldin this week despite the fact that he was targeted before Boldin got hurt.I don't see James being the recieving threat out of the backfield he was with Indy, but if Warner could swing it out to him once in a while it might plant a seed in opposing defenses heads.     
; P.S. They answered back vs. the Jets,only problem was who knew the answer was going to be 56 pts.long.400+yds.aside Warner can't cough it up 6 times,that's horrendous.Good times might not be as far away as some think in Arizona.The window is closing on Warner & James.

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Posted on: September 21, 2008 8:31 pm

Cardinals vs. Redskins Recap

Where is the Redskins recap of this game?!

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