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Should Pete Rose Be On My 25 Man Roster?

Posted on: April 11, 2009 5:34 pm

I wanted to put together a vote for the greatest all-time third baseman this weekend, but I don't have the time to put into it due to my out of town Easter plans.  So I decided to just do a shorty this weekend that won't require research, writing and a buttload of typing. 

To put together a roster of the greatest players/team of all time, one must also have a great bench of players who aren't exactly the greatest at their position but would provide great enough hitting and fielding so that you don't have much of a drop off when you replace one of your starters.  I plan on having 10 pitchers on this 25 man roster and there will be 8 starters so that will leave room for 7 bench players.  One bench spot has already been taken by my own direction which was Josh Gibson.  The reason that I wish to hold a special vote for Pete Rose is because he is the "Hit King", but due to the fact that he played a varied number of positions throughout his career, he'll  probably not get selected as the best at any one of them.   So the purpose of this entry is simple.  Vote either "yes" or "no" on Pete Rose as one of the 6 remaining bench players.    I ask that you put your biases aside on Pete Rose the person and vote on how you value him as a player.   I'm not going to opine on whether or not I think Rose should or shouldn't be, but I will say that its my belief that Rose's gambling did not have an effect with his performance as a player on the field. 

I cannot finish this blog entry without announcing YOUR choice as the Greatest Second Baseman of All-Time.  Rogers Hornsby was the winner with 14 votes.  Nap Lajoie finished 2nd with 7 and Jackie Robinson finished third with 5.  Eddie Collins and Ryne Sandberg each got 3 votes for fourth.   So Rogers Hornsby joins Johnny Bench, Lou Gehrig and Josh Gibson as permanent members on my 25 man team of all-time greats.   Due to their good showings, Lajoie and Robinson should be thrown into a later vote for filling out the bench.   Now that its all decided, I'll offer my own opinion.   For an all-time team, I want excellent defense up the middle (catcher, second, short and center field) as well as great hitting.  Of all the second basemen on my list Nap Lajoie was clearly the superior fielder and his batting average and OBP were high on the list as well.  And although he played in the dead ball era, his career 1599 RBIs actually beat Hornsby out by 15.   I'd have given my vote to Nap Lajoie. 

One last thing before I hit "Submit", I'm not going to have a DH spot on my all-time roster.   Although I love to watch runs being scored, don't consider me a huge fan of the DH rule.  Players who finished their careers prior to the early 70s were not afforded the opportunity of extending their careers another year or two.   This is one of the reasons I generally give the old timers a little lee way over the modern era players when comparing the two.

There is another thing worth mentioning.  In the past 7-10 days, the site that I use to gleen my defensive stats, has reformatted and the fielding charts have been affected.   I'm still trying to figure out their latest method of rating a players defensive range.   If any of you informed posters feel you understand it, please take the time to clarify it for me.    

Anyway, I thank you all for contributing to my blog and I wish you all a very Happy Easter. 

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Posted on: July 29, 2009 10:09 am

Should Pete Rose Be On My 25 Man Roster?

Let's talk about Ricky Henderson getting into the Hall of Fame .... Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame.  Take a look at the argument here ... 

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Posted on: May 17, 2009 11:03 pm

Should Pete Rose Be On My 25 Man Roster?

Lazer, I maybe too late on this. I just caught your blogs and this was my first question before selecting a RF, where was Pete Rose? Then I realized as I read your post that this was the last position so I went back to see your previous posts and the I read this. Pete is the perfect Utility Player.  He also could get that key hit and change the momentum of a game by his signature hustle on every play.  This isn't about the character this is about winning with the best 25 man roster. A team without a Rose is just another team. I vote, YES!

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Posted on: April 25, 2009 3:42 am

Should Pete Rose Be On My 25 Man Roster?

Sorry for the double post Lazer, but each one brings to light his accomplishments that were on the field not off. Sorry but i thought the first one went into the cornfield never to return. E.

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Posted on: April 25, 2009 3:40 am

Should Pete Rose Be On My 25 Man Roster?

Lazer, I have a few things to say concerning Peter Edward "Charlie Hustle" Rose. First, the man was never a saint. Second, he may have or may not have, BS, the man gambled, it is a disease and a hard habit to break. Third, he was liked by a lot of teammates. Fourth, the man was never overly gifted or overly talented, but he did wring the most out of the talent he had. Fifth, he played many different positions, probably at the requets of his managers, and played them at a level of better than average. He was most likely a Tweener at three or four positions. Jack of all trades, but Master of none. Sixth, He hustled on every play, unlike some (i.e. Manny Ramirez), he worked at becoming better at every position that he played and tried his best to become a better hitter and defender constantly. His approach at the plate was never swing for the fence, no, it was put the ball in play first and wherever it goes, then I will try to make the best of it. He played the game with a voracity, drive, determination, confidence, verve and all-out got to be better attitude, than now days we would be spoiled to see that type of player, (i.e. Albert Pujols), for an example, who strives to be the best at whatever part(s) of the game, which allows them to be effective and valuble to their teams. He hustled on every play, tried to become a better hitter, and although his off-the-field exploits finally cause his demise, they also strenghtened the resolve in him to become a better person. He may not be the best all around player at any one position, but he is one of the best replacements you could have because of his versatility. He was not liked by all, I could not stand the seeming arrogance and prima-donna type attitude he had, nor did I agree with his antics but the man could play, for heck sakes, he did retire with the most hits ever in the MLB's illustrious history. A record which some say may never be broken, forever. Attitudes aside for a minute, I would want him on my team, if for nothing other than the versatility. Let alone the numerous hits, and the ability to seemingly figure out ways to manufacture runs and help his team however he could.

Lazer Yes on Peter Edward Rose, He does deserve a spot based on his versatility and overall long-term performance. Forget the off-the-field exploits, since they have nothing to do with his talent or his use of it thereof. Based on his overall performance, if it were any other player, based on performance, they would be on the bench in a second.

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Posted on: April 25, 2009 3:18 am

Should Pete Rose Be On My 25 Man Roster?

Peter Edward Rose, A man vilified by most as a result of his off-the-field actions. The man didn't earn the nickname "Charlie Hustle" by being a crappy player. He earned it through hard work, persereverance, dedication, and minimal talent. The man was not overly blessed like some players with extraordinary talent, but he did the best and then some with what he had. He worked extremely hard at becoming a better than average defender in just about every position on the field. He dedicated himself to becoming better at those positions and also refining his approach at the plate. He was a very tough out at the plate and always seemed to do the little things well and make some of the hard ones look easier. Do not get me wrong, I thought he was an arrogant jerk and prima donna, but the man could play. And do it in so many different positions, not the master of one position, but better than average at many. He was not a defensive liability, anywhere on the field because what he lacked in talent, he made up for it with hustle. Many player before him and after him as well, only wish they could hustle like he did. Mr. Nails, was another guy who left all of his effort out on the field. Lenny Dykstra had the admiration of his team mates since he did that, the same is true of Charlie Hustle. Hell yes I put him on my bench, just for the versatility, drive, desire and determination he brought to the game. He is like many of the players who will never get into the HOF because of their actions in a brief moment of stupidity, but the all-time hits leader definately belongs there and should be put in, right after or on his death bed he should go in, but for his crimes, which appear to have taken place over a long time, it should wait until that moment. Shoeless Joe has been dead for a long time, he took and then gave back the bribe and also played his butt off in that series. His numbers prove oout that he gave his all, and some day I hope he too is vindicated and placed into the HOF as well.

Fianl Answer, Put Charlie Hustle on the team, he would be an electric performer and sparkplug type player. End of line. E.

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Posted on: April 19, 2009 7:36 pm

Should Pete Rose Be On My 25 Man Roster?

Pete Rose should definitely be on that team...that bastard probably coulda even been a closer..... 

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Posted on: April 18, 2009 10:11 pm

Should Pete Rose Be On My 25 Man Roster?

Can we see what you have so far?

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Posted on: April 18, 2009 8:15 am

Should Pete Rose Be On My 25 Man Roster?

I think we should have him on the 25 man roster, YES. He was a great clutch hitter, obviously, a lot of hits, could play a number of positions, and.....

If anyone needed to bet on the game, he would have direct and quick access to a bookie.....

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Posted on: April 15, 2009 12:26 pm

Should Pete Rose Be On My 25 Man Roster?

 This has very little to do with Pete Rose off the field... but I will say that it may influence the following words a little bit...

He is not one of the best 25 baseball players ever... yes he had the most hits, he was a gamer, he hustled... if you put him on the list at any of the positions that he played, he simply is not going to make the team... I do not want to get ahead of the game here, but he will not be the 3rd baseman, he did not win 1st base, he did not win 2nd base, he will not win an outfield spot...

He does deserve to be in the Hall of Fame despite his reprehensible behavior off the field and his gambling woes... as a player he was a Hall of Famer for longevity and performance... but he does not make the squad here... Sorry he was a very very good hitter, just not a player in the class of our current roster and a future roster...

and I will mention that character has little to do with the vote... I am sure many of us will vote for (not saying I will) Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Dwight Gooden and already voted in Josh Gibson... all of the players will not be Lou Gehrig or Roberto Clemente

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Posted on: April 15, 2009 6:07 am

Should Pete Rose Be On My 25 Man Roster?

Hey Lazer,

Giving this a lot of thought I see and major kudos for that.  I kind of agree with Major on this one.  Kind of.

I would wait and see, actually before designating a spot for him.  Rose is the all time hits leader, sure, but that says more about his durability and number of years played.  He doesn't make the team as a 1b or 2b.  He probably wont make it as a 3b or RF.  I would see how the roster fills out before making that decision but do see him as being most likely at the top of the list as a reserve.  We don't know at this point how the other positions will pan out or how many OF's and P's you will take.  He would be a top reserve but I would take a wait and see approach.  It may end up in a numbers game where the choice could be Rose or one of the greatest players at their position who didn't make the starting lineup.

Rock on in peace.


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