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Vote For the Greatest THIRD Baseman of All Time

Posted on: April 18, 2009 4:07 pm

 Welcome back my friends to the blog that never ends, we're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside

I should have started one of my rock and roll blog entries with that line.  Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed your Easter holiday and its time for me to get back to presenting you the greatest baseball players of all time for you to vote in the greatest team.  This week we will decide on the greatest third baseman.  My list includes all 10 of the third basemen in the hall of fame plus Chipper Jones who in my opinion should be in this discussion as well.  Before you ask "Where's Alex Rodriguez?", I already did the research and Alex still has logged about 500 more games at shortstop, so hold your horses until the next round.   I've research both the career offensive and defensive stats for these 11 players.  Rather than using the players actual fielding percentage I'm using a +/- system in comparing their defensive skills to that of players in their era.  I'm using the same system for each players range.   In the early 1900s infields were poorly manicured compared to modern standards and gloves were much smaller, so fielding percentages were much lower in the 20th century. 

Last week I posed the question as to whether or not Pete Rose should be a substitute or a bench player on my 25 man roster.   The number of replies and votes were light, but the content of those who opined was very solid and informative.   I'd like to leave that issue up for a vote for at least another week, as I'd like a larger sampling to make a determination, so please, if you haven't done so already, please go to my previous entry, read the posts and cast your vote.

Without further ado, here is the list of the 11 greatest third baseman of all time...Pick your number 1.

        PLAYER                                AVE/OBP/SLUG     HR    RBI    Runs    SB      Hits     FldgPct   Range

  • Frank (Homerun) Baker      .307/.363/.442      96     987     887    235    1838    +.07      +.19
  • Wade Boggs                     .328/.415/443       118   1014   1513     24    3010    +.12      +.29
  • George Brett                     .305/.373/.487      317   1595   1583    201   3154     -.02      +.40
  • Jimmy Collins                    .294/.344/.409       65    983    1055    194   1999    +.25      +.29
  • George Kell                       .306/.368/.414       78    870      881     51    2054    +.16      +.09
  • Freddie Lindstrom              .311/.351/.449      103   779      895     84    1747    +.12      +.11
  • Eddie Matthews                  .271/.378/.509      509   1453   1509    68    2315    +.06      +.24
  • Brooks Robinson                .267/.325/.401      268   1357   1232    28    2848    +.19      +.36
  • Mike Schmidt                     .267/.384/.527      548   1595   1506   174    2234   +.06      +.55
  • Pie Traynor                        .320/.362/.435       58   1273    1183   158   2416    even     +.30
  • Chipper Jones                    .310/.407/.548      409   1378   1382   138   2285    +.02      -.21
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Posted on: April 18, 2009 4:48 pm

Vote For the Greatest THIRD Baseman of All Time

Wow, that is tough. Georgie Porgie, Mike Schmidt, Eddie Matthews, and Chipper. Man.........I will vote for SCHMIDT, slightly over Matthews.

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Posted on: April 18, 2009 4:15 pm

Vote For the Greatest THIRD Baseman of All Time

Dadgummit!  Those columns looked a helluva lot straighter when I hit the "submit" button.  I've only been drinking coffee since I woke up, so I'm not drunk yet...unless my cats somehow put some Irish creme in my coffee when I wasn't looking.   

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