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Vote for the Greatest SHORTSTOP of All Time

Posted on: April 26, 2009 7:49 pm

Welcome again everyone!  Its time to vote for a shortstop.   Over the past two entries we voted on whether or not Pete Rose should be on the team as a reserve and we voted for the greatest third baseman.   After 2 weeks of voting, its evident that the overwhelming majority want Pete on the team.  There were some absolutely good and influential arguments on both sides in that issue.   Personally, I think we could find a better #2 guy at every position on the diamond than Rose, he is the most versatile great player in the modern era, so I don't have a problem with him on the bench since he can realistically be plugged into 5 different positions. 
In the vote for the greatest third baseman, George Brett edged out Mike Schmidt 14-11, with 5 votes for the Human Vacuum Cleaner and a vote to Wade "The Chicken Man" Boggs.   This was a vote that I was much happier to count than to cast.   Naturally, being a Royals fan, I was rooting for George, but I know full well that Michael Jack Schmidt was just as great.   There was some great debate in the third base matchup.   One thing is positively clear, Schmidt is the greatest NL third baseman and Brett is the greatest AL third baseman, and Brooks was the king with the glove.   Nevertheless, Pete Rose and George Brett are now members of the All Time Great team. 
Now to the task at hand.  I will now submit the 19 greatest shortstops of all time, in my humble opinion.   16 are hall of famers and 3 are current major leaguers.   I did omit 5 HOF shortstops, Lou Boudreau, Travis Jackson, Rabbit Maranville, Joe Tinker and Phil Rizzuto due to trying some sort of brevity and the fact that their overall statistics pale in comparison to the 19 listed.     Speaking of the 19 listed, here they are....

Player                       AVE/OBPSLG       Hits      HR     RBI     Runs      SB      Fldg+/-    Range+/-

Luis Aparicio              262/313/343       2677    83     791     1335      506     +.10        +.53
Luke Appling             310/399/398       2749    45     1116    1319      179     -.04         +.37
Dave Bancroft            279/355/358       2004    32     591     1048      145     +.03         +.61
Ernie Banks               274/333/500       2583    512   1636    1305      50       +.08        +.44
Joe Cronin                301/390/468       2285     170   1424    1233     87        +.05        +.32
George Davis            295/361/405        2660    73     1435    1540     615      +.18        +.35
Hughie Jennings        311/390/406       1527     18     840      994      359       +.24       +.68
Pee Wee Reese         269/366/377       2170     126   885      1338     232      +.04       +.26
Cal Ripken Jr.            276/340/447       3184     431   1685    1647     36        +.11       +.55
Joe Sewell                 312/391/413       2226      49    1055    1141     74        +.07       +,53
Ozzie Smith               262/337/328       2460     28     793     1257     580       +.13       +.93
Arky Vaughn              318/406/453       2103     96     926      1173    118       +.02       +.23
Honus Wagner           327/391/466       3415     101   1732     1736    772       +.14       +.45
Bobby Wallace           268/332/358       2309      34     1121    1057    201       +.13       +.34
John M. Ward            275/314/341        2104     26     867      1408    540*     +.02       +.19
Robin Yount              285/346/430       3142      251    1406    1632    271       even      +.09
Derek Jeter               316/386/459       2557      210    1013    1479    278       +.03      -.06
Alex Rodriguez          306/389/578       2404      553    1606    1605    283       +.05      +.27
Omar Vizquel            273/339/355       2663       77     893      1364    385       +.12      +.26

* =  John Montgomery Ward's career began in 1878, however stolen bases were not recorded until 1885, so every base he stole in his first seven years of his career is unknown, but probably many as he was one of the fastest of his time.  In 1887 he lead the league with 111 stolen bases.      By the way, he was also an accomplished pitcher with well over 200 decisions, he posted a .610 winning percentage.                     

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Posted on: April 27, 2009 7:40 pm

Vote for the Greatest SHORTSTOP of All Time

Just so you all know, I do give everyone 5s who post.   You may not notice on your profiles now, I do my reviewing while I count the votes, that way I don't make the mistake of counting a vote twice.  
Nice dailogues so far. 

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Posted on: April 27, 2009 6:58 pm

Vote for the Greatest SHORTSTOP of All Time

Honus Wagner

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Posted on: April 27, 2009 6:36 pm

Vote for the Greatest SHORTSTOP of All Time

You have to go with Cal Ripken Jr.  Baseball had it in their heads that shortstops needed to be small, quick, and defensive first options.  A man comes along who is 6'4" and a giant, but has the range, glove, arm, bat, etc....  If not for him, the likes of A-Rod, Derek Jeter, Nomar, etc.... would not have thought about being a shortstop.  He was a true game changer, plus he toughed it out no matter what.  A players player through and through.

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Posted on: April 27, 2009 6:26 pm

Vote for the Greatest SHORTSTOP of All Time

I know that everyone thinks i am a homer because of my pior picks like Eddie Murray and Brooks Robinson so it should not surprise anyone that i think Calvin Ripken was the greatest shortstop of all time ( see av ) ! His accomplishments were many and noted by others already so i will not bore you by repeating them, but i will add that there was no better person than Cal ever too play the game. He would sign autographs before and after EVERY game and would not leave untill the last person in line got there`s. If you take into consideration what he did on and off the field, the whole person than Cal is the man ! 2nd place - Mr. Cub Ernie Banks and 3rd place goes to Robin Yount.

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Posted on: April 27, 2009 4:44 pm

Vote for the Greatest SHORTSTOP of All Time

1) Honus Wagner     
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p;  superhero

2) Ernie Banks     
;      baller

3) Cal Ripken, Jr.     &n
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that's what i know...but i am rather stupid

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Posted on: April 27, 2009 4:29 pm

Vote for the Greatest SHORTSTOP of All Time

Boy, what an educational process this has become.  From players I have barely heard of to stats that are almost too hard to believe.  Varying opinions from all corners regarding who their thoughts are for the "best" at that position.  EXCELLENT!!

For shortstop, my vote is for "the Wizard".  He could play the fast carpet better than anyone.  His deficiencies in offense were made up with his defensive prowess.  His 13 gold gloves, at a position that has as many "touches" a game as a shortstop does, just exemplify his abilities.

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Posted on: April 27, 2009 4:16 pm

Vote for the Greatest SHORTSTOP of All Time

Tough call, but I'm going to go with Honus Wagner.

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Posted on: April 27, 2009 1:28 pm

Vote for the Greatest SHORTSTOP of All Time

I'm going with a SoCal guy Ozzie Smith. Maybe because I see him in my nightmares. I keep seeing Ozzie hit a home run against Tom Niedenfuer, in the '85 NLCS. It was his only homer hit in any post season game in his career. Least he lost to your Royals Lazer that year. I know other shortstops have better offensive and defensive stats, but Ozzie just sticks out too me. He excelled on the carpet in St. Louis and made it look easy. I think everybody will always remember Ozzie's bare hand-step and a dive catch he made when he was with the Padres in his rookie season off the bat of Jeff Burroughs. It is one of the greatest defensive plays I've seen. That's why he was a Gold Glover 13 out of his 19 seasons. He's what you call a human hi-light reel.
Cal Ripken was another guy for me was tough to ignore. He hit in the middle of the lineup and was one of the best defensive players from a statistical aspect with a .968 fielding percentage.
I know the Wizzard of Oz is not going to win. I think it'll come down to Ripken or Wagner.

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Posted on: April 27, 2009 9:37 am

Vote for the Greatest SHORTSTOP of All Time

Honus Wagner is the obvious choice here... the Flying Dutchman dominated in an era that saw many of the greats of the game... what really seperated Honus from the bunch was his amazing flexibility... he became a shortstop, much like in little league today, because he was the best player on the field... his versatility allowed him to play the entire infield and even some outfield if need be... being in the dead ball era, he ended up at SS as it was the most important position on the field...

Throughout history, shortstop has been an ever evolving position, probably more so than any other spot on the diamond... from the days of Wagner, when it appeard to be the best all around player on the team to the likes of Aparicio & Reese who where more glove men and leaders of their respective teams. Then you had the 1st total package SS in Ernie Banks... he was followed by the likes of Yount and Ripken... bigger players, that returned the best player to the SS position... 

In today's game we have a mix of players that provide us with a look at both ends of the spectrum... a guy like Vizquel who reminds us that the glove is just as important as the bat... see Ozzie Smith... and then players like A-Rod and Jeter, who remind us of Ernie Banks, Robin Yount, Cal Ripken...

I went with the original... Honus Wagner as he set the bar very high for all of the SS's...

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Posted on: April 27, 2009 8:04 am

Vote for the Greatest SHORTSTOP of All Time

I would truly like to pick my "Captain, Oh My Captain" Derek Jeter but I wouldn't be true to the game. There are many fine players to select from this position. I was going to pick the "Iron Man" Cal Ripken but then I got to looking at the stats and decided I would choose Honus Wagner. Even though his home run totals aren't through the roof  I had to take into consideration when he played. Of all the players it had to be him.

Honus Wagner gets the vote!

Another nice job, Lazer!!!!!

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