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Vote for the Greatest LEFT FIELDER of All Time

Posted on: May 2, 2009 3:50 pm
I want to thank everyone who's been participating and voting on my blogs.   Its greatly appreciated and its a great motivator for me to keep this fun and to continue this labor of love.  

Lets start this off with the final results on the vote for the greatest shortstop.  I was pleased to see that many of you hold a fond appreciation of the players who played back in the days when baseball was the ONLY thriving sport.   The Flying Dutchman, Honus Wagner  won this vote rather easily with 13 votes.   "Iron Man" Cal Ripken placed second with 6, "Let Play Two" Ernie Banks received 4 votes and the "Wizard" Ozzie Smith placed 4th with 2 votes.  

So now, we have the infield set, with Johnny Bench behind the plate and around the diamond with the Iron Horse at first, Rogers Hornsby at second, Pine Tar at third and the Flying Dutchman at short.  We have two permanent bench players of Josh Gibson and Charlie Hustle.  Apparently many of the greats have nicknames.  

Now is where it gets fun!  We get to start the outfield in left field.  In my list of the 17th greatest left fielders of all time I spot about 5 or 6 of the greatest 15-20 hitters/players of all time.  I think this position may require you to think a bit harder than prior positions.   In my list, I've included 13 players who have already been enshrined into the HOF, 2 that are awaiting enshrinement, one who is not yet eligible for the HOF and one active player.   To try to keep my list as short as I could, I did toss 5 HOF left fielders out of the voting, but since they had great and worthy careers, let me give them a mention.   They are Chick Hafey, Joe Kelly, Ralph Kiner, Jim O'Rourke and Zack Wheat.    Once again, rather than listing fielding percentages, I went with a +/- system to each players peers, both in fielding percentage and range.  You may notice, like I did while compiling this list that these many of these players didn't become legends with their gloves.   Enough of my rambling now, on with the list.....

PLAYER                             AVE/OBP/SLUG          HR       RBI       Runs       SB       Fldg +/-      Range +/-

Lou Brock                          293/344/410            149      900       1610       938     -.13            +.26
Jesse Burkett                     338/415/446             75       952       1720       389     -.19            -.04
Fred Clarke                        312/386/429             67      1015      1619       506     +.07           +.27
Ed Delahanty                      346/412/505            101     1464      1599       455     +.26           +,33
Goose Goslin                      316/387/500            248     1609      1483       175      -.07           +.05
Heinie Manush                    330/377/479            110     1183      1287       114      +.11          -.09
Joe Medwick                       324/362/505             205     1383      1198       42       +.04           even
Stan Musual                       331/418/559             475     1951      1949       78       +.13           -.02
Al Simmons                       334/380/535              307     1827      1507      88        +.14          +.16
Willie Stargell                     282/363/529             475      1540     1195       17        -.09           +.15
Billy Williams                      290/364/492             426      1475     1410       90        +.04          +.23
Ted Williams                      344/483/634             521      1839     1798       24        -.03           -.21
Carl Yastrzemski                 285/382/462             452      1844     1816       168      +.05          +.35
Barry Bonds                        298/444/607             762      1996     2227       514       +.03         +.14
Rickey Henderson                279/401/419             297      1115     2295      1406      -.01          +.43
Jim Rice                             298/352/502             382       1451    1249        58        +.03         +.26
Manny Ramirez                   315/412/594             532       1740    1463        37        -.05          -.10

HAVE FUN WITH THIS ONE!!!!!!                
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Posted on: May 2, 2009 8:33 pm

Vote for the Greatest LEFT FIELDER of All Time

Let me get this out right now! NO, I AM NOT VOTING FOR BARRY BONDS. Now let me explain. I cannot with a clear conscience give him the nod because a lot of his stats may have been acquired while using banned substances. I know that this is going to upset some people or maybe not but I cannot vote for Barry Bonds. I know Lazer is a great lover of the game because of this blog but in my opinion Barry Bonds should have been left off for any one of the HOF players that were left off. This is only a personal opinion and not meant to offend anyone especially Lazer as I am a big fan of Lazer's blogs. I have participated in them as soon as I found them. Now as far as who I'm going to vote for? Two players stuck out on me initially after seeing Mr. Bonds and they were Stan Musial and Ted Williams. Both have tremendous stats with their only actual flaws coming in the fielding statistics. Both have outstanding offensive stats but I'm gonna go with Stan Musial only because his numbers were just a little better than "The Stick."

A very tough choice indeed!!!

I apologize sincerely if I have offended anyone with my commentary. Especially Lazer. I didn't have any intention to do so. It is just a very strong personal opinion.

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Posted on: May 2, 2009 6:44 pm
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Posted on: May 2, 2009 6:38 pm

Vote for the Greatest LEFT FIELDER of All Time

For me it's between Ted Williams and Stan Musial.  Had a chance to meet Musial at a baseball card show way back in my youth.  He could certainly light up a room.  I got a kick when I got to the show because the line was longer for Robin Ventura.  Oh My.  I'll cast my vote for Williams for his body of work and his serving our country.  Even with all of the talk of steroids and all Williams .400 season hasn't been touched and that impresses me.  Ultimate hand/eye coordination.

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Posted on: May 2, 2009 5:24 pm

Vote for the Greatest LEFT FIELDER of All Time

I had a tough time deciding between Bench and Berra when we were voting on catchers.   This one is much more difficult because we probably have 3 of the greatest 10 players of all time on this list....Williams, Bonds and Henderson.   None of the three were real likable men, so that won't even factor into my decision.  You have the best pure hitter ever in Williams, the best power/speed mix in Bonds and the best base stealer and run scorer in Henderson.    This wouldn't be so damn hard if Bonds would have played clean, but he obviously didn't.   Its tough to know just what Williams would have accomplished had he not lost 4 seasons in the prime of his career to serve our country.   I'm sure it would have only helped his average, OBP, and slugging percentage and his HR/RBI/Runs numbers would be through the roof.   He also played his career before all of the expansion and the lowering of the pitchers mound, so the watering down of pitching would have undoubtedly made him a greater player in todays game.   I flat out couldn't stand Rickey Henderson because much of his career was spent as a division rival of the Royals.  When he played with the A's he was the most disruptive offensive player in the game.   Many times he turned a simple walk into a triple.   That crouched down stance of his would piss me off so much because it gave him the smallest strike zone in the league.  He also knew how to play the home plate umpire by glaring at him half the time after a strike was called on him.   Bonds, he was flat out the most feared hitter in baseball from 1998 to 2006.  
The more I think about it the harder it gets.   I wanna pick Bonds, but his power and OBP numbers were steroid enhanced.   I wanna pick Ted Williams, but he was a defensive liability with little speed.   I wanna pick Henderson but he was only a career .279 hitter with the smallest strike zone in baseball.   I guess if I had the three on my team and could only start one, I'd go with Ted Williams and bring in Barry later as a defensive replacement or Rickey to pinch run for him.   I'll vote for Teddy Ballgame.  

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Posted on: May 2, 2009 5:10 pm

Vote for the Greatest LEFT FIELDER of All Time

I have to go with Ted Williams bat.  I was actually surprised to see Ed Delahanty up so high in average and Slug but I dont think there is any doubt in Ted Williams bat. The amount of homeruns he hit in his era is staggering. His lifetime ave is close to .350. The only knock on him is that he is a so so fielder. There are some great plays that he made but overall fielding was something that you sacraficed for his bat. My runner up would be Stan the Man Musual very simular bats and a lot better remember for fielding I just like how hard and often Ted hit the ball. Both played great roles in thier community and both have amazing books to read. I think that these things seperate them from the pack. It is one thing to really be gifted at the game of baseball but these two men went above and beyond by giving back to the community and to the game.

On a side note I like how you put Berry Bonds in the race. I think that he definatly deserves a mention no matter what he has or hasnt put in his body. His numbers are absolutely staggering especially for how much he has been pitched around. I just have a hard time making him the greatest of all time if more than likely he had a one up on the field in steriods. I would probably put him in third or maybe fourth behind Ed Delahnty. All of the a four mentioned are very close in my mind and any who says one of these for should be the top LF of alltime will have a good arguement. I am interested to see how many Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinal fans post on this. Two of the great traditional clubs in the leaguew ith two of the games legends up against each other in Ted Williams and Stan Musual.

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Posted on: May 2, 2009 5:04 pm

Vote for the Greatest LEFT FIELDER of All Time

This is particularly hard for me having been raised in a Cardinals family. My grandfather had two foul balls off the bat of Ducky Medwick and loved to tell those Gashouse Gang baseball stories as much as anything. My father's favorite player was Stan the man Musial. And my own favorite player growing up was Lou Brock. Great players all and sentimentally I'd love to pick one of them, but I think my weird Uncle Jack's favorite player has to be the choice here. Ted Williams numbers are incredible as they are and if he hadn't missed (four?) years to military service they'd be even better. Sorry Ricky. Sorry Barry. Ted Williams has to be the left fielder.

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