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Vote for the Greatest Manager of All-Time

Posted on: June 23, 2009 4:57 pm

Welcome back everyone for the final vote for the All-Time greatest team.    We have certainly put together an awesome team and now we'll pick the best skipper for team.  

Before we get to the manager, I'll announce the players chosen as the reserve outfielders.   Hank Aaron became the first player on my team to be voted unanimously to his spot on the roster as he received all 21 votes cast for reserve right fielder.  Ty Cobb edged out Mickey Mantle for the centerfield spot 12 votes to 7 with Tris Speaker receiving the other 2 votes.  Stan Musual won a more competitive vote for left field with 10 votes.   Ed Delahanty received 5 votes with Rickey Henderson and Barry Bonds each claiming 3 votes. 

You were all spot on with the Aaron selection.  The other options all pale in comparison of the achievements of one Henry Aaron.  IMO if anyone else were to have gotten a vote here, it should have been Frank Robinson.  I'm fine with Ty Cobb in centerfield, but not having Mickey Mantle on the team leaves Pete Rose and Ozzie as the only switch hitters on the team.  I probably would have voted for Cobb too, but looking at the team, a switch hitter with speed would have added an extra dimension.  I do have to disagree with the selection of Musual in left.  We're looking for a back-up to Ted Williams here and to me, Musual is Ted Williams Lite with a better glove.  I'd be looking for a right handed hitting alternative coming off the bench for Williams who would be an all around better defensive alternative.  I'd have to go with Ed Delahanty here.  Don't let his 162 game average of 9 home runs fool you.  He played in the height of the dead ball era where 9 home runs put you among the league leaders.  His average of 129 RBI and 141 runs scored were well above the rest of the field here as well as his fielding percentage +/- differential.   His speed and range weren't too shabby either.  He also played some infield as well which gives him the versatility of a Pete Rose. 

Now to the managers.  I've compiled a list of what I consider to be the 21 greatest skippers in the history of the game.  15 of them are already in the Hall of Fame as managers.  6 are either current managers or managers who I feel will one day get elected to the HOF.  There's about 5 managers who nearly made my list, but I had to make the cut-off somewhere.   My apologies go out to Lou Pineilla, Mike Scoscia, Dick Howser, Jim Leyland and Davy Johnson.   I also made my list and neglected winning percentage.   I'm sorry about that but I did list their win/loss record.   Do the math if you want to.   I'll do a blog entry in one week to annouce the winning manager with the complete roster of the All-Time team.   Here's the list....

Walter Alston.   Bkln/LAN 1954-76.  Won 2040 Lost 1613.  7 Pennants, 4 WS titles.

Sparky Anderson.   CinN 1970-78, DetAL 79-95.  Won 2194 Lost 1834.  5 Pennants, 3 WS titles.

Leo Durocher.    Bkln/NL 1939-46, 48, NYG NL 48-55, ChC NL 66-72, Hou NL 72-73.  2008 Wins 1709 Losses.  3 Pennants, 1 WS title.

Ned Hanlon.   BalNL 1889-1907, Also CinNL, Bkln NL, Pit NL.  Won 1313 Lost 1164.  5 Pennants.

Bucky Harris.   Wash AL 1924-28, 35-42, 50-54, Det AL 29-33, Bos AL 1934, Phi NL 43, NYY AL 47-48.  Won 2157 Lost 2218.  3 Pennants, 2 WS titles. 

Miller Huggins.  StL NL 1913-17, NYY AL 18-29.  Won 1413 Lost 1134.  6 Pennants, 3 WS titles.

Tommy Lasorda.   LAD NL 1976-96.  Won 1599 Lost 1439.  4 Pennants, 2 WS titles.

Al Lopez.   Cle AL 1951-56, CWS AL 57-65, 68-69,  Won 1410, Lost 1004.  2 Pennants. 

Connie Mack.   PIT NL 1894-96, Phi AL 1901-50.  3731-3948.  9 Pennants, 5 WS titles.

Joe McCarthy.   ChC NL 1926-30, NYY AL 31-46, Bos AL 48-50.  Won 2125 Lost 1333.  9 Pennants, 7 WS titles.

John McGraw.   Bal NL 1899-1902, NYG NL 02-32.  Won 2763 Lost 1948.  11 Pennants, 3 WS titles.

Bill McKechnie.  New FL 1915, Pit NL 22-26, StL NL 28-29, Bos NL 30-37, Cin NL 38-46.  Won 1896 Lost 1723.  4 Pennants, 2 WS titles.

Frank Selee.   Bos NL 1890-1901, ChC NL 02-05.   Won 1284 Lost 862.  5 Pennants. 

Casey Stengel.   Bkln NL 1934-36, Bos NL 38-43, NYY AL 49-60, NYM NL 62-65.  Won 1905 Lost 1842.  10 Pennants, 7 WS titles.

Earl Weaver.   Bal AL 1968-82, 85-86.  Won 1480 Lost 1060.  4 Pennants, 1 WS title.

Whitey Herzog.   Tex AL 1973, Cal 1974, KCR AL 75-79, StL NL 80-90.  Won 1281 Lost 1125.  3 Pennants.  1 WS title.

Bobby Cox.   Atl NL 1978-81, 90-present, TOR AL 82-85.  Won 2359 Lost 1888.  5 Pennants, 1 WS title.

Joe Torre.   NYM NL 1977-81, Atl NL 82-84. StL NL 90-95, NYY AL 96-2007, LAD NL 08-present.  Won 2196 Lost 1873.  6 Pennants, 4 WS titles.

Tony LaRussa.   CWS AL 1979-86, Oak AL 86-95, StL NL 96-present.  Won 2500 Lost 2178.  5 Pennants, 2 WS titles.

Dick Williams.   Bos AL 1967-69, Oak AL 71-73, Cal AL 74-76, Mont NL 77-81, SDP NL 82-85, SEA AL 86-88.  Won 1571 Lost 1451.  4 Pennants, 2 WS titles.

Billy Martin.   MIN AL 1969, Det AL 71-73, Tex AL 73-75, NYY AL 75-79, 83, 85, 88, Oak AL 80-82.  Won 1253 Lost 1013.  3 Pennants, 2 WS titles.  

As a footnote, I just want to remind everyone that the first World Series was played in 1903, so managers before 1903 could not earn a WS title.   Just a reminder when you judge them.    

Enjoy the blog and the vote.  You should find this as difficult to choose as any of the players!   


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Posted on: June 23, 2009 5:56 pm

Vote for the Greatest Manager of All-Time

Woo-hoo! First! First! I'm FIRST!  Yaaaaah!

(OK, OK, calm down, John. No pressure here. Just make your oick and don't screw up).

Ahem.  Have to go with my namesake, John McGraw.

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