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Week 10: The Drive...Part II

Why does this have to happen to us? Why?

Seriously. Somebody please tell me why Cleveland is so cursed?

I feel sick. I feel frustrated. I feel upset. There are so many jumbled up emotions running through me as a die-hard Browns fan that I don't know where to start. Let's see if we can sort this whole thing out while I take a minute to calm my nerves...

The Good
  • Brady Quinn: Brady Quinn was as good as advertised. If there is one thing to take away from this crushing defeat, it is the play of our young quarterback. Quinn showed accuracy and great decision making tonight. He showed fantastic poise in the pocket and played within himself to his strengths. Considering Quinn will only get better of time, you have to be pleased with what you saw out of him. While doing some pre-game research, I stumbled upon this quote from Charlie Weis, "Quinn's pinpoint accuracy will make up for any questions of arm strength." In one regard, Charlie was dead on. Quinn was able to sustain drives by using his sure-handed tight ends across the middle of the field.
  • Jerome Harrison: For weeks Browns fans have been scratching their heads as to why Harrison is utilized more in the offensive gameplan. Today we saw why. Harrison finished the game with 5 carries for 48 yards. Yes, that's not a typo: Fourty-eight yards on five carries. Wow. I feel confident the Browns will be able to function effectively in the case of injury to Jamal Lewis. Maybe even better than normal...
  • Josh Cribbs: M3talhead mentioned Josh Cribbs is the most valuable asset on this roster, and it's hard to argue with him. Cribbs did an admirable job in the return game, performed well in kick coverage, and provided huge gains on the ground offensively. Whenever the Browns needed a big play, Josh Cribbs was there. Without a doubt Captain Cribbs is this team's first half MVP.
The Bad
  • The Secondary/Pass Defense: I should have seen this coming a mile away. The Browns defensive backs have looked good at times, but they never were able to put together a complete effort. Antwaan Randle-El tourched us. T.O. tourched us. Santonio Holmes torched us. Matt Jones torched us. At this point in the season, our burnt up secondary is darker than Shaun Rogers at a family reunion.
  • Braylon Edwards: This one is relative. Braylon was poised to have a big game against a banged-up Denver pass defense. He committed a false start penality - something inexcusable for a wide receiver in the NFL. In the season-deciding game, Braylon converted 7 looks into 1 catch for 15 yards. Pathetic.
The Ugly
  • The Drive...Part II: The Cleveland Browns scored a touchdown to go up 27 to 30 with 4:57 left to play. Before Dawson kicked it off, I sent this text message to my good friend Chris:
"OMG the drive is going to repeat itself...Turn off the TV!"

How painful was that to watch? I mean, I can't even imagine how those poor souls at the stadium must have felt watching John Elway Jay Cutler systematically march down the field knowing the inevitable was going to happen. I'm going to conduct a poll, because I'd be willing to bet 80% of Browns fans knew exactly what was coming.

That's not right. It's not right at all.

During my week 10 preview, I asked Brady Quinn for a little bit of magic:

Brady Quinn,

Do your best and help this team win the game. Do it...

...for the seasoned fans, who vividly remember the heartbreak of years past.

...for the young fans, who only see the Browns for failure and misery.

...for the doubters, who believe there is no hope for the future.

...for the cynics, who have no reason left to believe.

...for your family, who has raised you to become the man you are today.

...for the your team, who needs to win in order to stay alive.

But most importantly Brady, do it for the city of Cleveland. We will show up on Thursday in droves to support you and the team, so make this Thursday night game a memory we will not forget. least he got part of it right: This is a game memory that I will never forget.
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Week 10 Preview: Broncos vs. Browns

There are certain moments in sports than transcend time and are ingrained in our memories forever. For 49ers fans, there was "The Catch."  For Steelers fans, there was "The Immaculate Reception" and "The Glorious Tackle." New Yorkers have Broadway Joe Namath's guarantee.

For the Cleveland Browns and their fans, we have "The Drive," "The Fumble," and "Red-Right 88."

Fortunately, this particular Gentledawg was not old enough to witness those infamous moments in Cleveland sports history. I have however seen replays a few times on NFL Network and I cringe in my seat every time I watch them. Imagine being in the stands watching as a legendary quarterback lead his team on an unprecedented 98 yard march down the field (towards the Dawg Pound) only to score and win the game in overtime. Imagine seeing your star running back fumble away a chance to advance to the Super Bowl with 72 seconds left in the 4th quarter.

Talk about traumatic.

Ever since I've seen those two clips, I've held a grudge against the Denver Broncos. They crushed the dreams of my fellow fans, and for that they cannot be forgiven. They robbed this city and its fans of the enjoyment associated with carefree optimism. To put it simply, Broncos destroyed the hopes of Browns fans and sent this organization down a spiral of  negativity and skepticism.

Tomorrow at 8:15pm in front of a national audience, those same Denver Broncos return to Cleveland to once again do battle with the Browns. Aside from the history associated from these two teams meeting in Cleveland, there is one more twist...

Brady Quinn.

What a fitting game for Brady Quinn's debut as an NFL starter. For a quarterback who represents Cleveland's last hope, vanquishing the 'demons' of our tortured past while restoring the city's faith in the team seems like the perfect script for a new beginning. Brady Quinn was three years old during the 1987 AFC Championship Game. While he certainly does not remember those days with sadness, those around him certainly do, so he should enter this game with something to prove.

Keys to the Game

  • Contain Cutler's Crew: The Cleveland Browns' secondary will have their hands full with Denver's dynamic array of offensive weapons. In addition to Brandon "Baby T.O." Marshall, there is the shifty Eddie Royal and the sure-handed Tony Scheffler. The Browns are susceptible to the underneath passing game, so they will really need to concentrate on limiting Royal's effectiveness and stopping Scheffler from hurting them over the middle.
  • Attack the weak leg: The Broncos come into this game with a vulnerable secondary. They have given up the 6th most yards per game, allowed quarterbacks a passer rating of 103.1, and have allowed the highest completion percentage to opposing quarterbacks. Without star cornerback Champ Bailey, this becomes a very beatable group. Chudzinski must remain aggressive with Brady Quinn and attack this unit through the air.
  • Refuse to lose: I've thrown the term around in the past, but this is truly a must win game for the Browns. A loss here would drop them to 3-6 almost completely eliminating their shot at the playoffs. The team must come out with high energy and more importantly focus. We cannot afford to see drive-stalling penalties, dropped balls, or any other self-inflicted mistakes. 

Brady Quinn,

Do your best and help this team win the game. Do it...

...for the seasoned fans, who vividly remember the heartbreak of years past.

...for the young fans, who only see the Browns for failure as misery.

...for the doubters, who believe there is no hope for the future.

...for the cynics, who have no reason left to believe.

...for your family, who has raised you to become the man you are today.

...for the your team, who needs to win in order to stay alive.

But most importantly Brady, do it for the city of Cleveland. We will show up on Thursday in droves to support you and the team, so make this Thursday night game a memory we will not forget.
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Brady Quinn: A Long Time in the Making

Thursday night marks the beginning of a new era in Cleveland Browns football. On November 6th, 2008 at 8:15pm EST, Brady Quinn will make the first start of his young NFL career.

It is a debut a long time in the making. The Browns used the 22nd overall selection of the 2007 NFL Draft to select the standout quarterback from Notre Dame. Since that day, fans have eagerly awaited Quinn's arrival - showing their support with signs and chants during home games all the while booing incumbent starter Derek Anderson.

In Cleveland, Quinn has already garnered celebrity status without taking his first snap as a starter. Due to his anticipated success and marketable apperance, he has already filmed commercials for Subway and EAS sports drink. In addition to his dashing good looks, Quinn was born and raised in Dublin, Ohio - a small suburb outside of Columbus. He attended the University of Notre Dame where he thrived in a pro-style offense in all four years as a starter.

On top of all that, Brady Quinn grew up as a Browns fan.

"When I was younger, we'd always go and watch the Browns games," Quinn said of his childhood team.

"I was about 7 when I started going to Browns games. It came [to me] through my mom's father - my grandpa Pappy who passed away. When I was younger, he was huge into the Browns. It was ingrained in me from day one."

Brady Quinn's status as a local hero and his NFL pedigree has inspired confidence in not only fans, but his head coach as well.

"Charlie, my good buddy, tells me he can handle [the National Football Leauge] as well as anyone he's seen," Head Coach Romeo Crennel said of Quinn.

"We'll find out, because he's going to get tested."

Naturally, that test comes at home against the most fitting of opponents - the Denver Broncos. It was over 20 years ago when those same Broncos broke the hearts of Browns fans. During the 1987 AFC Championship game at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, John Elway and the Broncos marched 98 yards down the field in a sequence infamously known as "The Drive."  The Broncos' overtime win in Cleveland marked the last golden age for the Cleveland Browns.

Come this Thursday, the Golden Domer finally hopes to change that.

  • Bell, Jarret. (2007) Quinn plans to use draft plunge for motivation. Retrieved November 3rd, 2008 from USA Today. Website:
  • (2007) Brady Quinn Press Conference. Retrieved November 3rd, 2008 from Website:

This was a knee-jerk reaction from an owner more concerned about profit than actual product.

Make no mistake about it, this is not about winning against the Broncos. If it were, the Browns would start the quarterback who gives them the best chance to win the game - Derek Anderson. If for some reason this were winning, the Browns would NOT have tipped their hand and gave Denver 3 days to prepare for Brady Quinn.

There are three parties in the situation - all with different interests.
  • Romeo Crennel wants to win football games to save his job.
  • Phil Savage wants to preserve his image and legacy
  • Randy Learner wants money.
The one with the most authority usually wins out. It's Randy's team so it's Randy's decision.

This is very embarrassing for the Browns. Just look at the timing of these announcements from Monday afternoon:

11:45am: Romeo Crennel addressed the media . Romeo said Derek was the starting quarterback for the time being and he hasn't discussed a change at all with his coaches. They were "only focusing on Denver."

1:20pm: The press conference ends and Romeo goes back to Berea to meet with his coaches and players.

5:00pm: The Cleveland Browns release a statement informing the fans and media Brady Quinn will be the starting quarterback.

5:30pm: Mary Kay Cabot breaks the news of the quarterback change.

Now what has changed from the end of the press conference to the moment the statement was released? That makes Crennel look awful. He is either lied to the media or has absolutely no control over his football team.

Learner knows very little about football. That is the reason he takes such a hands off approach with this football team. There must have been pressure from people close to him to put Brady Quinn in, so he most likely came down from his throne and declared Quinn the starter.

I've lost some faith in the Browns organization today. They are not as organized as it seems, and there is a definite power struggle brewing between all three parties.
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Week 9: Bye Bye Brownies

The fairy tale is over. No more magic. No more drama. No more playoffs.

This loss to the Baltimore Ravens crushed what little hope we had for the 2008 season. As of today, the Cleveland Browns are officially playing for next year.

Before I go any further, there are some people I'd like to thank for this wasted season of football.

Thank you, Mel Tucker. Your defensive unit has exceeded our low expectations and showed flashes of brilliance this season. Your schemes, however, have left a lot to be desired. Your vanilla blitz packages have been constantly exploited, and your players have failed to pressure quarterbacks on a consistent basis.

Thank you, Braylon Edwards. Your league-leading 11th dropped pass in 8 games proved to be the straw that broke the camel's back. Would somebody please tell me: what good is a receiver who cannot receive? Your job on Sunday is to go out there and make plays - and like everything with this Browns team, you cannot do that on a consistent basis. On the bright side, you caught 4 balls for 86 yards and a touchdown. At least your inflated ego can take that away from this season-ending loss.

Thank you, Derek Anderson. Your two-sided style of quarterbacking proved too much for the Browns to overcome this Sunday. The one thing I used to justify Anderson as our starting quarterback was progression. To this point, Anderson had done a decent job of taking elements from past experiences and learning from them. Today we saw DA take a step back from this progress and regress. There are a few commandments of quarterbacking every NFL quarterback should adhere to:

I. Thou shall not throw into double coverage.
II. Thou shall check off to the back when nothing is open down field.
III Thou shall demonstrate touch on the short routes

Derek refused to honor these three basic commandments, and because of that he played a part in the team loss.

On a side note, thank you, Josh Cribbs. You played one heck of a football game, and you were the reason the game was as close as it was. Your contributions on kick coverage and kick return are extremely valuable, and I'm pleased to know at least one person put forth maximum effort on Sunday.

Josh Cribbs returns a kickoff 92 yards for a touchdown
as the Browns fall to the Ravens 37-27.

In regards to Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson, the decision has already been decided based on the circumstances.

Brady Quinn will be the Browns starting quarterback come next week.

Derek Anderson did not have a bad game. What we saw from DA today was a microcosm of who he is as a quarterback. If you took away a handful of passes, Anderson would have looked like the future of this franchise. Unfortunately for him and for us, those handful of passes came a critical times, and they played a part in this team loss.

Since the Browns are essentially out of contention, look for Phil and Romeo to turn to Quinn and let him show what he can do. While it might not be fair to give up on Anderson, the situation and circumstances call for a change.

How ironic it is the Ravens' game that may signify the end of the Anderson era?

While I am still uncomfortable with kicking DA to the curb, I don't see any way the Browns can justify starting him over the next few weeks. With rookies Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan playing the way they are, the AFC North division title out of reach, and the playoffs a distant dream, DA may have taken his last snap as the starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns.
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Derek Anderson

During the late Sunday night hours, a plane destined from Jacksonville made its way to Hopkins International Airport. On that plane, a 6 foot 6 quarterback from Scappoose Oregon rested easy – a small grin most likely hidden within his tired features. One hour and forty minutes later, the plane landed in Cleveland. It was at that moment Derek Anderson and the Cleveland Browns had both literally and figuratively arrived.

Hours ago, Derek Anderson and the Browns were entangled in a physical battle with the well-rested Jacksonville Jaguars. The two AFC teams clashed for the better part of 3 hours in the sweltering Florida heat. A few outstanding plays by Shaun Rogers and Brandon McDonald later, Cleveland emerged victorious – winning their 3rd game in 4 tries.

The leader of the Cleveland offense, which churned out 327 total yards in a season-saving victory, was the 6th round draft pick from Oregon State. This is the story of Derek Anderson’s return to Pro Bowl form. Anderson’s voyage to this point has been a turbulent one, filled with many ups and downs. In order to fully appreciate the Oregon native, it is crucial to understand just where he came from.

Derek Anderson delivers against the Jacksonville Jaguars
in a 23-17 Cleveland Browns victory.

Derek Anderson entered the league in 2005 as the 213th overall selection by the Baltimore Ravens. His physical gifts caught the eye of Browns general manager Phil Savage, who scouted Anderson during his time in Baltimore. Anderson was viewed as a developmental project – one the Ravens had little interest in. Derek Anderson was shortly released by Baltimore, and the Browns wasted little time in signing him to a contract.

Derek spent the better part of the next two seasons as a backup quarterback in Cleveland. As is the case with most backups, a key injury thrust him into the spotlight. Incumbent Charlie Frye sprained his wrist on a cold December meeting with Kansas City in ‘06, and Anderson was left to take over as the starting quarterback.

And he did not disappoint.

In his first NFL game, Derek Anderson marched the Browns down the field in a thrilling comeback victory against the Chiefs – 31-28. He went on to start the rest of the games that season – gaining valuable experience while learning the intricacies of the NFL.

With Derek Anderson still being an unknown commodity, the Browns invested a first round pick in Brady Quinn, the standout quarterback from Notre Dame. Contract disputes and salary negotiations kept Quinn off the field, which gave Anderson a chance to showcase his abilities.

In his first year with newly appointed offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski, Derek Anderson took the NFL by storm. Anderson threw for 3,787 yards and 29 touchdowns en route to the first Pro Bowl appearance of his young career.

Despite Anderson’s stellar statistical season, his play at the end of the year left Browns fans skeptical. In a must-win week 16 match up against the Cincinnati Bengals, Anderson regressed – throwing 4 interceptions and effectively ending the Browns’ post season aspirations.

Heartbreak aside, Phil Savage and the Browns rewarded Derek Anderson with a three year contract extension at the end of the 2007 season. The new contract brought new expectations with it, and the Browns were ready to pick up right where they left off the previous year.

Key injuries coupled with a significantly tougher schedule lead to a 0-3 start for Anderson and the Browns. The once dynamic offense stood thoroughly crippled, and Derek Anderson bore most of the blame. After throwing three interceptions in a Week 3 loss to the Ravens, Cleveland fans and media called for the Dublin Ohio native – Brady Quinn.

The adversity propelled Derek to resume his play at a high level. Anderson and the Browns avenged their crushing loss in Cincinnati shortly thereafter. The victory against the Bengals in Week 4 proved to be a spark for the offense, as the Browns took the next two of three games from their opponents. Anderson has not thrown an interception since.

The upstart 3-4 Browns look to continue their winning ways this Sunday as they face off against Derek Anderson’s former team – the Baltimore Ravens. Anderson is a completely different quarterback than the one Baltimore cut in 2005, and this game is the perfect time for him to display that.

From Oregon to Ohio, Derek Anderson has traveled a long way to make it as a quarterback. His journey comes full circle on Sunday, when he faces the same Ravens team that drafted him nearly 4 years ago. If Anderson can rid himself of the baggage that plagued him then, he just might prove that Cleveland is his final destination.
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Week 8: From Pumpkins to Carriages

Cinderella 2: The 2008 Cleveland Browns Story
Act 2, Scene iii
by: Romeo Crennel and the Dawgs


Derek Anderson as "Bernie Kosar"
Jamal Lewis as himself
Braylon Edwards as "The Playmaker"
Shaun Rogers as "Aloha"
Steve Heiden as "Kellen Winslow"
Rex Hadnot as "Gene Hickerson"
Willie McGinest as "Grandpa Cheeks"
Cleveland Browns fans as "The Dawgs"

Matt Jones as "Shaquille O' Neal"
Maurice Jones-Drew as "The Contained One"
David Garrard as "Randall Cunningham"

The Cleveland Browns came into this game after a hard-fought loss to the Washington Redskins last Sunday night. Turmoil surrounded the Browns all week with the "Staphgate" controversy making national headlines. Hall of Fame guard Gene Hickerson passed away last Monday, so the Dawgs entered this game with heavy hearts. On the other side, the well-rested Jaguars are at home and need to win in order to keep pace in the tightly contested AFC South. The top two teams in that division play on Monday, so this game is a great chance for Jacksonville to make up some ground.

The action takes place on October 26th, 2008 at 4:05pm on Sunday night. 65 degrees. Sunny and warm.


Anderson: Hail Browns fans, I beseech thee. Lend me your hearts, trust, and adoration! While my play against Washington was less than inspiring, we still had a chance to win at the very end.

Dawgs: Dearest Derek. We beg - stop playing games with our hearts! Identify thyself and show us who the real DA is!

Anderson: Fear not, my friends. Dawgs are tougher than cats, so I will do my best to de-claw these wild beasts!

Dawgs: Make it so!

(curtain falls)

The storybook season continues for the Cleveland Browns after a stunning victory on the road against a physical, well-rested Jacksonville football team. The normally dependable defense played the supporting role to the offense this time - as Derek Anderson played one of his best games of the season. As dominant as the Browns were over the majority of this contest, the game came down to one final defensive stop by the Cleveland defense.

Make no mistake about it, this win was huge. The Steelers' loss combined with a Browns victory brings Cleveland that much closer to the top the the division.These past 3 games have shown us a lot about the Cleveland Browns - particularly about Derek Anderson. DA has shown the ability to manage this offense by making good decisions and for the most part delivering accurate throws. If we can continue to see this kind of play from Anderson, the Browns may have a chance to make things interesting in the AFC North.

The Good
  • Derek Anderson: As I've mentioned before, DA did exactly what he was supposed to do in order for the Browns to win. The numbers may not show a complete victory, but Anderson managed the game, made plays when he had to, and most importantly did not turn the ball over. He has not thrown an interception since week 3, so in that sense Derek has begun to show some consistency.
  • "Big Baby" Shaun Rogers has done an outstanding job as the lone bright spot along the defensive line. Rogers was simply a force tonight - recording 9 tackles, 1 sack, a field goal block and recovery along with numerous quarterback pressures. It is very early, but Shaun Rogers certainly looks like one of the best nose tackles in the NFL right now.
  • Penalties and Game Management: Who would have thought the Cleveland Browns would look like the more disciplined team on the field this evening? The Browns were flagged for one penalty all game and eliminated the mental mistakes of the past. With their undersized defensive backs, I am pleasantly surprised not one illegal contact or pass interference call was made all game. Romeo Crennel managed a flawless game - saving timeouts, making good decisions, and playing to win the game. It finally looks like the Browns have turned a corner with the technical errors that lugged them down earlier in the season.
  • The Run Defense: Wow. Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor were held to a combined 53 yards on 20 attempts. The Browns made it a point of emphasis to stop the run, and tonight they did just that. Credit goes to D'Quell Jackson and Kamerion Wimbley for playing a great game and executing the game plan well.
The Bad
  • Redzone Offense: The Redzone offense has sputtered in recent weeks. The Browns nearly stalled out on the first drive, and they settled for a 20 yard field goal on a crucial drive in the fourth quarter with the score tied 17-17. Rob Chudzinski has done a great job with the rest of the offensive unit, but I’d like to see a more efficient Browns team in the upcoming weeks.
  • Defending the Middle: The Browns defense continues to struggle with defending the middle of the field. Tucker's unit does an excellent job on the perimeter with solid corner play, but the Browns still have trouble with defense inside the numbers. What I’d like to see from the Browns next week is better execution in bracket coverage. Terry Cousin has struggled all year as the nickel cornerback. The Browns need to improve on deploying middle linebackers in zone coverage to help Cousin with covering the slot receivers.
  • Drops: It's sad to say, but this Cleveland Browns receiving corps is quickly establishing a reputation for dropping easy passes. Derek Anderson is a rhythm-orientated quarterback, and early drops kill drives along with confidence. I'm not too worried about this, but I hope the Browns can shake this habit and do a better job of making the reception.
The Ugly

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I cannot find one "ugly" area of play for the Browns this week. The Jaguars were able to sustain a few long drives which you never like to see, but the Browns came back and had an answer for everything the Jags attempted.

(The curtain rises as the Browns come out victorious to cheers from the crowd)

Dawgs: Here we go Brownies, here we go! Woof Woof!

So there you have it, the Cleveland Browns end the month of October with a tough road victory. Our Cinderella story looks to take another turn for the better as the Browns look to keep rolling against a tough Ravens defense. Cleveland must now exorcise their demons of the past in defeating their former selves and avenging a tough loss on the road. Questions still persist for our beloved Brownies: What will happen with the Kellen Winslow situation? Can the Browns succeed where they faltered 4 weeks ago? And how much does Shaun Rogers really weigh?

All of these questions and more will be answered in the next scene of Cinderella 2: The 2008 Cleveland Browns Story.
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There's this Erie feeling surrounding the Cleveland Browns right now.

Start off with a controversial player who's credibility has been called into question.
Next, add a head coach whose happy and complacent nature feels unhuman at times.
Finally there's the GM. A pale-faced man who's bright blue eyes and straight talk seem make many feel uncomfortable.

GM Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel have never given Browns fans reason not to trust them until now. Kellen Winslow said, "it was the organization who wanted to keep it private."

Two days later, Romeo Crennel tells us "it was a mutual decision made by Kellen and the organization."

There's even more contradiction.

Mary Kay Cabot recalls Jamal Lewis attempting to talk Kellen out of going public with his concerns. Kellen clearly had time to clear his head and make the rational decision of going public with his comments.

Romeo Crennel tells the media that Kellen is "a young man who let the heat of the moment cloud his decision making."

Big Brother Savage, usually forthcoming about talking with the media, issued a fluffy press statement - the first time he's done that in years.

Creepy huh?

There has to be more to this than we're seeing...
(Don't censor this blog!)
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Staphgate '08: Winslow vs. Savage

If you haven't read Mary Kay Cabot's full story, it can be found here:

I fear the worst for the Cleveland Browns organization. Kellen Winslow revealed in an interview last night that he feels neglected by Phil Savage. While no official report has been released by Savage or Crennel, we will certainly know more after their press conference.

Kellen was drafted by the Browns to make an impact in the passing game from the tight end position. He has done that for the most part, and I'd hate to see him go. Mary Kat mentioned Winslow contemplated going public and asking for a trade a week ago at the trade deadline. This would have been a huge story, except the timing and judgment the disgruntled tight end used protected the organization from a media circus.

I'd like to see Phil Savage step us and give us some clarification as to exactly what is going on. Cabot mentions she and others heard parts of a headed conversation between Winslow and Savage that took place in the locker room after the game. Another huge detail mentioned the Browns telling Winslow to stay away from the facilities in Berea - as if there may be something there causing him to be at risk.

I'm very curious to the nature of these staph infections. We've seen this before with Joe Jurevicius, Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow, LeCharles Bentley, and other players. It seems the Browns have had it the worst of all NFL teams - and this surfacing story may lead to something else.
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