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For Goodell or worse the NFL needs to modernize

I really ponder what qualifications does it take to be a commissioner.  It must be a hard job to be consistant with your decisions and try to provide a litle marketing to a league, that  has already become the new American Pastime.

What is wrong with Goodell?  I would not even waste a readers time about how inconsistant he was in 2008 with the discipline he handed out in regards to the leagues conduct policy.  A couple of other issues seem to make me wonder if this Commissioner is up for the job.

So Mr. Goodell i have three suggestions for you to ponder about the shape of the NFL.

1.  A three game preseason to me makes sense --less injuries by overagressive special teams players trying to make it in the NFL  so they can realize their dream by never playing a down all year anyway.

2. A 17 game season is for the birds, just expand the playoff teams from each division from 6 to 10 and now you will have a lot more interest because the teams that missed are now in.  Besides you should be more concerned about getting an NFL team make in the biggest media market in the world-Los Angeles ,and stop trying to promote a game in Toronto or London or Tokyo.  The NFL is never going to expand to those markets anyways because of the cost involved.

3. If you want to kill the Pro Bowl than pull the plug already instead of making it a slow painful process.

17 games seasons.  STUPID!!!!

What would make more sense at the end of the football season seeing a 17th game from the like of the Lions, Chiefs, Raiders, Bengals etc..  On the other hand who would want to go watch  a team like the Titans, Colts, Giants, Steelers, or Panthers play all of their second and third team players as they would overlook this 17th game and be thinking ahead to the playoffs.  This year was not as bad as others but we have NFL teams quit in the last two weeks of the season.

Expanded playoffs would make more sense.  Especially when you have a division like the NFC East this year when the old cliche of any given sunday really came into play.  If it is about revenue, " Everyone watches the playoffs."  TV revenue would be increased which means more of a split on advertising dollars and the Networks would be kicking back more because of the interst that marquee names generate and the expanded playoff format would help make this possible.

Think of the teams that just missed the playoffs this year--Cowboys, Patriots, Jets, Bears, hell even the Broncos.  Dallas, Boston, New York/New Jersey, Chicago, and Denver.   Those are the biggest cities in the USA.  They are major markets.  Those citites have the money to spend on 100.00 tickets and 10.00 beer and all of that overpriced crap that you can buy at a playoff game when your team is involved. 

There also would be more interest to have at least two extra playoff games in each league which means 8 more teams are creating more revenue than the other 30+ could do with a tired 17th game of the season.

The NFL just announced that next years Pro Bowl will be played the week BEFORE the Superbowl in Miami.  STUPID!!!!!!  The issue about the Pro Bowl as well is becoming almost mute.  That event is huge in Hawaii as anyone whom has gone knows. 

How is that a better outcome than what is already implimeneted in place.  Now for sure there is no chance in hell that  we will see any players from the teams playing in the superbowl, "So why are they trying so hard to cram the game in?"

Why not have the ProBowl in the middle of the season as a revolving game like every other all star game in the 3 other major sports and give it a grander stage on a non cable channel where everyone could watch it.  If it is about marketing and money than the ratings for the game should be huge because it is just before the ratings sweeps week with the local networks and someone will pay a lot of money to advertise and hold the rights to the game.  Just as long as it is not buried on ESPN after sportscenter.

Possibly  there should be a clause for players whom have participated in the superbowl can have and exemption if they want to skip the game. 

 A lot of the veterans players can make a huge part of their seasonal income and gurantee extra years on their contract by making the Pro Bowl squad so they have a tendancy to want to shine in that contest to be taken notice of and will play the game at a normal game speed. 

There are some perenial players that seem to take plays off and treat it more like a MTV rock n jock event, but it still has some substance.

Speaking of substance I promised to not berate you Mr. Goodell about how inconsistant you were in 2008 when dealing with the abuse of substance.  That would be a long boring road but if it was consistant it has a chance to not be twisted.

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Posted on: September 25, 2008 1:10 am
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Fire Millen!!! Oh $#!*% Someone was listening!

           Who was the best President/GM in the NFL over the past 7 years. Matt Millen. 

Please hear me out on this and kick my butt in the thread comments later,  but whom else would we all have wanted to work for if you were a slightly above average talent in the NFL and wanted to get paid like a HOF'er.  Matt Millen.

If you were a career assistant coach or a journeyman head coach whom failed where his predecessors did not and an NFL team came knocking at your door with a 3-5 guaranteed contract that put you in the upper half of what NFL coaches at that time where being paid, whom did you want to work for.  Matt Millen.

Never mind the 31-84 record which was the worst in the NFL over that span.  Play for the Lions and you will get paid well as if you played for Indy, New England, or even Dallas.  In the case of Tatum Bell you can even leave with nice parting gifts courtesy of our next bust of a free agent. Sorry that one was easy.

My favorite slogan for the year 2008 has been Hindsight is the best Foresight. I started saying this when the Tigers kept getting close to .500 and than someone would get hurt and we would bring our AAA baseball team up for some quality big league starts and usually end up losing the game in the 7th, 8th or 9th inning. 

Why would I bring this up when we are talking about Matt Millen. Conceivably we live in an era now that buying a ball club only will help sell tickets and not buy a championship hence the NY Yankees of the new millenium era, New England Patriots from the past couple of seasons, the Detroit Lions from the history of time, and now the 2008 Tigers whom should have kept developing their farm teams and slowly add pieces instead of what happened this year. 

 Rumor has it that Matt Millen had lunch with Dave Dombrowski over the MLB offseason and told him to "Go ahead spend, spend, spend the owners money, I do it."  Althought this cannot be proven some of Benyo's Basement sports spy's have Fernando Bryant, Dre Bly, Marcus Pollard, Steve Marriucci, and John Kitna agreeing Matt Millen was one great GM to work for.

I would like to take this brief momemet and point out how many of us from Detroit were very proud this past  year when the Red Wings won a Championship in this new salary cap era.  It brought a lot of critisism to its knees when they used to pay top dollar to lure free agents away from other organizations and it hopes of a strong playoff run only to have the NHL banish us and maybe the NY Rangers as bad example of how succesful hockey organizations are hurting the smaller markets.  Very good for us to have a last laugh. 

I do hope that one day before I die( I am 37) and before my grandchildren become bitter like I am towards my favorite NFL team, I would love to see some quality football.  The type of team that drafts to fill voids.  The type of team that will try and make judgement calls when it comes to guaranteed contracts.  Finally the type of team that when you wear their shirt or hat people can shout out other names of great players instead of remind me all the time when they see me wearing my teams logos how great it must have been for us to have had a once in a lifetime great player like Barry Sanders.  I always say the say thing, " Yes it was but even he got fed up and left."

Okay so back on Matt Millen.  Great NFL linebacker.  Really nice home in PA.  Quality broadcasting career and now a very padded bank account for life.  Not bad for a guy whom if he really is passionate about the NFL and the players he overspent for while running an NFL team maybe he will take on the task of replacing Gene Upshaw and become the new head of the players Union.  Whom else could be a better candidate.

Because in Detroit during the Matt Millen era only the players are choking on their own tears right now that he is gone.  Best wishes Matt and don't let the door hit you on your way out.

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