Posted on: August 26, 2008 9:21 am

Fantasy Football

With the start of Football right around the corner, and most Fantasy drafts a thing of the past, I am here to give you all some thoughts to ponder while rooting for your "Franchise".  

1. Will Tom Brady and Randy Moss completely squash the phiosopy of "draft running backs early" again this year?

2. How many games will Adrian Peterson (Vikings) play before he gets injured?

3. In my league the past three seasons, the Top-rated Kicker at the end of the season was undrafted...Will that happen again??

4. Is Alex Smith just another Ryan Leaf?

5. After the Jets begin 2-5, will "Number 4" wish he was back eating Cheese?

6. What is the over-under for how many times broadcasters and highlight shows use the term "Spy-gate" during opening weekend? ( I am saying 54 1/2.)

7. Kenny Watson has an outside shot of making the Pro-Bowl.  (one man's humble opinion)

8. Will Peyton Manning have lingering problems with his Bursae Sac?

9. How many Kick returns for touchdowns will Devin Hester have before teams start kicking the ball right out of bounds against the Bears?

10. Will Matt Millen still be running the Lions in Week 11?

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